25+ Sad Movies On Netflix 2020 (Updated List)

Movies can help you to induce and imitate the emotions on screen. Motivating movie can ignite the fire in you while romantic can make you miss your partner. The extreme emotions and how we react to this cinematic world is just amazing. Love and happiness are sacred feelings but sometimes crying out emotions is necessary too. Finding and creating and a situation to cry is vague. Instead of watching a sad movie and sobbing out the feeling is the best you can do. The whole scenario gets easier when you have a Netflix. A platform that is full of romantic & sad movies.

I’m assuming that you already have a Netflix paid subscription and you are just a title away to find the saddest movie to watch on Netflix. So get ready to burst out with emotions with Sad, Emotional, Romantic Movies. I will be going with a comprehensive list of sad movies to watch on Netflix that can make you emotional. Get ready to shed tears with saddest movie list, and if you don’t then surely you are humanoid.

Movie Name
IMDB Rating
Hachiko: a Dog’s Tale
Life is Beautiful
Silver Linings Playbook
The Fault In Our Stars
Sophie’s Choice
The Squid And The Whale
A Little Bit of Heaven
P.S. I Love You
Blue Valentine
Fruitwale Station
How to Die in Oregon
The Diary of Anne Frank
 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
The English Patient
Rabbit-Proof Fence
A Girl Like Her
Red Dog
The Short Term 12
Me You And Everyone You Know
Jonny (2010)
October Baby
The Fifth Quater

1. Hachiko: a Dog’s Tale (2009)

This is one of those rare sad movies which even though have sad undertones, in the end, provides a cheerful message. This story revolves around college Professor and a dog of Akita breed named Hachiko. When the professor is leaving as usual for work through the train station, he finds this dog at the station and takes it back to his home and keeps it hidden from the wife as she does not like dogs. The next morning the dog follows the Professor to the train station and refuses to leave the train station until the professor comes back from work. This eventually becomes a habit and the professor would return every day from work along with his dog from the train station.

What has to be taken away from this is the dog’s loyalty towards master even after he dies and how it touches the lives of people around it. Sad and poignant, this is one of the saddest movies on Netflix catalog will surely make you cry.

2. Life is Beautiful (1997)

Life is Beautiful

A critically acclaimed sad movie; this is a more intense story that deals with a Jewish man who maintains a positive outlook on life, for himself and his family, in spite of what is clear to be dire circumstances including certain death. The story begins with a bookshop owner who falls in love with a school teacher to an arrogant rich man whom he ends up stealing the bride from and marrying her himself. The story moves on against the background of World War 2 where Nazi-occupied Germany is a hostile environment for all Jews.

The whole movie can be captured in the last scene wherein the son is sent to hide in a box when the father is taken out to be executed by a Nazi Soldier. All the while the father is still pretending to be taking part in the game comedic way to earn points is actually being taken to be shot. This sums up the positive outlook on life that Guido has, and the one that he gives his family until his very end. Sad and meaningful story begged this movie a second place in our saddest movies on Netflix list.

Rabit Fence sad movie

Another sad movie on Netflix is Rabbit-Proof Fence. An Australian film directed by Philip Noyce. The Movie is based on the novel called “Follow The Rabit-Proof Fence”. The story close to the true story concerning the Author’s mother and other two Aboriginal girls who ran away from the Moore River Native Settlement, Perth, Western Australia to their native home. The story depicts their journey of 1500 miles along the Rabit-Proof Fence for nine weeks as they were chased down by law enforcement officers.

16. Remembrance 2013

A film based on the terror of German camps, Remembrance is a story of a German-Jewish girl and a polish man. Against all the odds and terror, passionate love fuels the courage of the young man to rescue and evade his girlfriend from the camp. After separation due to the chaos of war, each is convinced about their partner death. The story breaks the boundary of emotions when the happily married 52 years old women find the love of her life accidentally. The punch of emotion and loves makes it the saddest movie in our list of Netflix catalog.

Wrapping It Up

Hope you have enjoyed our comprehensive list of Best Sad Movies on Netflix to make you emotional and eventually cry. Being a Movie lover, I feel confident enough to make a statement on movies. Sad movies are usually associated with trues stories and documentaries. They have their own genre and importance. Entertainment is not only about romance, Action, and thriller. Watching a movie that makes an impact on our soul is a great virtue. So stream these sad romantic movies on Netflix and wrenched out some hidden emotions.

In case we missed out some titles, feel free to share via the comment section. It’ll be a pleasure to add recommended choices on our list. Let’s shed some tear of worth.

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