15 Free Sports Streaming Sites To Stream Sports online

For a very long time gaining access to sporting channels and streaming sports was a matter of buying a TV, installing Cable and paying for premium packages. The whole process was and still is quite expensive. But then everything began to move to the internet, and so did the television.

The first thing I missed when I moved out of my parent’s home and into my own apartment, apart from my parents, of course, was cable TV! The EPL games, the T20 season and the UFC matches were what kept me ticking.

And then I found sports streaming sites and my life was finally back on track. For those of you who are new to the concept, online streaming platforms are online websites and/or mobile apps that host links to watch live streams of ongoing games or host the live game on their platform itself. For all sports lovers out there with no cable TV, struggling to find the perfect link to watch Messi score, here are 12 best online Sports websites to watch games online.

12 Sports Websites To Watch Live Games Online


Accessible, this is one nifty sports site, simple in structure and a pleasure to use. The home screen has a navigation bar which lets you pick a particular sport like Football or Basketball and a list of ongoing live games is displayed on the same page. You can also click on Show all to take a look at all live sporting events going on and pick from whichever excites you.

These guys stream shows from various channels, like BBC and Discovery, but mainly sporting channels like ESPN, Sky Sports, Euro Sport and TNT.

2. Hotstar Sports

watch sports with Hotstar

It is a brilliant sports streaming site available online and on mobile devices (Android and iOS) for watching cable TV programs, especially to stream sports. With a sleek interface you can pick the sport you want to watch and Hotstar lists available live matches being aired and provides links for each. You can also watch match highlights and clips of games that you missed.

They also provide clips of sports interviews, drafts and related videos that you can enjoy when no live matches are on. You have the option of pausing live matches which is neat for home viewing. Hotstar also display the live score and dictated match commentary so for anyone with weak internet, you can still enjoy the live game with HotStar!

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3. SportLemon.Com

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all sporting streams look no further than sportlemon. I want to warn you about the pop-up advertisements on this site which is a negative point but if you can get pass that you’ll find live streams of almost any event in any sport on this site. Use the top navigation bar to pick a sport of your choice and SportLemon displays all on-going live games for you to pick and watch. The interface is neatly built and makes viewing live streams smooth and a pleasure.

4. SonyLIV Sports

Stream Sports With Sonyliv

Sonyliv is the next sports streaming website on our list and is perfect for viewing shows, movies and yes, sports! The platform is easy to use and covers live sporting events across the globe. SonyLIV can be accessed online or through the mobile’s downloadable app, and on TV via chrome cast.

Just pick a sport of your choice and the platform lists all on-going tournaments from which you can pick a live game and begin to watch with no hassles whatsoever. The platform also hosts after-match shows and interviews so the entertainment doesn’t end with the game.

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A rather equipped platform, Stream Hunter makes streaming live games a breeze. The homepage displays a list of all live games so you can visit the website, pick a game and start watching immediately. If you have a particular sport or game in mind you can use the navigation bar to pick a sport, then the live game from a list of choices, pick a link and enjoy. This platform carries sports happening all over the world, so there’s something for everyone.

6. Watch ESPN

espn sports site

Watch ESPN is the online sports  portal by the sporting mega channel ESPN itself. Sadly Watch ESPN is currently available only for US subscribers, so if you’re a US citizen all your sports needs are sorted! One of few sites with no advertisements, Watch ESPN is available online and on the mobile device, for Android and iOS.

You can watch all games being played in the United States, from NFL to Nascar and soccer leagues running across the globe. With a neat design in black, the platform is easy to navigate and finding live games is extremely easy.


Cleanly lists every live event by sport and provides multiple links making it easier to find a working stream. Apart from sports like Football, Tennis and Basketball Stream Woop provides streaming links for less common events such as WWE! The interface is easy to use and finding a game is relatively simple. Though finding games is quite easy but not pleasant as site looks broken to the majority of people. It looks utility more than luxury. I’d prefer other sites over streamwoop.

8. Yahoo Sports


It’s is another brilliant sports platform for sports fans across the globe. NFL, NHL, MMA, NBA, Horse Racing, Cycling, Olympics, you name the event and the have it on Yahoo Sports. A neat portal that lists all trending sports on the top so a confused person can simply pick and start watching, or you can select a sport from the easy to access drop down menu and check out what live games are on.

The platform also brings sports news and viral videos from across the globe. We found their cash prize games extremely interesting. You can participate in fantasy leagues or other events they host for which you could win large amounts of money.


Named after the Dark Knight himself, \/ claim to ‘hunt the best streams’ and make them available to you. A sports site that is very swanky in design, navigating around Batman Stream is as easy as it is fun. You can pick the sport of your choice from the top navigation bar, find a live game and pick the best link from a list of choices to start watching the game immediately. These guys also have a separate betting section, of which we aren’t very familiar with of course.

10. Gofirstrow.Eu

This is one brilliant website to stream sports online. They provide access to games and to sports channels directly. If you’re unsure of a sport or an event you can simply navigate to a channel and enjoy the current program, or you can search for a specific game and watch that live. FirstRow Sports also gives a live scorecard so if your internet is slow you can at least keep track of the live score.

11. FoxSports

Foxports is more than just a sports streaming site. It is a complete sporting portal with streams, news, and information. You can use their Live TV section to watch sporting channels live or browse through the platform for news about the past or upcoming sporting events. You are required to register before you can watch games, which is negative in comparison to other platforms on our list.


This is the final pick on our list but definitely not the least favourite. The interface is kept extremely simple and makes using this platform easy. We found this site to work very efficiently, with very few to no pop-up ads. You simply pick a sport and the platform lists all occurring live games and links for them. Pick one and the game begins on a separate page. Easy as that.

Ending With

There, this was our list of 12 sports sites to watch live games, the best of the best so you can enjoy watching live sports without going through the hassle and the expenditure of installing cable TV. Catch Football leagues, Live cricket matches, F1, Moto GP, Wrestling, Golf and many other sports. Hope this list has added value.

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