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What is Amazon Prime? Plan Pricing & Free Trail

What Amazon Prime Is?
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In this digital era, entertainment has reached a totally new edge and it’s pretty awe-inspiring. Entertainment is basically a process and a vital part of everyone’s life, and when it is about the modern approach, Amazon Prime, NETFLIX, HULU and similar video streaming services comes in mind.

What can be more satisfying than the smoking hot TV series, movies and videos of your choice streaming on your device at your desired time and that too without costing an arm and a leg? So let’s get in the details about our new addition to our website. Yes, today we are featuring Amazon Prime, a service delivered by Amazon.

If video streaming is what fascinates you, then do check out our entire streaming category. Well, streaming is now has become the synonym to Movies and that’s what make us write about best free online movies sites. Let’s jump to our topic of the day. Below is a short descriptive article on; “What Amazon Prime is“. Stay connected for more new upcoming series.

What is Amazon Prime ?

Amazon Prime is membership program that gives you access to streaming videos, Music, eBooks, and many other Amazon services. With Prime subscription, you get access to Amazon, movies, TV shows, Music library, and millions of ebooks with a monthly or yearly subscription fees. Get free shipping on the products that are covered under prime membership.

At the time, when other similar service providers are planning a bump in the subscription cost, Amazon is bringing a smile on the face of its users with amazing discounts and more service features. Just imagine watching videos offline, reading books, discounts on shopping, free music that you have really appreciated and enjoyed watching.

In a nutshell, you get all of the Amazon features that aren’t available for common members. We’ll get into more details as article proceeds.

Giving the video streaming giants like NETFLIX and HULU a really tough competition, Amazon Prime has secured a great niche in this arena for the recent few years.

Amazon Prime Features

Amazon Prime Features

Amazon Prime Package

Well, Amazon Prime has bestowed the users this year with the incredible offline video-saving feature. No doubt YouTube has also introduced this feature but seriously? Comparing Amazon Prime with YouTube? Let’s remain stuck to the awesomeness of Amazon Prime only to discover lot more happening stuff about the service.

The service is constantly sprawling and winning the hearts of millions of its users globally. Here is the complete list of sizzling Amazon Prime’s features that you need to check out in case you are still missing the boat.

• Content

Well, it’s big time people going gaga over the $99 annual subscription deal but let’s have a round of applause for the great contents that Amazon Prime offers to its users.

Be it the all-time favorite shows like Prison Break, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, Alpha House and Freaks & Geeks or the Amazon Prime Originals like Transparent, Love & Friendship, Thunderbirds, just to name a few. Over 15,000 movies can be ordered as Instant Video using the service.

Not only these spellbinding movies and shows but also you can experience a gratifying music library using Amazon Prime (It’s not more than your expectation but the class is there).

Though you get access to a big entertainment library using the annual subscription of the service, the videos or contents that don’t have the Prime banner may make you spit up few bucks and that may annoy you a bit.

• Free & Quick Home Delivery

Amazon Prime has given a big jerk to the e-commerce portals. Buy anything on Amazon and expect a two-day delivery of the same in continental U.S. Well, without Amazon Prime subscription, you have to wait for standard delivery. It’s pretty exciting to have a video-on-demand amenity that can also be leveraged for free of cost two-day shipping, right?

• Sharing Membership Benefits

Who says you need to pay big money to relish great services? Amazon Prime brings in a great opportunity for up to four persons to leverage the two-day free shipping benefits from a single annual subscription only. Now enjoy and let your near and dear folks enjoy the Amazon Prime advantages as well.

• Storage

Why overlook the other exciting features that an Amazon Prime member can rejoice parallel to the video-on-demand feature? Now you can relish storage benefits for photos, videos, music files, documents etc. The storage capacity can be from 5 GB to Unlimited. Now that’s we call a power-packed service – One service, umpteen amenities.

• Streaming Without Commercials

If advertisements popping up in between your music annoys you (like everyone else) then Prime Music should be your pick. With the annual Amazon Prime subscription, you not only rejoice Amazon instant video services but also greats ad-free music playlists are available to jazz up your current mood.

• Amazon Prime Now In India

Did you know this? No? Then it must be great news for you folks. Now you can enjoy the first-rate Amazon Prime benefits in India as well. Before hitting the Indian Territory, Prime Instant Video availed the users in the nations like U.S., UK, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Amazon Prime India Plan

Plan For India

The subscription prices are different for every nation and so are few features. You can have an Amazon Prime annual subscription in India paying just Rs 499. So, feel lucky to have this along with several exciting features at this unbelievable price. Just 499 INR annually for Indian users and $99 for the same in the U.S. – do the maths. More than 20 cities are lucky enough to have this service. Check out your city in the list.

• Free Trial

Amazon Prime Free Trail

Amazon Prime usually offers a 30 days trial but if are buying the subscription in India, you will get 60 days trail span. Well, there is nothing to dislike in this trial period but if you are not satisfied with the features, NETFLIX is a great option available there for you. And, if you need lifetime free access to the videos, YouTube has your back buddy.

• The Kindle Connection

If you have an Amazon Prime annual subscription, you can rent e-books from the kindle library without paying a single buck. The same can be done using a Fire phone or Fire tablet as well.

• Six Month Student Trial

Now students can expect more advantages from the Amazon Prime service as the company is offering a 6 month trial period for the students through a special subscription. The company also offers referral benefit and two-day free shipping benefits to the students under this special subscription. This amenity is available in U.S. right now but not sure about other countries.

Our Verdict

Amazon is one of the most successful, growing and popular brands of the present time. Be it its e-commerce business or the exceptional entertainment services, Amazon never fails to deliver the goods. Amazon Prime has turned a big rival for the giants like NETFLIX and HULU. Amazon Prime created a big milestone for the new but small rivals as well including HOTSTAR and LiveTv.

However, such an affordable annual subscription from Amazon Prime won’t let you focus on its rivals. All the hot features of the service are worth every single penny you spend to have it. So folks, give the streaming service a thought today and spice up your entertainment experience.

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