10 Websites To Watch & Track News Online For Free

In this modern-day flourishing and the fast-growing world, if you are not aware of what is going around you and the whereabouts across the globe, then pity you. You can’t simply cop-up with the present day scenario that demands survival through information. Let it be with respect to any field, be it technological, politics, business, sports, travel or entertainment, you ought to be made aware of all the major happenings all over the world. For our convenience, there does exist a source for all this. Yes, News streaming websites that let you watch news online on a go.

In this very busy world, it has become really hard to go through the newspaper every day. So, we have news websites that offer free watching and tracking of all the news of all fields. It has become a new trend and you are definitely marching onto the right way if you are well aware of this. Well, if not, no issues at all. We bring you some of the fascinating free news websites that provide us with news online from where we are.

10 News Streaming Sites To Watch News Online

1. Al Jazeera

Screenshot of Aljazeera

Since its inception in 2006, this global network “Al Jazeera” has quite successfully managed to mark its name among the best news networks providing all the latest news and information with coverage all over the world. Being a news streaming website it gets updated continuously throughout the day and has a fascinating collection of highly skilled writers and editors.  People find this website pretty much convenient to stream live news.

One of the perks of this giant global network is its opinion section where people can put forward their valued opinions. Al Jazeera has really endeavoured to entertain as well as inform us of all the whereabouts across the globe.

2. Pluto TV

Watching news online is quite easy with Pluto. Pluto TV is indeed a huge network that has seen incredible success down the years with commanding service. One can easily get access to and stream any news and information courtesy of the website. It’s also available in the form of an App as well. Apart from the news, people can stream their favorite movies as well. Isn’t that just icing on the cake? What more can anyone ask if this provides trusted 24*7 information with the additional benefit of movie streaming?

The developers of this website truly deserve much appreciation for developing a clear user-friendly interface. Pluto TV website is indeed a perfect place to find movies, watch popular free shows, and stream news at the same time.

3. BBC iPlayer

Free News streaming sites

BBC news network has been undoubtedly one of the household names all over the world. BBC iPlayer is a part of its digital service which aims to provide the users with all the latest news and happenings. Watch news online with BBC with their dedicated service. In addition to tracking and watching news online, people can also stream their favorite TV shows as well as movies. BBC network stands among the top global networks in the world due to its commendable service in delivering news and information.

The information we get through this reputed network is solid, valuable and trustworthy. Users can view the desired channel online through BBC iPlayer. We’ve also recommended BBC for watching Live TV in our previous article.

4. Yahoo News

Yahoo! Each one of us is well-acquainted with this fascinating website. This major news portal has proven to be a giant global network all due to its superb services across the globe. It provides us with comprehensive up-to-date news regarding various fields like politics, technology, sports, travel, entertainment, etc.

The breaking news coverage of this reputed website has been truly phenomenal and the developers really deserve due credit for their peachy work. One can also have a registered account as well. The article section in the website is definitely worth visiting. You’ll find some sumptuous and top-notch writings from famous editors and writers.

5. Fox News

Screenshot of foxnews

This American based global network features the latest and finest coverage of news all over. This was introduced in the year 1995. One of the idiosyncratic traits this site provides is the availability of video clips. These are available on foxnews.com and foxbusiness.com. One of the additions to this huge network was “The Fox Nation”, which primarily intended to encourage readers to put forward their views and comments in regard to the particular news.

It has also got the mobile version as well, referred to as the “Fox News Mobile”. The service and quality of delivery of the news have been phenomenal by the Fox News network. Fox is quite a humungous network having channels dedicated to sports, news & entertainment. People using Hulu can easily catch all Fox action with their Hulu Live TV Package. FOX News is dedicated to News and the same goes for FOX Sports.

6. NBC News

NBC News, primarily a division of the American broadcast television network NBC, which was previously referred to as “NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMPANY” due to its foundation on the radio network, has really been a go-to website in order to get premier coverage of the top stories and happenings all around the world. NBC has its headquarter in New York, USA.

The website has got an official YouTube channel for the users where they can get easy access to the video clips to find an in-depth of the news/top story they are searching for. This website has been hugely popular all due to its proper and swift coverage of all the news.

7. The Guardian

Screenshot of Guardian

The British daily newspaper, The Guardian is a part of the Guardian Media group. Developed as a news website, this contains all the content of the paper along with the sister sibling publication named “The Observer”. Since 2013, it has been one of the leading UK news websites due to its phenomenal success in brief coverage of the major top stories.

This site offers comprehensive insight into the world of information courtesy of high skilled professionals and developers. The news curated are well crafted and fresh to find all the latest happening across the globe. No doubt, it’s one of the most trusted platforms online to watch news online.

8. Google News

Indeed the most widely known and eminent global network, Google has paved its way to the epitome of success courtesy of its illustrious achievements in all regards. Google News is one of the key features of the global brand. To get the know-how of all the latest happenings and incidents as well as major news across the world, people really don’t seem to have a much easier option than Google News.

This site is so simple, yet superbly industrious. Google News’s coverage of the top stories in the world can be considered as the fastest among all the competitors. Amidst the plethora of services Google has managed to produce to mankind, the news website has been instrumental indeed.

9. The Washington Post

Screenshot of washingtonpost

Another American news portal to track news is Washington Post.  This American based portal has delivered top service in in-depth analysis and deep coverage of all the latest news and information in numerous fields. The breaking news coverage, particularly in regard to politics and crime has been phenomenal and exquisite down the years. Courtesy of much developed digital tools, this popular global network has taken online reading to a whole new level with peculiar features available on the website. Similar to other news websites, Washington also has an in-house app for Android & iOS.

10. The New York Times

Popularly abbreviated as NYT, The New York Times ranks among the top global news networks in the whole world. It has achieved huge recognition and appreciations due to its incredible service in providing news and latest information to the people down the years. The coverage of the happenings all over the world has always been put forward on the website.

The users manage to get proper and valuable information using this website. Don’t go by its name, NY Times cover global events too. You can also read news on a go with their Android & iOS application.


It can be fairly inferred that the need of the hour is to know what really is happening all around in that hour. It is no rocket science that one will definitely find it inscrutable to be aware of anything and everything going around him. But the scope provided through these fascinating news streaming sites to get tracking of news across the globe; one can really find minuscule problems dealing with the flourishing and fast-growing world.

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