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Even though there is an oceanic volume of content available on the Internet, watching a live stream of an event still gives a unique and incredible experience. The conventional availability of live TV streaming sites was mainly brought to you through a whole bouquet of TV channels subscription. If one tried to gather how many times they tune in to watch a live event they will conclude that it is rather infrequent. Occasionally you want to watch TV Series or live sports online, all this could be done with online channels.

There are a large number of live TV platforms that gives access to many events. Some of these free live TV streaming sites give subscriptions while others charge a fee, which is still fractional compared to cable TV subscriptions. Mostly, one would find popular news channels having their own live streaming websites only with the slight pain of long intermediate advertisements.

On the other side, one can find many websites, which give a large number of channels, which may not be available in foreign lands. We have created a list of the best free TV streaming websites to watch live channels. Let us quickly go through the choices of sites to watch live TV channels online.

List of Free Live TV Streaming Sites For Live TV Online

For hassle free Live TV experience, do install any free VPN extension to avoid any error or security threat. Always watch for legal options.

1. Pluto TV

live tv streaming on Pluto TV

Looking for a completely free live TV streaming sites? Look no further than Pluto TV. Pluto TV took a big leap in a few years as they crossed more than 6 million users who love & watch their content. With the ongoing scenario of Live TV & on-demand content, now Pluto also lets you access movies & TV shows anytime. When considering Pluto TV for watching Live TV, one thing you need to remember.

Unlike the TV we have in our homes or modern Television operators like Hulu, Sling or Direct TV, Pluto provides free Internet-based channels curated from the public domain. The channels mainly deal with news, viral content, Nature, animal, cartoon & sports. Do set your expectation high enough to stream live popular channels

2. hyfytv.me

This is one of our recent findings to watch Live channels online on a PC or mobile device. The website works well on all the platforms having channels covering the entire globe. If you love to watch English or Hindi channels having regional content too, hyfytv is definitely a site for you. The site has no unwanted ads and design is quite simple to explore new channels. It’s quite easy to watch movies online, find sports events, catch the live news and all the action that you can watch on your traditional television.

Being an online platform, the website has covered French, Spanish, Arabic, and Italian live channels too. The user can easily check and find channels listed under different genres. Be it a movie, entertainment, Kids, travel, etc all channels are bundled under relevant genres. Although the stream was smooth, one might face video not playing issue. Try to install the chrome extension and address this issue.

3. USTV Now

TV channels For Us military

USTV Now was launched for American citizens staying outside the United States. This is one of the best live TV streaming sites for people living in US and looking for local TV channels. Although this was made for US Defense personnel living abroad, it has a very simple sign-up procedure through which anyone can access the live channels from anywhere in the world. The website also offers a feature to record upcoming shows. The design of the website is sleek and easy to use. The content is also available in HD format.

There are three subscription choices out of which there is one choice, which gives 7 channels for free. The site gives the main broadcasting channels of the United States such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNBC, CNN, National Geographic, Animal Planet, ESPN, PBS, etc. by purchasing the higher level subscriptions one can avail all the channels.

 4. Stream2Watch.org |All Channels|

Stream2Watch is an excellent site to watch Live TV online. It gives the advantage of choosing channels of different countries and in total, there are over 35 countries to choose from. The layout of the websites is excellent and easy to navigate. There may be some pop-ups to deal with but the channels are available in HD quality. In a way. this site is unique as it offers a channel from different countries altogether.

The live streaming of content is also segregated according to the sports category. It covers all the major games like football, cricket, American football, basketball, badminton, athletics, golf, baseball, etc. This indeed a great platform to catch all action under a single domain.

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Here is a simple query you can type on the web browser to watch live TV for free. There are many streams freely available online. Just open any web browser like  Google chrome, firefox or any other. Now type the given query and check a few of the topmost results.

  • Channel Name  [Live Streaming]
  • Ex: DD Sports [Live Streaming]


5. TV Catch Up |Uk Only|

Watch live Tv on TvCatchup

A  Live TV site of the UK for the people living in the UK. You mostly encounter rough and patchy looking sites that have a large number of pop-ups and advertisements. In such a scenario, a website like TVCatupup gives a much needed clean and professional look. Be assured about finding one of the best platforms to watch live stream videos on this website.

The website is also available in the form of an app on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes store. All in all, this is quite a handy website and is mostly free. The site is quite similar to TVplayer and looks the sibling when compared on the basis of layout and user experience.

6. 123tv.live

123stream is a live streaming platform for TV enthusiasts people who generally watch a handful of popular channels.  The site is a house of around 70 channels having some of the top popular channels you can instantly watch online. The content of the website is listed among various categories like family, entertainment, Movies, and news channels.

The site is well suited for major sporting events as there are many sports channels you can tune into. Video plays on the same window and users can enjoy the TV experience at the source itself. From my experience, the channel lineup of 123stream looks quite similar to Hulu Live. The website also claims of embedding links from youtube, Reddit, and Hulu that clearly advocate our assumption.

7. Hotstar |Live Events|

Live match streaming on Hotstar

Hotstar is a live sports website for the Indian viewership. The website is part of the Star India company. Hotstar provides various types of Entertainment shows but what sets it apart, right from its launch, is the exclusive online telecast of the Cricket World Cup. Through the event, the app was downloaded over 25 million times and got a viewership of over 300 million. More recently, Hotstar also streamed the Rio Olympics in India. Such events are given free of cost with their revenues coming only from advertisements.

Most of these events are available on Hotstar for free while others can be viewed for a monthly subscription. Hotstar is a very well laid out website and in terms of technology it has one of the best performances. A user can also download movies and other stuff to offline mode.

8. Lihattv.com

As far as the design is concerned Lihattv has one of the best user interfaces for live TV streaming sites, it is something that other websites can look up to for inspiration when designing a streaming site. The search for channels is very fast. The simplicity of the design is the main beauty of this website, all the operations can be performed on the home page and the same window can be used for connecting to different channels.

It makes for very comfortable viewing. The channels can be streamed in a multitude of quality settings going all the way up to HD. The website may not be available all over the globe, so do check out if your region supports this live TV platform.

9. BBC iPlayer

Screenshot on BBC iplayer

For all the fans of BBC programming, the BBC iPlayer gives the main BBC channels online. The design of the website, however, is not synchronous to the look we associate with BBC network. It has a dark background and the main page showcases BBC’s entertainment-based content. One can say that the black background brings about a visual associated with entertainment content-based websites.

All the main channels of the BBC are covered such as BBC One, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC News, etc. The BBC iPlayer works only in the UK. It is a good website to watch Live TV & exclusive shows and new series in the UK.

10. Squidtv.net

Another website that covers up the entire globe having Live channels from all major countries and continents. Channels are distributed and divided based on region. This actually makes easy to navigate and pick up the live TV channel to pick. To be specific this is a link aggregator which gives you link to popular free Live Channels.

A user needs to navigate and pick up the channel he/she wants to watch and follow the given link. We have tested a few of the streams and it’s working pretty well. The direct access to major countries channels is a sheer perk. You can instantly watch any popular channels just with few clicks.

11. YuppTV

Screenshot of Yupptv

YuppTv is primarily targeted for the Indian audience who want to watch Live TV channels online. It still offers some English channels. The website is available in the form of an app which is downloadable for both Google and Apple OS. The viewers will find all the main channels of India on this site. The look, feel, and performance of the website is such that channels can be viewed on it better than some of the websites being run by the channel themselves.

The website has a sleek and beautiful design akin to Indian entertainment websites. This website is particularly useful for viewers who want to watch their favorite prime-time shows Live online.

12. EPCTV.Com – Watch Internet TV On PC

This Live TV site is known as Espn link. The main focus is on USA based channels and Espn is one the most watched channels on their list. An only drawback is a number of advertisements they put on. If free is your option then bare with annoying ads.

The website has created a separate column for all the channels. A user can easily distinguish between, movie channels, News channel, Sports TV and so on. The site has grown tremendously in a few years having more live channels and users worldwide.

13. Streema

Screenshot of Streema

Streema is another wonderful website to watch live TV channels online from across the world. It has one of the largest collections of channels from countries and is divided in terms of genre and cities. The design I feel is different in regard that for watching any channel a new pop-up screen is launched. The website is absolutely free.

What sets Streema apart from its competitor is that its a combo of TV and Radio station. All you need to do is search your favorite station and start streaming Live TV or live Radio. Unlike many of the sites mentioned here, Streema App is ready to install on Android & iOS.

14. FreeTvAll.com

After going through some exquisitely designed live TV sites when we take a look at FreeTvAll, it looks rather rough in design. The website, however, is completely free. There are some pop-ups that you will encounter before you reach your desired content. The website is full of advertisements and looks quite bulky when it is loading.

Ignoring all the cons it has, it’s a good place to watch Live TV channels online. Having many popular channels in its catalog, FreeTvall.com is another fine Live tv streaming sites where you can watch almost all popular TV channels.

15. Tvplayer

Screenshot of Tvplayer

It’s an amazing feeling when a reputed platform gives legit service for free. If you are from the United Kingdom then tvplayer is a free live tv site for you. There are more than 60 reputed live channels that are absolutely free to watch. The user can always opt for the paid plan which is under £5. With a paid plan, you get the freedom to watch live TV on a go.

With Channels of English origin, one can always enjoy a few Hindi Channels too. All those Indians living in the UK, this is a free service to grab. If you are living outside the UK then don’t forget to use a VPN.

Premium Live Streaming Sites To Watch TV Channels

1. Hulu Live TV

With popular Live TV Channels on Hulu, Hulu Live is another gem for users looking to watch live TV online. Hulu is modernizing the way we used to enjoy TV. Cable TV is quite expensive in the US and that’s what made me include this live TV platform. With $39.9/month, one can enjoy Shows, Movies, NBA, NFL & other Soccer leagues Live as they stream on TV. With that you also get On-demand content having original series, Movies & TV series from a different popular TV network.

2. Sling TV

Sling TV has endless customization when comes to selecting the channels you watch the stream live. The basic plan starts from $20/month, Sling offers you premium channels like ESPN, AMC, Food Network, NFL, etc. Like Hulu, Sling is also limited to US territories.

Watching live TV when you are running on a low budget, I’d prefer sling over Hulu. I suggest you check the SlingTV channels lineup to get a better perspective. The best option is to try out the 1-week free trial to get accustomed to design, content, and interface. Once you are sure, then confidently go ahead.

3. DirecTV Now

A U.S. based service, DirecTV Now offers live TV streaming from various cable networks without any contracts. Channels include A&E, AMC, FOX, CBS, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Viacom, Turner, and Univision. You could also have premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Starz added to your package at an additional charge ($5-$8/mo). One of the high points of DirecTV Now is that you get quite a lot of channels for the price you pay.

On the flip side, it doesn’t sport the best interface, not to mention, the video quality isn’t great either. Even the content catalog isn’t curated well. Offers 4 packages starting from $35/month (60+ channels) to $70/month (120+ channels). Supported Devices – iOS, Android, Chromecast, Windows, Mac, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

4. YouTube TV

YouTube is globally known for enabling people to create, upload, and share videos on just about anything. Last year, it stepped into the microcosm of the Live TV for the American audience, offering about 40 cable channels with the option of getting add-ons like YouTube Red (originals) and other premium networks.

Although its selection isn’t nearly as wide as the rest, and its interface isn’t nearly as sophisticated as say, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV does have an advantage. It offers an unlimited DVR feature which you can use to record content and store it for up to 9 months.  $35/month, including only 48 channels, 3 simultaneous streams, and some on-demand content makes it a fair platform to watch live TV online.

5. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a successful Sony venture that offers live streaming from a legion of channels including AMC, BBC, Bravo, CNN, NBC, Discovery, ESPN, Disney, TNT, CBS Sports, NBA TV, HBO, and Showtime. Aside from that, you can also get access to on-demand content, TV shows, movies, and sports coverage. In our opinion, this is one of the best cable TV replacements available with an extremely slick and snappy interface.

The only drawback is that is slightly more expensive compared to the other live streaming sites mentioned on this list. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth considering. Starting at $39.99/month and going up to $74.99. Includes cloud DVR, five simultaneous streams, and access to “TV Everywhere” apps.

Our Verdict

We tried well to add the Live TV streaming sites for all regions. For our personal experience, stream2watch is an awesome piece that covers all the required channels. For Indian users, Yupptv is a mind-blowing package. Being a part of the Internet world you have each ad every right to watch TV online.

Cable TV is soon going to be a thing of past. Watching Live TV online is what the world is looking for. For USA audience, HULU has launched Live TV Channels too for the lover of watching TV online. You can also check the on-demand Hulu channels list of 2019 with access to more than 200 channels. This post on  Live TV services will be updated on a frequent basis. So, bookmark it for any further updates. Till then, keep visiting.


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