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Every other person who is a user of internet ought to have come across this term called ‘Torrent’. It is quite natural and true. In the world of technology, ‘torrent’ is a widely used term. But do we all have a concrete idea of what exactly does it refer to and on what basis is it used? Well, a torrent is referred to as the computer file that consists of metadata. This data holds various information. A typical torrent file has the extension given as ‘.torrent’.

And the particular information is used or consumed by the internet users courtesy of various software, namely, BitTorrent, uTorrent etc. All the people can download the desired information to their respective PC’s through these software. A list of Torrent sites is required to make use of these torrenting softwares.

Best Torrent Sites Unblocked & Safe

There exist thousands of torrent sites that offer downloads of our desired content. But, all of these need not necessarily be efficient and trust-worthy. Torrent sites keep on getting blocked and this is where proxy sites come into play. Kickass proxy/mirror, Seedpeer, ExtraTorrent there are lots of unblocked sites for hassle free torrenting sites. The crucial role of selection of torrent websites comes into the picture. Here, we will mention about 20 best torrent sites which you can use to make your download experience smoother than ever.

Torrent Site
This torrent site ranks amongst the top torrent sites due to its exquisite development in the features in a regular interval of time. The key feature TPB offers is the availability of crack files of top rated games. In addition to this, users also prefer this site for the downloads of softwares and movies as well. It is available in more than 25 languages.
Kickass Torrent
One of the most widely used torrent websites in the recent past with a huge number of users providing the best torrents of different categories. The key feature of this site is there are no pop-up ads in the due process which provides a hassle-free experience to the user.
Yifi Torrent
This is one of the safest torrent sites available. The main highlight of this website’s is that users get to download movies and songs in the best possible quality (HD). Also, the latest movies are also available for download free of cost.
Founded in 2008, this is the perfect location for all the TV series fans. This site is hugely popular for providing high quality video content of latest movies and mainly TV series. The interface also looks astounding to the eyes.
It boasts of possessing a separate index page just for the sake of searching. It has a huge collection of contents which are categorized in a very organized manner.
Since its inception in 2003, this torrent site has provided tremendous service to the internet faithful. It has a huge library where you will find content in almost every category you desire. The modern look of this site looks to make it out of the crowd.
As the name suggests, this is the place to be if you are truly into the world of gaming. This site has the set-up files as well as the crack files of a huge number of PC games you will come across.
Even after the relaunch of this website back in 2015, in today’s date it still ranks amongst the most efficient torrent sites. It provides a wide availability of TV torrents from all over.
This website undergoes development in a much faster rate as compared to others. It possesses an auto-aggregated list of various contents like movies songs, and TV shows.
YTS Torrents
It is one of the finest sites you will find which provides high definition and high-quality contents of various shows and movies. And also, in this site, you get to know about the most trending downloads of the week.
This free torrent website is meant for the content downloads that include latest audio, books and softwares. You will find your desired content with ease.
The key feature of this website is that it pays the people who report to it any fake torrent files in order to avoid any span and also maintain the cleanliness in the download process.
This is one of the most reliable torrent sites available. It possesses a huge collection of contents involving movies, softwares and music. It boasts of its modern look.
You can consider it to be the resurrection to the previous classic version ‘Torrent’. This meta search engine boasts of around 80 domains with a huge number of clients from all over the world.
The best part of this website is that you find no ads or pop-ups while opting for downloads through this. It has one of the most user-friendly interfaces.
The key feature of this much popular torrent platform is the way this site deals with the verification procedure of each and every content available for download.
Torrent Hound
It is one of the largest platforms that contains huge collection of media contents. The key feature is that it displays the total number of downloads and users visited per day.
It consists of a classic collection of music and movies and the main feature is it provides magnet links or direct links for the files to be downloaded.
Launched in 2016, this is one of the newest torrent sites which provides an ultimate collection of contents from various categories, with no hassle of any ads. You can also share your items using this website.
This torrent site proved to be one of the initiators providing an ad-free download experience for the users. It possesses an additional tool as well to check if the content is genuine or not.

Check List While Searching Torrents

The following things must be kept in mind while you are using torrenting sites for the very first time:

  • Don’t forget to keep a note of the number of seeds and peers and make sure the number, as well as the ratio, is more.
  • There exists overload of ads in all the webpage providing torrent downloads. So, make sure to find the suitable one.
  • Installing a good and reputed torrent client is a necessity in order to avoid any troubles during the download procedure.
  • A good VPN is always recommended before browsing any torrent sites. Safety on the Internet is a necessity.

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