12 Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online

Anime finds its origins in the Japan of 19th century. An alternative term for animation, it is popular across all age groups. Anime possess a dedicated fan following owing to its captivating storyline. For the ever-evolving genre, several classics have managed to survive the drastic evolution and are still into production.

Be it Naruto, One-Piece, Bleach, or Dragon Ball, these best Anime Series have captivated the mainstream audience, for their amazingly well-written storyline and design. Much heed is not paid to the artistic details, but the perfect built more than compensates for it. Anime Streaming Sites to watch anime online are the treasure for anime lovers.

Well, if you are a diehard anime fan, you will accept the fact that it is not feasible to watch anime over TV. The last episode you missed may account for dismay in the next episode. Spare us those frequent advertisements and odd timings, watching anime on TV turns a nightmare. Well, there’s a solution to the issue. Guess what? You can Stream & Watch anime online (Subbed/English Dubbed Anime), that too, it’s completely free of cost!  

Though the user can download anime but till then, let’s have a look at these top Anime streaming sites to watch Anime dubbed and subbed in English without any registration.

Top English Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online In HD Quality

1. to watch HD anime

This is one of the ultimate anime sites to watch HD English dubbed anime online. Find the latest anime dubbed in English and that’s too in HD quality. The best part of this anime site is the request section. A anime freak can easily request for any anime that is not available on their platform.

If you are native English speaker then finding anime in English is a pretty hard thing. Though you won’t be finding much English anime but something is always better than nothing. For those who are searching for sites like kissanime then 9anime could be a better option. In fact, it’s a better site than kissanime. An amazing dubbed anime site.



GoGoAnime is one of the most popular and top anime site to watch anime online. It is an anime dedicated website with diversified content across the genre. Be it, manga or video clips, or complete manga movies, it helps you stream the content for free. Guess what? If you don’t like watching it with subtitles on, it also offers the feature of English streaming. You can easily watch English dubbed Anime here. With a recent release grid of the latest titles, it also offers an alphabetical list the titles, positioning it among the best websites in the genre.

The best part is that they have a separate section for English dubbed anime. You can surf and watch free English dubbed anime online.

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For all those who are looking for sites like kissanime, here is Kissanime to the rescue. It enables streaming anime episodes or movies, in varied qualities ranging from 240p to 720p, with that premium, high-definition 1080p. It boasts of a really interactive website with the dedicated section for anime list, cartoon list, manga reading list and watching a drama. Kissanime is top online Anime streaming site of all time.

A forum is also hosted on the site, to facilitate discussions for the anime lover community. This website supports HTML5 too, ensuring you never miss your favourite episodes. As soon you check out anime list, Kissanime makes it easy to figure out dubbed anime by simply looking at the title of anime title. A great website to watch anime online.


Daisuke is one of those unique anime streaming websites to offer premium anime content. It boasts of a really vast directory of all those famous anime, and those rare one classic titles, unknown to many. You can also stream and watch the latest anime episodes through this site. All you need to do is sign-up and access its unique content. After you are done with the registration, you can save episodes to watch later, and the website will remember it for you. Innovative, Isn’t it? Daisuki is a

All you need to do is sign-up and access its unique content. After you are done with the registration, you can save episodes to watch later, and the website will remember it for you. Innovative, Isn’t it? You can also experience the thrill on Android and iOS Apps.


Anime Season has evolved constantly to deliver the user-centric experience to its customers. It is one of those unique free anime sites which sort their popular anime list based on user’s reviews. Well, the most popular anime would be the one with the most number of votes from its supporters. Anime Season boasts of a well-built website with four dedicated sections for feasible diversification of the genre.

Watch  Latest Anime Episodes online, Recent Anime Recommendations, Recent Rated Anime, and Recently added the section, make searching for your favourite anime or exploring new titles, a really tranquillized task.

6. Hulu

Hulu is a name which needs little introduction. It’s a legal place to watch anime online. It offers premium original series, complete seasons, latest episodes, and primarily, the diet for your anime fever. Although, it is a paid site, the design, and offerings of this site, feel worth the price tag. You can easily explore this site for your favourite anime. Additionally, you can search Korean dramas, or the most popular anime, based on critic and customer reviews. All you need to do is insert the name of the title, and dive into the immersive world of the genre.



Crunchyroll is one of the most readily updated anime site. With anime updates initiating almost every hour, this website ensures you never miss out on the latest episode. The website built is really interactive with a  slideshow of recent uploads and popular titles. Crunchyroll possesses several classifications on the basis of anime, drama, and pop videos, additionally, you can sort the listings on the basis of updated ones, alphabetical order or the most popular category.

Crunchyroll is a legal site to watch anime online. This service is free for the first 15 days, and a minimal fee is charged for streaming High Definition content right to your desktop, with an assured AD-free seamless experience. Apparently, this website wins the debate owing to its really vast database and user-interface.


This is another legal anime streaming site in our list. Funimation is the pit-stop for a diehard anime fan. Well, this website is the largest anime firm in North America. Well, the genre hand-outs of this site aren’t country centric. Rather, its vast database of movies and episodes simulate a perfect realm for streaming anime content over the web.

You can also watch dubbed Anime in English owing to its really evolving database.  If you are a smartphone user, all you need to do is log in with your funimation account, and you can access your favourite episodes while on the move.

9. AnimeFreak.Tv

Anime Freak may be not among the prime contenders for its unorganised website and a plethora of ads. Still, the content on this site can’t be ignored. You can find the latest episodes of the anime title of your choice. Additionally, exclusive anime, which aren’t usually available on other sites, can be streamed over this website, absolutely, for free. Its archive list is gaspingly vast and beholds the exemplary titles of the genre. Be it the dubbed versions, or the original episodes, you can find it all on this site. Indeed a good place to watch anime online.


An anime site like Kissanime. Chia-anime has been an eye candy of animation lover from all around the world. The database it possesses has the plethora of anime to watch online. The design and feel of the website is similar to kissanime.  You can stream and watch latest ongoing anime series and watch out the golden treasure from past.


Presumably, this website is one of the most popular anime streaming platforms for anime fans. It offers regular content like anime series ranging from original episodes to the dubbed ones. Well, this feature isn’t what makes AnimeUltima stand above the crowds. With several forums, polls and event discussions over this site, it has turned out to be the perfect platform for the online fanatics’ community.

To facilitate better usage experience and participation in the forums, all you need to do is create a free account and start watching anime online to explore the world of anime to its fullest.



Watch English dubbed anime or watch any kind of anime online without any Bullshit. Of all the websites we recently viewed, every single one of them had a uniqueness to their offerings. Well, Anime Heaven too can be applauded owing to its anime download feature. So, for the next time, when you plan a long trip and the journey turns out to be tedious, just download your favourite series from AnimeHeaven and start watching anime head out on your venture. The journey will turn out to be a mesmerising one.

From the above image, it’s very clear that anime heaven is a great anime platform. While experimenting with the site, we were able to watch Anime in English. Finally a dubbed anime site for anime lovers.


The primary drawback to streaming is the hassle of buffering due to slow internet speeds. If you got the modern wifi device that can offer the real piece of data transmit speed, then these online anime streaming sites are the treasure for you. Connect you PC or Laptops and plug your ear plugs on and watch anime online for free. A perfect anime session is not a far away.

We tried hard to pick some of the best sites to watch anime online. Though not all sites may offer the dubbed version but you’ll definitely get the subbed version in all.

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