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15 Best Websites To Watch TV Series Online For FREE

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Are you planning to watch Series online ? With the evolution of Internet, cable TVs are replaced by streaming sites. Now one can watch TV series online. In the motion picture, one thing that has changed drastically over years is TV series. Gone are those days when watching Series were only about friendship, romance, emotions, and action. With damn real graphic technology coming into play, the fictitious world seems real and watching Series is much more fun.

There are different categories with-in television, such as drama, comedy, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, and documentary. So it may not be appropriate to compare series from different categories.

We always curate content that is well received by the younger generation. What do they like? How do they like? So, here we are going to feature websites that most suitable to watch latest TV Series online.

As far as the movies are concerned, I was movie fond of guy 4 years back, but the best TV Series can be just as intriguing as their big screen counterparts. In fact, TV shows are far more thrilling, gripping, suspenseful, and downright funnier than many films I’ve seen.

Here, I’ve added the 15 websites where you can actually watch Series online without any hassle. Just open site, select TV Series and start streaming TV series with the full episodes.

Best Sites To Watch Series Online Full Episode For Free

In this article, we are featuring top sites from where you can easily watch you favorite TV series online for free without any problem. The trick is finding the best sites, which isn’t always so easy to do. Some sites will scam you into signing up. But these sites are trusted and can easily allow you to WatchTVSeries online.



One of the best places to find and watch Series online. No signing in and no registration. The simple and friendly interface makes it more appealing to watchTVSeries. It is better for both movies and series. Just visit this site(Our recommendation). CartoonHD is so much popular that they have streaming app for Android and iOS devices as well. Indeed an awesome place to watchTVSeries.



This is for total freaks, what you missed earlier you will find it here. Watching a full episode of your favorite series is not going to be a tough deal. There are so many video links available, so I would suggest putlocker and sockshare because they are ads free. These links have better quality videos but normally take a while to load the video as they are hosted on different servers. So do have patience and relax, watching Series online will be worth waiting.


Another amazing site to stream TV Series online and gives you a facility to Stream as well as instantly download TV shows and movies. There are two ways to explore this site, (i.e.) as a registered user and as a free user. Registered user gets all possible features from the site. But in the latest review, we found that they asking to login. You can WatchTVSeries after registering.

Note : Registering in such sites is safe until you don’t expose any of your credentials to them. These could be in form of Credit Card, Social password or other your personal details. So make sure to check whether the site is authentic or fake.



Watch all the latest series and previous episodes of your favorite TV shows aired from earlier 2000 to till date. You will find all in one place. Be it prison break, the flash, Game of Thrones, this website has it all. Visit this site, select between the series to watch online, and then select the episode, you are done. This site is preferred to watch series because of the simple user interface and ease of handling.



Just another tremendous site to watch TV Series online with a huge database and high video quality. I would prefer this only because of the quality of video and the design of course. Choose between the series and then the episodes. There are few ads, but we know your experience will be great.



Oh, I am sorry, I missed it in the first place. Lots of popular and trending stuff waiting for you there. Visit this site, click on TV series and there it is, all that you want. Now WatchTVSeries for free without any hassle. You can select either your favorite show or just sort them down depending upon IMDb rating. You get to select shows depending upon users reviews – as most popular show and most viewed show. Streaming here made it easier for people to catch their show every Sunday.

I could have rated and rated it in top spot if the login was not a compulsion here. Yes, a user need to login before they can actually watch series online for free.



Watch High-quality TV series in Ultra-high video quality. No worries regarding annoying advertisement. Although you might be wondering free service without ads but that’s the specialty of this site. And finally, something to cheer about for streamers. You can even download movie and subtitles to watch offline. A great place to watch series full episodes for free.



Few of the latest and top rated TV shows are easily available here. Shows like Game of Thrones, the walking dead, the hills, Fear the walking dead – attracts users to this site. No extra work needed just visit this site and select between TV shows and then select the episode. Watching TV series online won’t be a big deal for you.



All TV series ordered from A to Z. Just check TV shows section and there it is your free source of TV shows and movies. The best part here is calendar section; it keeps you updated with latest Episode aired. No account needed. In a crowded marketplace of streaming ProjectFreeTV grew to become one of the most visited TV shows streaming site.



This is another video on demand site with millions of user globally. For all of us, this site has to offer is Free movies, Free TV Shows, Viral Videos from all categories. This site organizes the video content available online so that videos for users are easy to discover and share. Android and the iOS app will change your experience altogether.

More than 500 Free TV Series to watch series online. Visit now and enjoy the plethora of free TV Series online.

11. Hotstar TV Series


Hotstar is an online video streaming platform. Indian based website which was launched just before world cup 2015. It has gained so much popularity among Indian youth that if they miss live TV shows or series they can always watch them on Hotstar. Just log in with your details and enjoy this site.

Hotstar also streams Game of Thrones and other HBO series which are not offered by Netflix. Their free and premium catalog are pleasant to watch. Do check this website and let us know how much you do like it. Hotstar is also available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. A perfect to place to watch shows from HBO in very low rates.

12. TubiTV

Well, if you visit us regular than this inclusion is no stranger for you. With Movies and TV series this platform is always applauded by our team. Thanks to Light for his discovery. As mentioned, you can watch free TV Series using a simple search or by choosing the category. All you need to do is select a category and check the TV series you would love to watch.

I personally always prefer IMDB before taking a step to watch any content. Anything above 7 stars is good to watch (from personal experience). Don’t expect the latest series like Narcos or Game of Thrones. This is legal platform and deals with legal stuff. Find all about tubiTV.



Subsmovies is a great website to watch series online with subtitles. You can select between different genres among the TV series as well. They officially do not host any of the videos, but it’s nice to watch TV series for free here.

14. Tvfplay


Tvf play is the name that educated the youth about web series culture. Based on the Indian audience, this online channel is the best place to watch some of the India’s best online series (wrote about this site because of the popularity it has gained). They work hard and come up with latest trend based series for youth.

This site is dedicated to the original content that is created by Tvf. They are best known for Indian web series like the Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, Tripling.



I recently came across this website to watch series and made my mind to include it. There are lots and lots of series to watch. One of the latest series The Viking is highly popular in this domain. You not only get to watch series online but trailers of latest series and movies are also available.

The user interface is quite simple and pleasant to the eyes. You should check this out if you are serious about TV series addiction.

16. Yidio


It was founded in 2008. Full form of Y_I_D_I_O stands like “Your Internet Video”. Yidio is not just for movies as you all know. It is a free platform to stream and watch series online. Yidio does have an app for your phones. It is a place where watching is simpler than expected. It is nothing less than carrying a home Tv in your pocket.

You can watch trailers and other free TV shows, but don’t expect to get the latest one for free. Yidio suggests you place to watch series and movies shows online. It could be paid or free.

Trick How To Download TV Series

For all those folks who are keen enough to know about ways to download TV series, here I’m suggesting you one search engine and a short trick to download Series online. Let’s start with the trick.

1. On Google search bar : Type “index of TV Series Name

Like if you are planning to download flash, type; index of flash and hit go. Open top most link and bang. That’s quite simple. If 1st link is not working then try next one. Below a short video that will clear all your doubts.

2. Grabthebeast

Search open this website and simply search TV series name. If searched query is downloadable, then simply click on download links. The best of this site is that you get access to subtitles too.

Final Words

We did best of our knowledge. If watching TV Series Online was fun with these sites, then give us thumbs up. Also, share your favourite spot to watchTVSeries.

We recommend using free trials to get best user experience and then switch to other sites with a simple layout and huge series database. As far as video quality is concerned these sites provide high-quality videos.

These are few sites where one can actually watch series online free without downloading . You can always recommend sites what you like and we are happy to update it for you. Finding sites is always difficult we know so we helped you out here. Keep in touch many more interesting article coming soon.

Sharing is appreciated.

15 Best Websites To Watch TV Series Online For FREE
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