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Top movies for kids
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Hey streamers, we are back today with Top Movies for kids. We are listing movies those were released after 2000 and if you ever get a chance to watch these movies, then don’t let the occasion slip from your hands. Do watch these flicks with your kids.

Selecting between movies is always a difficult task.  But we have somehow managed to bring top 18 movies for kids which everyone around the world would like due to its motivational, educational, and manner of conveying information.

In fact, Voot is a great place to look for Kids section. Voot kid section has many videos targeted for kids only. Same goes with Netflix. Netflix has the huge catalog for kids movies. If you are one of the subscribers of Netflix then do check out their list of sad movies.

We all show some interest in cartoon movies as well as kid’s movies. Kids find their superheroes in animated fictional characters and that’s why the list of shows and animated movies definitely matters. In fact, grown up kid are much more attracted toward anime.

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Best Kids Movies That Every Kid Should Watch

1. Inside out

Wow, what a conceptual Movie. Inside Out is in the top rank of Pixar productions. It’s Pixar’s most ambitious movie with its combination of intelligence, and emotional rewards. The story revolves  an 11-year-old girl named Riley and how her brain grows five personifications of her emotions—Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. Do watch this one beautiful cinematography for emotions.  Does she cope up with them? Watch it by yourself.

2. UP

UP is another masterwork from pixar. Comedy movie about 78-year-old balloon salesman known as Carl, who fulfills his long lasting dream when he ties thousand of balloons and flies to a top of mountain in South America. Carl 78 year old kid along with Dug and camp master discovers the adventure in search for paradise falls.

3. Finding Nemo

This is the most amazing kid movie I saw in my childhood days. The Movie revolves around the adventure of little Nemo (A clown Fish). The movie takes place almost entirely under the sea. In the movie the use of color, the flora and fauna of a shallow water shelf make the film a delight even apart from its story. When Marlin asks Nemo to stay in class to avoid a danger of deep water, Nemo takes a risk to explore the world. And this is how the story starts.

4. Wall –E

If I have to explain this movie ‘Amazing’ is the one word. It covers three main regions of movies animated film, a visually appealing and a decent science-fiction.   A robot that is responsible for cleaning purpose falls in love. Together they change the real feelings of mankind.

5. Toy Story 3

All in one thing, Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family, Science Fiction & Fantasy. Toy Story 3 isn’t in the same league as its predecessors, but it is close enough that most people won’t care. It starts somewhat like this; Andy leaving for college takes woody with him and puts other toys in a box. Andy’s mother pick up the bag to the curb for garbage pickup, and other toys escape. So do watch it for laughter.

6. The jungle book

The Jungle Book is a 2016 American adventure film by Walt Disney Pictures. We all knew the story but always wanted to see how they presented it. Mowgli (Neel Sethi) raised by the Indian wolf Raksha and her pack, led by Akela in a jungle of India. The jungle book is beautifully presented with high graphics and clarity. A must watch film for kids and adults too.

7. The Incredibles


Crime-fighter Bob Parr, known as ‘Mr. Incredible’. Bob and his wife was once world’s greatest crime fighter and were saving lives. After 15 years they were forced to live normal lives along with their three kids. Then, there comes a chance when Bob was sent for a top-secret assignment. Don’t wait for such an action and adventure movie if you haven’t seen it.

8. How To Train Your Dragons

Amazing animation and story. How to train your dragon is a must for every dragon lover. I was never a dragon lover, but this surprisingly is a very entertaining movie. The story of a boy trying to create a place for himself in a clan of violent Vikings. Vikings are furious and have had bitter experiences with dragons in past. The story goes on telling why there is no need to kill dragons.

Some of the great things this film has to offer are some pretty visuals and amazing story. The relationship between the father and son, it has some levels of depth.

9. Paddington

We all love bears in animated parts, don’t we? And not as shown in ‘The Revenant’ that part was kind of  scary. It is the story of a bear travels to the city in search of a home. New in the city means lost and alone but eventually meets a brown family. The Paddington’s story is charming in many ways and touching in others. Might teach a lesson to kids of not going out alone.

10. Song of The Sea

Another great movie for kids. Do you remember any animated movie that won Oscar award? I am not saying it won but it was nominated. The Story is about the selkies, giants, and fairies. Ben with his sisters Saoirse, go on an adventure trip to save the spirited world.

11. About Elly

Mysteries are always good to sharpen your brain. Watch this movie with your family and kids. Help them understand the plot. About Elly is probably one of the best in Iranian cinema history. A kindergarten teacher disappearance during a picnic in the north of iron is a matter of concern for her fellow travelers. A must watch movie with family.

12. Children of Heaven

Simply one word; ‘breathtaking”. Brother’s and Sister’s (Ali & Zahra) love is shown in such a classical gentle way. The Movie is made with the simplicity and grace of childhood. The Story revolves around a plan to conceal the loss of a pair of shoes. Ali finally wins a race where he wanted to finish 3rd. Innocence and simplicity of children’s are portrayed with perfection.

13. Hugo

Do watch this movie with your kids and help them understand the concept behind this movie. Hugo (12 years old) lives with his father Jude (who is a clockmaker). Hugo and his father try to repair a mechanical man designed to write with a pen. His father died due to fire in the museum and he had to live with his alcoholic uncle. The struggles & dilemma which he faced makes him stronger.

14. Fantastic MR. Fox

Mr Fox

We all have heard stories about a clever fox, right? But here you get a chance to see a Fox in the traditional Hollywood manner who steals food from three mean and wealthy farmers. Farmers try to catch the fox and kill him. But the clever fox is able to outwit the farmers and live underground.

15. Frozen


Series started in 2013, and the latest part arrived in 2015 with title Frozen Fever. Frozen is a 2013 3D animated movie with a touch of  classical work of Disney. A fearless princess (Anna) sets off on an epic journey with iceman and her pet. There are a lot of laughs moments and some strong action beats along the way. Frozen, a simple and decent movie for kids.

16. Big Hero 6

Just imagine when machines land to take revenge then what would happen? The story tells us about robotics prodigy named Hiro, who is well-mannered at all times but decides to form a team of superheroes to fight the villain. Big Hero 6 is the first Disney animated film (2014) to feature Marvel Comics characters.

17. First Position

A little bit of patience is required, what follows is an amazing story. Art House, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Kids & Family, Special Interest, all genres in one film. ‘First Position’ is an excellent film about young ballet dancers. The movie follows seven young ballet dancers as they prepare and then compete in the prestigious Grand Prix competition. I personally feel this movie deserve a better rating than 7.6 in IMDB.

18. The Secret of Kells

It’s a quite serious story, and pretty violent in some places might appeal to older teens and adults more than children. Incredible art direction, production designs,  that makes this movie extremely beautiful and delicate.

19. The karate kids

The first part of karate kids was liked by everyone. Many people were not happy with the sequel. But we think it is a decent movie for kids to watch out and understand how to prepare themselves. Kids would surely enjoy this because it has karate and kung fu which is appealing.

20. Winnie The Pooh

Winnie the pooh- is a simple, gentle & pleasant movie. In the era of 3D, Disney Animation Studios came up with this. The Pooh bear craves for honey, and that’s how he starts his day. Tiger, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, and Kanga has been captured by a creature named “Backsoon”. And that’s how a 69 min short movie starts.


We have listed down few of the best movies for kids of all time. Do watch out with your kids and enjoy your family time. “This is our recommendation what we think will be liked by all age people“.

If parents do focus and tries to concentrate then they might find these movies interesting. In fact, movies give you a topic to talk upon. Kids are more open to talking about movies, gadgets, and movies rather than boring parental lectures, though they are necessary.

Just select movies for your kids from this list of movies. We will be coming up with such articles in future.  But for know this is it. If you can give us the idea regarding movies then do comment down below and we are happy to update it for you.

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