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10 Free Movie Apps For Android & iOS Working

Looking for Top Rated Free Movie Apps? Read on; you might have no time from your office. Well, we are not blaming you. We are blaming this busy life of everyone. Nobody gets time. Everybody runs on a tight budget. But all of us want entertainment. We go theaters but sometimes we do not have time. When we have time, we have no money in our pocket. In such cases, what should we do?

Why can’t we make entertainment part of our life? Just take out your smartphone from your pocket or purse, and launch  Movie Apps to allow you enjoy movies anywhere anytime.

But are there such Movie apps which would allow you to watch movies for free? Of course, there are hundreds of Movie Apps on Android or iOS platform, but what should you have on your smartphone? Read on!

Free Movie Apps For Android & iOS Mobile, Tablets, iPhones

Our team has tried and tested many popular movie apps on Android  & iOS devices and here is our verdict. We tested the reliability, response speed, user-friendly interface of our long-listed movie streaming apps.

1. TubiTV  App

Unlike Video streaming giants Netflix and Hulu, Tubi TV is free to use. Get all you movies in HD. Be it Thriller, Romantic, Romance and Action, this app has a lot more to offer. You can get an exclusive category of not in Netflix. This is something unique I’ve ever seen.

And Korean movie lovers, this is one of the best treats for you. when it comes to compatibility, Tubi TV App lets you cast movies on the wider screen. Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV etc. Read more about this movie app from the link given below.

Tubi TV

2. Showbox

Whether you watch paid movies or watch them free online, Showbox movie app has become favorite of all the movie watchers. It does not matter whether you want to stream or download the movies on your Android. This free movie app has both the options

Despite having such rich features in this movie app, it is absolutely free. You do not have to be a premium user to watch movies. Even if you want to download movies you love so that you could watch them without the internet connection, you could do so. So, watch or download, you can now watch latest  TV series on the go from the huge library of Showbox App.

Download Showbox

3. Snag films

With thousands of critically acclaimed cult classic, horror, action, snagfilms is an awesome free movie app to cherish. Watch full-length movies without being a premium member.  Kids & family, documentaries, special topics, TV shows, you name them. This App has lots of categories to offer movies from.

A well reputed and tested app for Android & iOS. Feel free to watch tonnes of movies just by flicking your finger.

Download Snagfilms


4. Viewster App

You must have heard about many movie apps if at some point of your life you were searching for apps to watch movies. Your search might have ended there had you downloaded Viewster App then only. When you have a movie streaming app such as Viewster, then there is no chance that you would get bored. Whether you are a movie fan or an anime streaming freak, there is everything you can enjoy in this movie watching app.

Viewster app has a huge library as well. One of the best features includes that Viewster App is chromecast enabled: you can watch movies on a wide screen as well if you have reached home from the office. Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed. Get this free app for Android & iOS.

Download Viewster

5. Hot star

Hotstar Movie Apps

If you are in India, there is no chance that you have not heard about the Hotstar. The marketing of Hotstar has been so marvellous till now that no Indian could escape from becoming aware of what exactly Hotstar is. Hotstar is one of the best free movie apps for India audience or users that are more onto Indian cinema. If you want to see a serial, you can watch it. Apart from Movies, there is an option for Live Sports Streaming. Watch, Soccer, Cricket, Rio Olympics etc.

However, Hotstar app is not absolutely free. It has free packs as well but along with it, Hotstar has paid users as well. Of course, there would be more features for paid users of an app.

Download Hotstar

6. Crackle app

Like many other movie apps of past, Crackle lost its charm in recent years but somehow made into our list. Many people complain about the variety of shows and stuff is not up to past quality. But not to forget, when it comes to genuine, trusted and robust platforms, Crackle is the name whom I can bet on.

You are always welcome to create free accounts without paying any subscription fees. Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation and more platform support. You can always download crackle movie app from below direct download button.

Download Crackle

7. Flipps TV app

If you watch movies and if you are fond of viral videos as well, then Flipps TV app is for you. If you have a chrome TV, then you can seamlessly watch movies on a wide screen. This Movie App is supported by big names from the digital world. A complete package of free & premium movies, News, Sports events, and the lot more.

The App comes with support for all major mobile device platform. One can also cast movies through chromecast, Xbox, Dish Hopper. It’s of such movie apps that is combo of many product.

Download Flipps TV

8. Free Movies App

Free Movies App

Simple as the name suggests. If you are running short of storage memory on your smartphone, then don’t look anywhere. Free Movies app can be the best movie app for you. The user interface of this movie streaming app is very simple and has a class of its own. This app will let you watch movies that are in the public domain, I repeat, only Public Domain Movies.

If you are a voracious movie watcher, then this app is for you as it has more than 5000 movies in its database. Now, watch movies from any genre you want: be it the thriller, or comedy, or any other genre, Free Movies app would suit you best when you want a simple and free app.

Download App

9. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix App

One of the apps that have been made available to Android and iOS both. It is a way different product from Netflix but many consider it similar to Netflix (though I doubt). Netflix is paid which has a cost per month while Popcornflix is free.

Without even paying PopcornFlix a penny, they claim that they would be adding one movie at least in their already huge library every day so that you could watch new movies on this app. Benefits of Popcorn Flix don’t cease here: it goes on telling how reliable this app is.

Download Popcorn Flix

10. Terrarium TV

Another good app to watch a movie is Terrarium TV. Actually, there is no strict upper limit on the overall number of movies one can watch. You don’t need to register on the app before you start using it. Just download and enjoy. Their amazing collection includes movies of almost every category. The good thing is that many movies are available with subtitles in different languages.

Terrarium TV

Wrapping it Up.!

There would still be a chance that you won’t get what you want from one single app. So, we advise you to keep more than one movie streaming app on your smartphone. Now, watching movies won’t make your pocket light. You will even save time going to theatres when such movie streaming apps have come to Android/ iOS platform of your smartphone. Go on and download few Movie Apps and pick that suits you best.

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