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Hey, Streamers searching for News Streaming Websites. You are here in a right place. The Best tagline with what we came up is this “WATCH WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND THE WORLD WITH US.” In other technical words “News is a report of a current event. It is information about something that has just happened or will happen soon”. All of you must be reading newspapers. Why is it called a newspaper? Because it contains News, and that to be in Paper.  Who does that now, seriously? Any idea…..

We have changed with time a lot, don’t you think. Earlier we use to watch time-based news that is like breaking news at 9:00. But I don’t think we do it now, not sure about you but I don’t do this. I directly go and check some of these listed websites to find trending as well as breaking news. Be it political, technological, business, sports, gadgets, Entertainment, and travel.

We live in the world where broadcasting is just one click apart. Click some and get more… that is the trend now. News and current affair update in one’s life is important. We just want to keep up with this world and need to know what is happening around us.  Don’t worry if you missed news because of your busy schedule or because of friend’s party we have a solution. Go back home, grab your tablets, laptops and listed News Streaming Websites is yours.


Top Best Online News Streaming Website | 2016


World’s leader in online news and information delivery, Aljazeera is the best place to stream and watch news online. Believe it, or not they are Sherlock Holmes in news delivery field, they know everything. The site is updated continuously throughout the day. I personally like this website because I like the opinion section. They cover nearly every think what you need to know, highly professional writers share their thoughts. ALJAZEERA providing a non-stop, real-time live news stream over the Internet allowing you to watch news online without any difficulties. Frankly speaking, the best trusted, respected and valued news streaming website is this.

2. France24

It is international news and current affairs channel., when you have websites like these then there is no need to pay a single penny for watching News TV Channels online. There are lots of websites available which can provide you free News streaming of more than nearly 100 TV Channels. The only thing you need is a fast connection. If you have a fast internet connection, then you can easily turn your PC or Laptop into home News studio. France24 broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week to 250 million TV households in 177 countries around the world. That a huge range, they cover a lot. The best part is that this website is available in three different languages. They have 3 Live news channel, and on the website, they all work together to keep you up to date by prodigious stuff.

That a huge range, they cover a lot. The best part is that this website is available in three different languages. They have 3 Live news channel, and on the website, they all work together to keep you up to date by prodigious stuff.

Screenshot_1 News streaming website2. CNN

Well who don’t know about CNN, world’s leader in online and information delivery. Staffed 24/7, CNN uses latest multimedia technology for live streaming and audio packages and background information.  Cable News Network (CNN) also allows streaming. You just need to select you provider on, Sign in with your user name and password of the service provider you are using services of and then watch live News or shows. Perhaps the best place to watch news online.

Screenshot_2 News streaming website4. FOXNEWS

An American based cable and satellite news television channel, owned by Fox entertainment group. The website is stunning in a user interface with simplicity. The header section of the website gives you the privilege to select between the channels like FOX BUSINESS, FOXNEWS GO, FOXNEWS RADIO, FOX NATION and other few. Fox news go is the News Streaming Website under this network. There you can select between paid user and friendly user as well.


Bloomberg is just another amazing website with huge popularity as an Online News Streaming Portal. Bloomberg delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video to the world, featuring stories from Business week. The live News section is quite easy to find this website; in the left bottom corner of the screen there you will find “live TV” section. Under the live, section a pop-up window will appear and select your Stream based on the region and sit tight enjoy News streaming.


CBS News, Always on” that’s what they say. The first digital streaming news network that will allow Internet-connected consumers to watch live, anchored news coverage on their connected TV and other devices. One of the features of this website is Live, anchored coverage from 9:00 AM – midnight ET every weekday. Other than this read article those are trending and just keep up with your surroundings.


New Delhi Television limited also allows you to watch news channel online. It is most watched and the most credible and respective news and lifestyle network in India. It is the only 24/7 India’s Channel which is beamed in the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and other few countries as well. When you will log in to NDTV the first tab is live TV. The live TV under this network is trusted, true, and fast. It nearly covers everything be it sports, politics, business, tech, food, travel around the globe. The opinion category of this website is surely preferred over any other. Download their apps and subscribe to their newsletter and get connected with them for breaking news.

It is generally said that if a news report provides answers to six questions, then it is a perfect news item. These six questions include five Ws and one H. The five Ws are when? Where? What ? Why? And Who? The H is how?

Let me, quote two of the catchy Newspaper slogans which I found out quite fascinating,

  • The Times newspaper, UK – Slogan: Join the debate. Are you missing what’s important?
  • The Cape Times newspaper – Slogan: There’s nothing more valuable than knowledge.

Online News Sites Conclusion 

These were some of the most trusted News Streaming Websites where you can watch live Breaking news. Follow these links without any security concern. Now we guys had put in lots of hard work to find these websites for you, hope you enjoyed this list of online News streaming websites. Where News watching is simple and easy and these sites according to us provide an answer to 5W’s and 1H.

However, if you do find any broken site in our list. Write down below in comment section so that it can be resolved quickly and we can come up with proper and exact details.

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