Philo Free Trial – Start Philo TV Trial 7 Days

When it comes to pocket-friendly TV options, Philo rules the cord-cutting crown. It’s one of the few OTT services that stream live OWN, Hallmark, Paramount, AMC channel. For $20/month, once you can watch all Philo TV content. With Philo free trial, subscribers are eligible to watch live TV for 7 days without getting charged. Philo complete package is so simple that it doesn’t a trial offer. Thanks to the company, they are still offering it.

Philo has a single plan, with unlimited DVR (30 days) and stream on 3 screens simultaneously. With no fancy add-ons, extra features, and hidden policies, Philo is our first choice to watch TV in the budget. Here, you can find how to subscribe to Philo TV and start a free Philo TV trial.

Start Philo Free Trial of  7 Days

You can subscribe to a free trial anytime, and all you need to start your free trial of Philo is just a cell phone number or email ID. The company doesn’t have any hidden contracts after your free trial ends, and $20 is all you pay. Below are the steps to start your free trial anytime.

1. To start with Philo, visit the official Philo website.

2. Enter your cell phone number or email ID. I prefer an email ID over a contact number.

Enter Email Address

3. Next, you need to enter credit card details. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged during the trial period. 7 days is what your trial period is.

Setup Payment

4. Then you need to tap on the Confirm sign-up button. A confirmation email will be dispatched to your email. Verify your account with the confirmation link. Your Philo free trial will be activated.

You can access all Philo content like Live TV and on-demand shows free for 7 days without getting charged. If you want to cancel, you can cancel anytime during the trial period or the account would be upgraded to a paid subscription, and you would be required to pay the full $20.

How Long Is The Philo Free Trial?

Content On Philo

Philo gives you a free trial of seven days. You can cancel or keep using the service. Once the trial period is over, $20/mn would be deducted from your payment card. Philo is one of the primary streaming services that give you the option for the free trial, given that other streaming services like Hulu, Attnow now too offer a trial but they are priced way higher than Philo.

If you want to cancel your subscription or you don’t like the services offered by Philo, then you need to do it during your trial period else you would be charged the full $20.

How To Cancel Philo Trial

It is no rocket science to cancel your Philo subscription as you can cancel your Philo trial very quickly. To cancel your Philo trial, you need to visit your Account page online and then click on the ‘Cancel my account’ option, which you will find at the bottom of the page. You won’t be kicked out of your account instantly, but you would be able to watch Philo for the remainder of your billing cycle. This means the total days minus the days that you have used your account.  Later if you want to activate your subscription, then you can reactivate it anytime.

Philo Account Cancelled

Philo currently offers you 59 TV channels under its $20 package, and three people can share the screens at a specific time. The company has been developing its content-based plans for some time. It is planning to introduce some new plans for people. Well, it also over the free trial of seven days to common people, and you can subscribe it to any time you want.

The streaming service comes with a lot of pros like its price and interface. The interface of Philo is exceptionally smooth and easy to grasp, and you will find it very easy to navigate around and use the services. The TV guide is useful too. There is a lot of content that you can watch on Philo expect the local and global sports channels like ESPN. This is one of the cons of this superb streaming service.

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