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Yupp TV Indian Channel
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No matter how much content we explore on the web, no matter if the internet is going to be the only entertainment hub, watching Television will never be out fashioned. Television has been an integral part of many people lifestyle. With the rush, chaos and hectic schedules, it’s not possible to catch up all those daily soaps, Movies premieres, and news that has been curated based on events and ongoing  circumstances.

But the for all those TV lovers, who are can’t even dare to miss out any of favorite shows, then my friend soon you’ll realize that you are reading one of the most amazing posts of your life. A post on “How To Watch Live Indian TV Channels Online“.

A must read article for any Indian user looking for an option to watch Live Indian Channels from region outside India. Watch More than 200 Live Indian Channels from USA, UK, Canada or other part of world. 

Watch Live Indian Channels Online

YuppTV Live Indian TV

If something has revolutionized the way we stream entertainment content on our smartphone or on the browser, then we do not miss naming Yupp TV. Yupp TV has become the choice of more than a lakh of its users. Unlike Hotstar, a streaming portal, it’s an online TV platform that has made the life of people quite entertaining wherever they go.

Now, users of YuppTV don’t have to wait for watching TV while they are in train or bus. They can watch the live shows or movies of their choice anywhere they want. All they want is to have an internet connection and YuppTV App installed on their smartphone.

A Reason To Prefer Yupp TV

This streaming platform is entirely designed with an intend to serve Indian audience. If you are an Indian, keen and motivated enough to bare out the internet and subscription expenses, go ahead. In India where average cable TV rates are affordable and the internet is out of reach, Yupp TV will take a moment to settle.

If you are Indian living in a region outside India, then you have got a solid reason to prefer Yupp TV. More than 200 Live Indian channels with over 5000 movies.

Availability around all over the world is another strong reason to prefer and try out their live TV  platform.

Here is an old commercial that justifies their intent.

Since YuppTV is not completely free and you need to have a subscription for watching the entire entertainment content on it, you might be wondering whether YuppTV could be the best choice for you or not. Here, we will be solving your dilemma whether you should give it a try or not.

Yupp TV Overwhelming Features

  • A large library to choose from

YuppTV has maintained the diversity of its movie library from the start. This library has been increasing day by day ever since. You will never be bored of the content as it covers all the genres as per your mood. Laugh out loud  while watching movies of the comedy genre. You can watch drama, thriller, adventure or any other genre you like.

With more than 200+ live channels on YuppTV, there would be no chance that you would be getting bored. YuppTV guarantees an awesome experience if you are a movie buff forever. It has more than 5000 movies and more than 200 live channels to watch on YuppTV.

  • Multiple Languages

What if you subscribe for an entertainment app but it does not have your regional language? Well, YuppTV supports more than 10 languages from which you can watch your favourite content.

It supports Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali and much more. It also supports Urdu, Gujarati and Sinhalese language to cover the large chunk of the Indian audience. Yupp TV is created with an intent to reach out global Indian audience.

  • 7 days of catch up

The reason why YuppTV gives a better experience than watching TV serials on your TV is because of 7 days of catch-up feature. Now, you cannot miss a show and you can adjust the timing of the show according to your own time.

If you are busy in working late in your office, and your favourite TV serial would be missed, then do not fear. Yupp TV has 7 days of catch up and you can watch it seven days after the show is aired on the TV.

  • 2 hours of Time Shifting

You can rewind and pause even the live shows on YuppTV. You cannot do it on your traditional TV but with YuppTV, you can pause and rewind the live channels. One can rewind the live news, live sports etc. when you feel like watching it again.

  • Multi-device Compatibility

It is compatible with Chromecast and you can easily enjoy on a big screen. The new chrome cast SDK integration has enhanced the user experience of the Yupp TV subscribers and it has been a promising endeavor to win more and more subscribers of YuppTV.

Yupp Tv Device Support

Multi Platform Support

It is compatible with other devices as well such as gaming consoles, smart TVs such as Apple TV, PCs, and Tablets. Other devices that are compatible with YuppTV are Google TV, WD Player, Netgear, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV etc.

  • No ads

Now who does not advertisements popping below or in the middle of the favourite show you are watching? Well, customer doesn’t have to watch and get annoyed with the ads.

Full entertainment is promised to the subscribers of the YuppTV. No ads feature not only will save your time but you will have the best possible experience watching the movies or Indian TV serials on your smartphone or other devices without those annoying ads.

  • Cancel anytime

There are no restrictions on billing. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. There is no contract for monthly subscriptions. However, the quarterly paid packages or yearly paid packages, cancellations are not allowed. Even the unutilized service won’t be refunded according to their cancellation policy.

  • Free Trial

If you are still confused whether YuppTV could be the best choice for you or not, you can enjoy their free trial period for 7 days. You can avail this free trial service by calling their customer care number and they would be happy to assist you with it. After the completion of the free trial period, you will be automatically charged on pro-rated basis unless you tell them to cancel your subscription.

Content To Work Upon

  • Unavailability of Zee and Star Channels (In India)

Entertainment in Indian homes is incomplete without Zee and Star Channels. Although Sony and Colors channel are available on YuppTV but these cannot fill the void created by Star Plus and Zee Zindagi for the Indian TV serial obsessed viewers.

This might be one of the reasons why someone would not purchase the subscription of YuppTV at all. Star and Zee’s channels are one of the most important channels for Indian viewers.

  • Unavailability of many other channels

All the channels have not been provided in YuppTV. This might be the reason why the satellite TVs are still blooming. YuppTV has failed to add channels such as Vijaya TV, History TV, and other important channels to lure the viewers from satellite TV to the YuppTV.

  • Unavailability of HD channels

Even after paying a lot of money, all the channels have not been provided in High Definition (HD). After paying the subscription charges, viewers expect the best experience but HD channels have not been provided for all the channels on YuppTV.

  • Still not better than Satellite TV in pricing

In India considering the high internet connection fee plus subscription charges for YuppTV, YuppTV is still costlier than Satellite TVs. Moreover, a fast internet connection is required if the user wants to stream shows seamlessly. Even after so much of their effort, Satellite TVs are cheaper for a normal user of television. But after the drop in internet connection fee, we can expect the push to YuppTV.

Our Verdict

In the era of Internet where on-demand content is roaring up to change the way we watch TV, Yupp Tv is a great initiative. With the perspective of modern India, where the Internet is speed ramping up, it’s will be a good bet to play on.

For user living outside India, Yupp Tv is a great option to try hands on Live Indian Channels. Let’s end with a line; “Watching Indian Channels online made easy – allstreamingsites 

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