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Entertainment is the need for every human being and TV shows, movies and music are what makes the life fully active and stress-free. It is because of the ongoing trend where people make use of apps more than their television box to get themselves entertained. The same way, Jio launched JioCinema app which let user view & downloads TV shows, movies, and music videos all for free.

Well, people might get confused between JioTV app and JioCinema but it is all different. Jio TV app is similar to your TV where live shows are shown after they are aired on television. But in JioCinema all your favorite existing or past shows are made available to watch. Here, movies can also be downloaded and view offline unlike the JioTv app.

So let us fully understand the functioning of the JioCinema app and how it has benefited the users.

JioCinema Media Content

JioCinema App
Content on Jio Cinema

JioCinema app is a Video on Demand service which let users watch movies, TV shows, Music videos and Movie trailers. They can view all the content on their Laptop/Pc or mobile phones from anywhere at any time of the day. The content of the app is distributed in various categories. The homepage has drop down of the various menus of Movies, TV, music, and clips.

With various languages to watch like Kannada, Marathi, Telegu, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi and English, viewers can choose as per their own preference.

You can watch some of your Favourite TV shows like Peshwa bajirao, The Kapil Sharma Show, Splitsvilla 10, the Big F, Moh moh ke Dhaage, Kuch rang Pyaar ke Aise Bhi, Udaan, Shani etc on TV channels like Colors, Sony, MTV and many more on the app English TV series like Castle, Happy Endings, Grey’s Anatoy and Lost can be viewed on the app.

Viewers can catch glimpses of upcoming movie trailers on the app. You can select movies from genres listed on the app like Action, History, Documentary, Fantasy, Romance, Sports, Horror, family, Mythology, Animation etc.

JioCinema Streaming Quality

Jio Cinema Streaming Quality
Watching Movie on Jio Cinema

Enjoy High Speed and High-Quality Streaming with JioCinema app. You can watch TV shows, Movies or Music videos in quality you want to available up to HD quality. All the videos can be downloaded in high quality as well to view it for later purposes.  Not only Bollywood Movies or music videos, but the user can view and download International shows, movies in desired quality as well.

Compatible Platforms and Devices

Users can view and download unlimited media content from the app. They also have a storage capacity of 4GB so after you have watched certain videos you can easily delete them and download new content. All of these is absolutely free for all Jio users.

The app is compatible with all platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows. Also, JioCinema app supports Chromecast, so viewing on your TV is now not so difficult. You just need Jio net connection and can download the app via play store or link is given in My Jio app. It supports all Smart phones, Smart TVs, and Laptops.

Premium Features in JioCinema

After the recent updates, the one very likable feature updated on the app is the Smart Download option under Jio happy Hours. Users can download unlimited media content in 3 hours of Unlimited data usage between 2 A.M to 5 A.M. This means you can keep the download during the night time and when you wake up you have all your TV shows or movies downloaded to be viewed. Viewers can also have access to over 1 Lakhs hours of content on the app.

Another feature in the JioCinema app is the Resume watching option as you can watch from where you left previously. Users can increase or decrease the Video quality as per their own preference which is again a premium service offered by JioCinema.

There are no ad pops while you view the app like other apps which let you watch the videos uninterrupted. You also get recommendations as per your picks everytime you visit the app. The Voice search feature allows searching the chosen content easily.

Download Jio Cinema App

The process of download is simple like any other Jio App. Get it download from App store of Play Store as the app is available on both Android & iOS platform. My Jio App is also a good option to download app internally.

Jio Cinema App Download | Android | iOS


The JioCinema app is free to download and use. With all such premium features made available on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar, JioCinema is one step ahead.

All of these features usually come with premium services, while JioCinema offers all of its for free. Yes, there is no hidden charge or additional cost for viewing it on HD or downloading it.

Final Thoughts

With constant bugs and improvements, Jio cinema app has various tweaks in its features and interface all to make it more easier and user-friendly. The app is rated 4.4 on Google Play Store and the reviews say it all about the app. Getting all the content to watch under one platform for free is quite challenging but Jio has been able to pull it off.

Only glitch is that the app can be viewed and used only by Jio users and not others.  Do check out and entertain yourselves with JioCinema app if you still have not.


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