A Popcornflix Review | All You Need To Know

It is among one of the free streaming services, which is owned by the Screen Media Ventures. Popcornflix dates back to March 2011 when the live beta was done. The concept was hatched in July 2010 itself.  Popcornflix boasts of providing Independent feature films which belong to screen media content itself. With Popcornflix accessible to residents of US and Canada, the owners have announced their plans to expand more in other countries in near future. With the simple aim of providing media content for Free, PopcornFlix surely has accumulated a robust user base for itself. Let us discuss in detail regarding each aspect of PopcornFlix and come to a conclusion.

An easy to use user interface which is straightforward and has movies categorized on the home page itself.  There is no nonsense in terms of interface. You can even search the media you want from the search option on the right corner of their home screen.  There are no buffering issues while viewing any movie.

Content You Can Watch 

Credit: Popcornflix.com

Yes, the media content is less and not as rich as the paid online streaming services like Netflix or Hulu as it is a free platform. But the Horror and comedy titles are best over PopcornFlix. Kids would love to watch PopcornFlix as the Kids programs are pretty decent over here.

Talking about the documentaries section, there are many critically acclaimed and eye-opening documentaries on PopcornFlix. Animated Media content of old times (the 80s or 90s) is also accessible on PopcornFlix.

Categories To Surf 

More than 700 movies are available to watch on PopcornFlix instantly with genres like Bollywood, Urban, Romance, Thriller, Kids, Horror, comedy and more.  The best part is Popcornflix adds new films daily. Also, a user can watch as many films as they want to, no boundation on that. Apart from independent Feature films, Popcornflix offers Original web series and film school originals.

Supported Devices | App Download

Popcornflix app to watch movie is compatible with all platforms such as Android, IOS, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox, Play station and more.  You can even sync your Smart TVs and smartphones to watch PopcornFlix movies and shows. The user experience on each platform is typically the same.

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Well, the most advantageous thing about PopcornFlix is its price. It is absolutely FREE to watch. But being a free streaming service, it comes with ad support.  Yes, there are ads displayed on the app and web page but are comparatively shorter than its rivals like TubiTv and Crackle.

Not many would know but users can get media content ad free by paying rent of $0.99.

Issues: What are They?

There are not many options in the Video Player apart from entering Full Screen. The user does not get subtitles while watching a movie. Although there is no buffering problem, the video quality is quite low and can never expect to be that of HD quality. It is more of a DVD quality sometimes poor than that.

Owning to these certain issues, the PopcornFlix have a user rating of 3.2 on Google Play store and 3.4 on Microsoft.

Interesting Trivia

Apart from their main website and app, PopcornFlix, there are two more websites, one for Kids named PopcornFlix Kids and one for Horror movie lovers named FrightPix.

You do not have to create an account for watching any series online. Simply Install and you are good to go.

PopcornFlix streaming surpassed 15 Million as of 2015. This increase is due to cord cutting and free services offered by PopcornFlix.

Final Thoughts

A free streaming service provider, PopcornFlix have a wide array of Movies content which you can stream without creating an account.  With free episodes of various TV shows, original web series, PopcornFlix lets you Binge watch having your Popcorn and beverage.  It is very easy to find movies on PopcornFlix thanks to its simple to use interface. Although the video quality is not at par but being a free service you cannot expect more.

We wish the video quality could have been better along with more player options but still, it provides much more than viewers could think of for free.

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