12 Mp3 Music Download Sites To Find Music For Free

Millions of people are music enthusiast and we love to listen to music, ain’t we? In fact, quotes were being threaded like “Music is life, that’s why heart have beats”.  And hence there are many music streaming sites which have been developed for listening to music but not all will help you in downloading the songs for free, which you actually want to do. So here in this article, we are going to talk about some of the best free mp3 music download sites where you can easily download the song without paying a penny. But if you want, you can also give some credit to the artist by paying a tip or something like this because it is very important to appreciate the talent and help them to grow.

The main purpose of creating this list is to enlighten our readers with mp3 music download sites that we have ignored all these years. Though there are many music downloader apps that helps to download music but these are full-fledged websites to find royalty-free music. All the websites we have linked are completely genuine and safe to use.

Top Legal Mp3 Music Download Sites To Find Music Legally

1. Mp3

free music download with Mp3.com

When it comes to finding the most well-organized site for music sharing then mp3.com is one of the best free Mp3 music download sites you can trust on. Here many artists can easily upload their own song so that the fans can listen to it. It is a great way of exploring new music coming from a talented artist. This site has an easy and simple UI which helps you in seamless browsing and hovering.

If you are into country or electronic music, hard rock or folk music, then it is the best place to find them. It is one of the oldest sites but unfortunately, it doesn’t have wide collections. Though you can definitely find various good music here the choice has to be limited.

2. SoundCloud

This ain’t an Mp3 music download site but a music platform for popular & upcoming artists. If you are a music enthusiast then SoundCloud would be a blessing to you. One of the best parts of SoundCloud is all the lesser-known and the big artist can upload their music. Here you can browse through the songs according to the genre or artist by latest posting and popularity and you will be quite surprised to see that there are multiple songs which are available for free download.

This music site also releases the creative commons licenses which allow you to easily remix or download or tweak the song according to your preference. Not all songs which will be posted in the SoundCloud will be free. You can get the SoundCloud app on both IOS and Android platform. The SoundCloud site has a streaming interface which is very much clean and has a good community and many free Mp3 songs which you can easily consume in your lifetime.

3. Jamendo | Free Music Downloads

Find mp3 music on Jamendo

One of the most famous repositories for downloading free Mp3 music from the web is the Jamendo and it has thousands of tracks from various artist. You may not be able to find the song of the famous or favorite artist but you can easily listen to songs from the new musicians who are also talented. Here you can search for the song by the popularity of the song. The popularity solely depends on the users rating.

You don’t have to search much to please your ears. This site also comes under the creative common agreement. This music download site has songs in 6 different languages starting from English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and polish. The Jamendo app is available in both the iOS and Android platform.

4. Amazon MP3

It is one of the biggest and famous online retailers who offer a huge variety of product on their website and they have now also started to offer various digital products like the games and even popular songs. You can easily purchase & download MP3 songs from this site but it is not necessary that you will have to pay for it. Here you can also download the various free song by using the website or the mobile app.

This site is surprisingly having Mp3 songs which are free to download and hence it is a large music repository. You may find it hard to get all the latest song here but you can still download various great songs at any time. Here you can find many other genres like the classic rock, blues, and pop, but the song selection will be limited here.

5. Pure volume

Download Mp3 Music on Purevolume

This is the best Mp3 music site when it comes to sharing of music by the artist and here the fans can also discover many emerging artists and their awesome tracks. This site is not only the best place for finding the right music for downloading but will also offer you various independent events and festivals.

If you visit this site you will find that their homepage is full of the highlighted artist which you can easily explore as it will rotate regularly and will give you a new experience. Here you can sort the song by searching the past features, top song artist, and top downloads. All the free music downloads made here are legal.

6. Soundowl

This is a free platform for downloading music and it has songs of every possible genre. You name it and you get it here. Starting from Dubstep, electro-rap, house, trap, moombahton, this place has it all. If you are trying the freestyle or something like that then this site can also offer you numerous instrumentals.

This site has a very minimalistic and clean interface and you just have to type the name of the artist or the song and within some seconds you can get all the possible results. This site promotes itself by the name of the artist-friendly site. They have also legalized this site by joining the “Copyseeker”.

7. Noisetrade

NoiseTrade mp3 music download

This is one of the most famous mp3 music download sites when it comes to music sharing where the artists can easily create their own widgets for sharing music. Here you can easily download the song without paying anything and you also get the option of tipping them if you love the song. This site is excellent to find the song of every genre and when it comes to finding the Hip Hop folk or indie scenes then this is probably the best site to look for.

They will also send you useful newsletters that will contain new suggestion through emails. This site has an extremely simple and minimalistic UI which can help for effortless searching or browsing.

8. Soundclick | Free Mp3 Download

Find free Mp3 music download and much more, this is what Soundclick is all about. Here you can find various amazing Mp3 music which is available all for free. This site may not be as large as the other sites that provide music library but Soundclick offers a decent amount of songs which can easily quench your thirst if you are a music enthusiast.

Whether you will get the music free or not depends on the very artist because there are numerous artists who are selling their song by using the SoundClick and some of them are allowing you to download them from for free. You can either pay money to listen to a song or you can simply download the other for free.

9. Last.fm

Last.fm homepage

This site was created in the year 2002 and is quite similar to a radio station. The site will collect all the data from the various media player and other streaming websites for songs and then they will craft the profile of the user that will reflect their listening habits and musical taste. This site is the best repository when it comes to downloading free music and you will get the download links at the bottom of that page.

For downloading the song you don’t have to make any profile. You can also opt to download the available songs through their official app which is available in the iOS, Windows, and Android platform.

10. Vimeo

This is a website for video streaming as well as you can download various amazing tracks from this site. There are many users who are selling their songs(mp3 format) in return of a few bucks and you can also find many free songs or music by searching the tag “creative commons”. You can easily download these free tracks on your device with a single click but for that, you will have to make a profile of yours on that site.

There are many songs which will be available with the association of videos but you can easily use the tool for music search and sort them properly for isolating the MP3s. This site has near about 100000 tracks and maximum of them are free for downloading.

11. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive Music Library

Free music archive is also among famous free Mp3 music download sites which contains a large variety of the song but the site can be quite cluttered sometimes. You can download the songs for free from here. Unlike many other sites, here you can upload song featuring from various labels, music enthusiast radio stations etc. You can download them at zero cost and here you don’t have to register yourself.

It is quite similar when it comes to accessing free music like the once we get in Radio stations. Here you can also get some Smash tracks but they will lack good production though you can download it for free.

12. Incompetech

If you are looking for enjoying the royalty of free music then this is the ideal site for you. It is an excellent source for all the projects (from the YouTube videos to various amateur films or games or any office presentation). It is actually like a versatile and conversant identity, unlike the other music site. If you download a song which you will be using for any commercial purpose, then you will have to give some ownership credit. But before proceeding any further or diving into its shallow library, you will have to read the license properly.

Ending With

Ending up our list, these are the best free Mp3 music download sites you can try to download royalty-free music. Mp3.com, Soundcloud & Jamendo are quite good. Apart from downloading free Mp3 music, you can also upload & share your own music. Indeed a great platform to reach out the music loving audience.

I’ll be tracking more websites having the latest Mp3 songs from different genre or language. If you know any such sites, do let us know via comment box. We’d be more than happy to add your valuable suggestions.

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