When compared with the present OTT scenario, cable TV is an expensive investment. Many users have complained about having spent over $100/month and not getting the channels they wish to have desperately. OTT services have provided users the freedom to choose the channels and services they want and drop the unnecessary one. The tailored plan having a bouquet of popular channels fits in the need of the majority users. There are over a dozen popular services that are highly popular in the US.

With so many choices available, it’s hard for an individual to find the right one. This is where a free trial subscription is a must. The trial period has given the opportunity to test and explore the service before making any decision. Here, I’ve personally picked the best on-demand and live service to watch movies, TV shows and live TV for free. You can try most of these services for at least 7 days while streaming platforms like Hulu, Prime video are offering 30 days trial too.

Free Trial Deals on Popular Streaming Platforms

1. Hulu Trial

Hulu has been a popular on-demand and live TV streaming platform for people living in the US. Hulu is the best option to watch shows and originals from CBS, FX, and Disney networks. Right now, there are shows from over 200 channels. Users can get access to a complete library of on-demand shows for 30 days free and after that, it’s $5.99 per month for the ad-supported plan while $11.99 per month for no commercial plan. The complete Hulu package is classified into 4 categories. You can check them here.

With an on-demand base plan, Hulu also flaunts its premium live TV service that starts for $53.99(live TV only). This live TV setup is available for 7 days without any fees. There are over 65+ premium live channels including news, movies, sports, and local channels.

2. Prime Video Trial

Amazon Prime Offer

Amazon has been an inclusive package. It’s not a full-fledged streaming platform but definitely a subscription you should add in your cord-cutting list. Amazon prime has features like Prime video (Shows, movies, and originals), free shipping, one-day delivery, unlimited music streaming, and early sale access. Being a student and EBT cardholder gives you extra discount.

Right now Amazon is providing a free trial of 30 days to all new users. Create an account and add your payment details. You can enjoy complete service for a month without paying anything. You won’t be charged during the trial period.

Amazon Prime

  • $12.99 per month.
  • Prime Video.
  • Free one-day delivery.
  • Unlimited music streaming.
  • Free same-day delivery.
  • Start Amazon Prime.

Prime Video

3. CBS All Access

CBS all access is the standalone service of CBS network which lets you watch all CBS shows, Live TV, sports with a monthly subscription. CBS  has been a popular US network that could be watched on Hulu, Sling, DirectTV, and other live TV services. Hulu has many CBS shows streaming on-demand. If you only watch CBS with a couple of few other services, then CBS standalone is better buy instead of buying channels bouquet from live tv providers.

The commercial plan starts at $5.99/month while commercial-free is priced at $9.99 per month. You can further save 15% with the annual plan. New users are eligible for 7 days free trial and after that you will charged based on your selected plan.

4. HBO Trial

HBO has gained popularity for its original series like Game of Thrones and Chernobyl. A stand-alone service like HBO is way more expensive than the Hulu base plan, Netflix, and Prime Video. Priced at $14.99/mn, HBO offers 7 days free trial for all new users. Even though the service is expensive, there are more than 90 million people who are currently subscribed to this service. You can watch TV shows, movies, and live content with HBO service. HBO offers free episodes of many shows right on their official site. Users can also avail of free trial through Hulu, Amazon, and HBO’s official website.

5. Sling TV Trial

Sling TV is a budget-friendly live TV streaming platform for people looking to ditch cable without paying a hefty amount. Sling Blue and Orange plan start at $30/mn while the top Sling (ornage+blue) costs $45 per month. Sling offers loads of add-ons that one can sideload and make Sling package according to one’s need.

For new customers, Sling gives an option of 7 days of free trial and $10 off on all plans for the first month. Calculating all the offers, the new users can enjoy 7 days free and after that, it’s $20 for the first month. You can find the Sling channels list and compare the best plan for your needs.

6. Philo Trial

Philo offer

Philo is the least expensive Internet TV service that only has a single plan priced at $20 per month for 50+ channels. Having a single plan and no extra addon makes it easy to start Philo TV right away. There is no hope of getting confused as all the necessary details are available on the Philo homepage itself.  A subscriber can create 10 profiles and watch on 3 screens simultaneously with no extra cost.

Similar to other services listed here, Philo too offers on-demand shows and movies. At present, the company is providing 7 days free trial offer to new subscribers assuring subscribers that they won’t be charged during the trial period. Just look Philo channel list and start your trial offer if it has channels you want.