All About Saavn : Plan & Pricing | A Complete Review

When life goes through a lot of lows then it carves some good music to heal the cracks. A great collection of soulful music offers you the desired gaiety in life and makes your music listening experience wonderful. Needless to say that the online music streaming sites have set a trend for the music enthusiasts and opened the door to the giant music libraries where one can imagine any dimension of the world and get indulged in any mood they desire.

Downloading and pirated music storages on a desktop, mobile and laptop seem an old school now. These  music streaming platforms bring different shades of life to your device through various genres of music and let you tune your desired music library and attain the euphoria.

What Is Saavn ?

Saavn is one of the music streaming giants that are ruling the online music industry at present. When Indians were done with the traditional music downloading sites with big subscription prices and free of cost pirated sites with terrible music quality. Saavn was one of the music giants that established a trend in this industry and took the global music to a totally new height.

Saavn bestows you with a magnificent music library with over 7 million rich-quality music tracks including regional, national and international songs and music tracks. Saavn is a US origin acquiring venture which was mounted in 2007. The platform serves over 200 countries with all types of music tracks to ginger up all moods.

Saavn Web

saavn web

When great music hits you, a sense of relief and pleasure is experienced and not the pain. Saavn Web has a similar impact on every user. With an extremely simple, sophisticated and clean user interface; Saavn caters to the musical taste of the users who tune in occasionally as well as for the users for whom music is life.

Saavn web is available as Pro version as well as the free version to have a hold over all categories of users. Even if you tune into the free version, the mostly and widely chosen one, you get the access to 7 million songs only but with the advertisements popping up on the right side. After signing in, the platform offers you the option to pick your language to explore your favorite soundtracks. You also have a search option on the top left side where you can put the name of the song or artist or movie to access it instantly if it’s available in Saavn’s music library.

There are lots of Saavn features that help it stand out of the crowd and give its peers a tough competition. Check out the eminent Saavn features that make you full of beans outright.

  •  Radio

Saavn offers you a range of stations to tune in based on artists or music themes. You can turn on the radio and relish a single musical theme or a blend of all moods before hitting the sack. You can play a track, pause it, like it, dislike it or jump to another track as per your mood. If you are feeling lonely and need some excitement then tune into the Chartbusters station or during an escapade with your buddies you can tune into Road Tripping station and it will surely make you groove forgetting your blues.

  • Playlist

Don’t like all the songs of a specific movie or an album. Just single out your preferences and create your personal playlist to cherish your senses. You can create a romantic, party, sad, retro, Hollywood, hip-hop and many other playlists to feel great in different moods.

  • Starred Songs

Lazy enough to create and name a playlist? Saavn has the perfect solution for this. All you need to do is star every song you like and hear it again by opening the starred sings option and voila!

  • Browse

This option caters to all of your music appetites. You can check out latest releases, featured playlist, weekly top 15 music tracks and other benefits. Let Saavn surprise you with a random track that reminds you of your salad days by choosing the Surprise Me option. The people option appearing under the Browse option helps you connect with your near and dear people who have liked and subscribed to Savvn. You can also follow your favorite artists under this section.

  • Saavn Pro

Here comes something that is rarely chosen by the users but if chosen, it delivers loads of happiness and premium benefits. No need to run for your new data recharge if you can’t access the Saavn’s hot music library. Saavn Pro offers you offline access to over 3 million music tracks to listen anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you don’t have to see those irritating ads while listening to your favorite tracks.

Saavn Pro is available for Android, Windows and iOS devices. A little bit of price variation maintaining the same essence. What about the quality? Of course, you will get better quality when you are actually paying for listening to your personalized playlists and radio.

Normal Saavn web service avails its users with an extensive collection of songs streaming at 256 kbps while Saavn Pro adds to that rate and offers you an exceptional music quality at 320 kbps. A total value for your money!

  • Saavn App

Music App is available for Android, Windows, and iOS. You can relish millions of music tracks with a streaming speed varying in between 128 kbps to 256 kbps. Paying 99 INR per month for Saavn Pro App lets you enjoy unlimited ad-free music tracks and upto 3 GB of track downloads for a single device.

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Our Verdict

Being a premium member since one month, I can confidently add a word of appreciation for Saavn. You can have fun by accessing millions of tracks seamlessly and listen to them with or without turning your mobile data on.

Saavn meets your budget, meets your music cravings and meets your musical taste. The interface is not cluttered and hence you can easily search for your tracks in a library with more than 7 million soundtracks from around the globe. Happy Saavning!

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