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Reliance Jio is one of the major stake holders of the news since the last year owing to the large range of customer benefits that it offers. Free data to unlimited calls, Jio has it all for its customers. The Jio craze has been spreading in the country like wild fire and the customer satisfaction has been reaching new heights. One of the major plus points about the Jio service is the My Jio app which received great reviews equivocally from the customer forum.

The My Jio app has been recognized as one of the most used apps by the customers owing to the spectrum of features that it provides for the customers. Some of the handy options that are included in the app are quick recharge, internet usage tracking and much more.

Few of Many Features

One of the most useful features included in the app is the quick recharge option that can be used to top up or recharge the personal Jio account on the go. The recharge feature supports payments from a number of trusted payment sites as well. This specific feature of the app has helped a number of customers to get some quick recharge in time of need. The app can also be linked with the Jio Money app for instant recharge.

One of the other best features of the app includes the net balance and usage tracking app. For those customers who are on limited data per day plan on their, Jio SIM can use this app effectively to keep a track of their usage. This app can also be used to initiate auto recharges in case the data plan gets exhausted.

The Linked App On Jio

The My Jio app has also the links to a number of Jio applications which can be directly accessed through the app itself. The variety of Jio apps that have links on the My Jio application include the Jio Music, Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Mags, Jio Express News and much more. All the Jio apps that have links on the My Jio app enhance the usability of the app and ease up the smart phone experience of the users.

My Jio App Download | Android | iOS

1. Jio Music App

The Jio Music app can be used to browse through a plethora of music tracks across the world. The app itself house millions of top tracks from all regions of the world and from a variety of languages. The app can also be used to select certain tracks as the Jio caller tunes or ring tone for the Jio number of the customer.

The app can be also used to download songs and store them on the local storage. The radio feature of the app is also a charm to use. In the recommendation section of the app, one can get a variety of new tracks to listen to.

2. Jio Cinema App

The Jio Cinema app is just the app the entertainment crazy customers have been looking for. On the Jio Cinema app, the users can stream movies online. The quality of the online streaming is great as well. The users can watch their favorite movies or shows on the internet, unhindered using the Jio Cinema app. By registering themselves on the app, the users can also save the movies for watching later.

3. Jio TV App

The Jio TV application enables the users to watch live TV on their smart phones. The Jio Tv is probably one of the reasons that helped Jio to rise to its current position. Most of the user reviews testify about the smooth streaming on the app and uninterrupted movie watching experience. The app covers almost all Indian TV channels apart from Hollywood and other informative channels.

4. Jio Mags

The Jio Mags app offers the users a variety of magazines in both paid and unpaid section. The app is a must for all the magazine buffs and for all those who love to read. The magazines that the users are provided with to read online are even categorized into a number of sections for easy accessibility by the readers.

5. Jio Xpress

The Jio Xpress News app keeps the users updated about the happenings in the world by providing them with the instant news. The users can also select preferences and locations to streamline the news pop ups to specific areas of interest.

6. Jio Chat

The Jio Chat app also enlisted in the My Jio app is a great chatting platform and connects all the users operating on the Jio network. The Jio Chat app has all the features that a chatting app would require.

7. Jio 4G Voice

The Jio 4G voice app helps the users to make free calls using their Jio sim. This specific app is of great use for those customers who use smart phones which lack the Volte support. The app can also be used for additional operations like making video calls, providing WiFi hotspot for other phones and much more.

8. Ajio App

AJIO is an online shopping app under the banner of Reliance Retail and is exclusively available as an app on the Jio platform. On the website, one can find all fashion products for both men and women. The app aims in making the online shopping experience a lot better.

9. Jio Money

The Jio Money is a digital wallet from Jio where the customers can store money in their virtual account and link this account for making cash transactions both online and offline.

10. Jio Switch

Jio Switch is one such app which can ease up file sharing between any two devices. The best part about the app is that there are no ad pop ups in the app and the transfer speed is quite high.

11. Jio Cloud

Jio Cloud is the personal cloud storage platform by Jio where the users can store their data online in a secure way. The app comes with a range of features like remote logging out, automatic back up and much more.


The My Jio app has received great feedbacks from the customers and has proved beneficial for them in a lot of ways. The app enhances the benefits that the Jio network provides the customers and is a must-use app for all those who are on the Jio network.

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