10 Free TV Apps & Live Apps For Mobile TV

Nowadays there is an increased popularity of watching TV Live online. Blame our tight schedule or the freedom to watch alone, Live TV Apps has grabbed the attention of the masses. Also, the sense of not missing out on live sports events, Shows or movies is impeccable. To create a viewing experience of TV, here we tried to gather some free TV apps to watch Live TV on Android & iOS.

A good internet connection is all that is required for the accessibility of the preferred shows through the various Live TV Apps. Apart from the regular shows, there are even on-demand services provided to the users by these free TV apps. Other features include rewinding, rewatching, enjoying slow-motions, etc.

Again some apps facilitate the streaming of YouTube flicks, streaming music, and even the radio stations. Among the various Free Live TV apps, the top 10 are as follows

Free Live TV Apps To Watch TV on Mobile

1. Mobdro App

With Mobdro, the users can stream easily their favorite movies, sports, television shows and other contents on their android device. But, there is a small difference between Mobdro and other live TV apps. By using this app the users can only select a specific channel and not any particular movie or episode. It also helps in accessing the live videos of birds and animals. Streaming of traditional channels as well as various events of sport can also be done with this app.

2. Hotstar App

The Hotstar app is the most accepted free TV app in India. By using this app, the viewers can enjoy their all-time favorite television soaps, serials, top English TV shows and sports events at a free of cost in their mobile phones. One of the specialties of this app is that it allows its viewers to surf through the content of eight different languages.

It even makes aware its users with the latest scores of any game if that is taking place live. Hotstar is compatible with all the latest Android versions.

3. TVplayer App

This app is available at free of cost from Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Store. The users can easily select the program they want to see from the list of channels and then enjoy it live on the app. Again, on-demand services are also provided by this app. The number of channels also vary according to the platforms and devices. It is available in iOS, EE TV, Android, XBOX One, AppleTV, Roku, Fire TV, Humax H3 and Windows 10.

4. ABC – Live TV

ABC Live TV app is unique for shows which come on the American Broadcasting Channel. You have series like Quantico, Black-ish, Ugly Betty and many more. The user interface is very simple and can be navigated through by any layman. They have a section where series are sorted according to their popularity, additionally, having different genre tabs, such as drama, mystery, etcetera.

Furthermore, series and episodes are sorted chronologically and the live streaming option lets you watch episodes while they are being aired on tv. The option to cast your shows onto a tv screen is also available in the app. However, a buggy interface does little to help. Servers keep crashing in case of high traffic and the fact that they don’t have a list of currently running shows does little to help their cause.

5. SPB TV – Free Online TV

Unlike the ABC app, this free TV app isn’t networked specific and neither is region-specific, it has 200 channels from all over the world and the user has a variety of choices. The channels are further divided into categories instead of the traditional genre sorting style. For example, you won’t find a category called mystery or thriller, rather you’d find something like news, movies, et cetera.

Furthermore, one of the features which I really like about this app is that there is an option called, always on top, similar to favourites, where if you add a channel, you don’t have to go looking for it afterward. Really saves you time when you’re in a hurry to start watching your favourite show. It does, however, come with some drawbacks; they lack graphical elements in their user interface and it looks a bit bland to the eye. It also location specific and caters to users in North America mainly.

6. NBC

Just like ABC, its content is network specific. It is more of a news streaming app and hence focuses its attention only on a narrow stretch of the industry. It has authentic content and the news refresh rate frequency is impressive, the overall user-interface is simple with breaking news stories visible right at the very top. The news is categorized (such as weather, sports, et cetera.), hence, can be quickly and easily accessed by users, additionally, cast option is also available.

Then again, the app lacks an option of choice when it comes to text or video of the same article, some people prefer watching a video clip instead of reading the whole article it also contains a lot of adverts which can’t be disabled. Some news when clicked on, redirects the user to the web page of the article instead of showing it on the app itself which is a major turn off and the app is location specific too.

7. Ustream

This app was made in collaboration with IBM. Ustream has a very minimalistic user interface which is pleasing to the eyes. It has features which the other apps listed before lack. The most important being the fact that you can broadcast your own videos and can also chat with other users while watching a video. Additionally, there are times when your brain just snags and you don’t know what to watch and for times like these, they have a variety of videos, based on your personal interests, which you can explore.

This free TV app is available everywhere and has a very friendly and neat user interface, the option to screencast is also available in it. It does, however, have inbuilt video commercials which can’t be skipped. Now and then, broadcasters face problems to broadcast their videos and the app keeps logging out users and it gets annoying to log in again and again.

8. CBS Full Episodes and Live TV

Just like the ABC and NBC apps, this free TV app is content specific and streams content produced only by its own network. It has great shows like The Big Bang Theory, Hawaii Five-o, Seal Team, et cetera. It, however, is location specific and contains ads along within app purchases. Its content is sorted chronologically and it has a friendly user interface. The app proves very useful in binge-watching episodes of series like Star Trek, CSI: Miami and more.

It also has the option to cast. The grass is not always greener on the other side though and even after purchasing the CBS all access, you’ll continue receiving annoying advertisements. To makes things a bit worse, shows are streamed a day after they air on tv. The app needs bug fixes as it keeps logging users out like some of the apps mentioned before.

9. JioTV App

The JioTV Live TV app is a part of JIO INFOCOMM, which is again a subsidiary company of Reliance Telecommunication. The app came into existence the last year and became well-known within a short span of time. All the desired television shows that are aired on channels like Set Max, Sony TV, Zee TV etc can be viewed easily on Jio Free Live App.

The most appreciating feature is its user-friendly interface. It also has over 55 channels that are Full HD in nature and over 350 channels that are broadcasted in other languages. It is estimated that the app has more than 10 million users.

10. Voot App

The Voot app was developed by Viacom. Among various other media companies, Viacom is one of the largest in India. Voot has gained immense popularity because it provides the user with on demand video streaming platform. At present, Voot app has more than 5 million viewers at present.

Again this free TV App is very much famous among the kids since they can easily access their favorite cartoon shows. It is compatible with tablets and mobiles and even supports Google Chromecast.

11. SonyLiv App

This app particularly concentrates on the contents of the Sony Entertainment Television. But, there is a limitation in the number of free contents. However, all the channels can be viewed easily in case of paid subscription. The users of SonyLiv get the facility of watching the recorded catch-ups of the popular shows and events. The users can enjoy the best TV shows, hit movies, kids content and much more with the help of this app. The app can be accessed in all types of electronic gadgets like mobile, smart TV, tablets and even desktop.

12. YuppTV App

This is another TV platform which has more than 200 Indian Television Channels in 15 languages. It even provides the users with 7days catch-up TV along with the most recent Bollywood movies and regional movies. One of its features is that it provides the user with a number of movies from big banners like Eros International, Maa Movies, UTV Movies etc. With the development of SCOPE by YuppTV, it has become possible to convert regular TV to Smart TV.

Ending With

Hope these free and live TV apps have helped you in cutting your cable cords. Unlike the cable TV which is not free, the majority of these TV apps are available at free of cost. With their contribution, it is easy now easy to access hundreds of channels anytime anywhere.

Do share if you use app that has not been listed here. We will be more than happy to add the free and functional app for our readers.

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