CBS Network on Hulu? CBS Shows Available 2019

CBS has always broadcasted the shows that connect with its audience. The channel knows the taste buds of its audience base and creates contents accordingly. With the innovative, customized and gripping content designing, CBS is among the top-rated channels of the present time and the most watched American channel that every online streaming service wants in its list. Hulu had recently a deal with the CBS Corporation which aimed to include the CBS shows in the live streaming list of Hulu.

Apart from Hulu, CBS is presently available on many live streaming platforms like SlingTV, DirecTV and Sony PlayStation Vue. Hulu was waiting for this opportunity for long as CBS has a huge audience base due to its premium sports event broadcasting and intriguing classy shows.

Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins recently stated in January  “we’ll have the best channels”. The company is not going to broadcast a slew of channels but all the classy channels including CBS is on its radar. It is expected that after the inclusion of CBS network, HULU pays $3-$4 to the CBS network every month for every subscriber they get.

Is CBS Network on Hulu?

Yes, CBS is among selected network which is available with Hulu baisc plan since Hulu inception. Hulu is broadcasting many Pre-recorded CBS shows with limited seasons and episodes. The basic plan of Hulu which cost mere $5.99/month for new users stream many popular shows. The popular CBS shows available on Hulu includes:

  • Taxi.
  • Survivor.
  • The Unit.
  • Wings.
  • Cheers.
  • CSI:Miami.
  • Flash Point.
  • Frasier.
  • 7th Heaven.
  • Blue Bloods.
  • Mom.
  • Numbers.
  • The Amazing Race.
  • America’s Next Top Model.
  • Australias’s Next Top Model.
  • Beverly Hills 90210.
  • Blue Bloods en Espanol.
  • A Boy Named Charlie Brown.
  • The Brady Bunch.
  • Dr Seuss on The Loose.
  • Dr Seuss: The Cat in The Hat.
  • Dr Seuss: The Lorax.
  • Elementary.
  • Elementary en Espanol.
  • Everybody Hates Chris.
  • Ghost Whisperer.
  • The Good Wife.
  • The Guardian.
  • How I Met Your Mother.
  • I love Lucy.
  • Life in Pieces.
  • The Lucy Show.
  • The Mary Tyler Show.
  • Medium.
  • Melrose Place.
  • The Old Couple.
  • Sabrina Down Under.
  • Sabrina: The Teenage Witch.
  • Shark.
  • Snoopy Come Home.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Star Trek: Voyage.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
  • Twilight Zone.
  • Undercover Boss.
  • A Very Brady Christmas.

CBS Live on Hulu?

CBS live is also available with Hulu Live plan along with many top networks. A Hulu subscriber can buy a plan paying $39.99 to access all the episodes of pre-recorded and live CBS shows. This plan will have commercials included. For a commercial-free plan, a Hulu subscriber has to pay $43.99 every month. A user can stream Hulu Live on two stream at the same time.

Hulu is a great alternative to the old-school cable network. It already had many gripping shows as big names like Walt Disney, Twenty-First Century Fox, Time Warner and Comcast are associated with it. All these giant networks are CBS rivals. Now, CBS has allowed the online streaming platform to broadcast some of its classy shows on demand; the popularity of the streaming platform is going to reach the sky-high levels by the end of the year.

The Hulu CEO has also assured that apart from the devices like Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Android/iOS Apps, there will be more devices lined up soon to rejoice the CBS on demand or live broadcast.

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