Trick To Watch & Download TV Series Movies in Single Click

I can tell you very bluntly that after understanding this approach, torrent is not going to be your only favorite for movies download and streaming. Today we have scrapped an ultimate trick to watch and download most of the movies and Tv series right on you mobile and PC. No need to install any app or visit any online movie website.

With the controversies going over the existence torrents, movie freaks are too much concerned about their future existence. No more torrents. Yes. you heard it right. With this trick, you can watch movies and download them without searching tons of websites on the net.

The trick promises that Torrent maybe your favorite site to reach movies but search Engine itself can take you directly to the film, documentary, TV show, or movie that you want to watch. You need to follow some easy steps to implement this remarkable thing which most of your friends and acquaintances might be not even having knowledge about.

So, guys Don’t bite your nails at this moment in excitement because the pure thrill is yet to come when you apply the trick to your hands. Let’s see how it is possible to download movies without any torrent site and torrent client. Let’s find out Is it?

How to Download And Watch Movies/Series On Mobile And PC

Things you need

Working Internet Connection-Free 4g like Reliance Jio Sim currently in the market of India or a speedy Wi-Fi Connection. A laptop, Mobile or a Tab would do.

  • For Windows or MAC

For streaming VLC media player would do and for high-speed download, Internet Download Manager will do.

  • Android Phones or Tabs

Apps like MX Player or VLC Media Player are needed for streaming.

Download Manager App if you are willing to download and save the movie for later use. Advanced Downloader Manger for Android popularly known as ADM Will work well to combat the needs.

Trick 1 : How To Download Movies And TV Series

The method is based on a simple keyword. The keyword Index of the movie name will locate anything that you want on the web. Search Engine will search the thing very according to the keyword that you are going to put into the search box. You can download Hollywood (English) and Bollywood(Hindi) movies.

To Download Movies/ Series on PC Or Mobile

  1. Decide the name of the movie that you are going to download.
  2. Go to Google or any other search engine that you consider the best for searching.
  3. Suppose you want to download Jungle book. Type index of: Jungle book and hit enter to activate the search. Look at the search result, the results may surprise you. Check the video for proper detail.
  4. Usually, the first two links work the best. Click on them to find the movie that you are going to download. The video link will be displayed once the site is open.
  5. Click on the link. Don’t forget to see the size of the movie from that link. Let the download manager handle the task.

Important Note: Do not forget to write “Index of”. This is the core reason, why this trick works well.

Caution: –Some links may ask you for login ID and password. Do not provide that and look for the alternative link and stream going by the above procedure.

Trick 2 : How To Watch Movies/TV Series Directly

  1. Open the web browser and visit to begin the process.
  2. Type  Index of: Movie or TV series name in the Google or any other search engine and just open and check any of links on the first page. Alternatively, you can put the name of the TV series or the movies that you want to watch.
  3. Locate the name of the movie that you want to stream. Right click on the name of the movie and click on copy link address to save the movie link on the clipboard.
  4. Go to start and find out VLC media player and open it.
  5. Right click on file and click on streaming from the drop down menu.
  6. Paste the link there. Hit enter. The streaming will start. Enjoy your movie.

Trick 3 : To Stream Any Movie/Series on an Android Phone

  • Open the browser app and go to or any other search engine that you like. Here, search Engine serves the purpose to take you to the sites that are loyal enough to cope up with your movie demands.
  • Type “index of: movie name” and tap on the search icon. Just replace movie name by the name of the movie or the episode of the serial or TV show that you want to enjoy.
  • Tap on the first link that appears. Usually, the best possible connection is out in the first four searches. You just need to locate the best link for you according to the speed of your internet connection.
  • Tap on the movie video and select MX Player or VLC Player from the Pop-up menu to stream the film for free without any hassle.

Pros of the method

  1. No special software needed.
  2. NO extra effort or knowledge required, even a naïve can apply.
  3. Fast loading, genuine and High-quality videos.
  4. Straightforward and reliable method, without any hassles.
  5. No need to pay extra bucks, everything is for free.
  6. Sign-up/Registration/login etc. are not required.

For all those who are looking for more legit stuff then check below-listed sites. Legal movie torrent and Internet digital library to find movie and Series from the past.

  1. Public Domain Torrent
  2. Internet Archive


Technology has been evolving into a better and better phase. Watching movies has gone easier than ever. You don’t even need to pay for the movies, no extra research needed. Everything in your hands by a single search. Everything you can download via 2 or 3 clicks. This is the comfort level you need now.

Everything has been told about the method. You can directly download movies and TV series to your Laptop or computer or mobile device without the hassle of extra research and torrent site involvement. I hope you like this post and will be able to Stream and download Movies for Free On PC/Laptop Without Any Login/Signup or Registration.  Apply this method and get excited to know something new. Spread the happiness to your friends and colleagues.

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