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Anime! What exactly does the word Anime mean? And why is it so popular among people of all age groups? Well for starters, it is a form of animation which is widely considered the world’s most beautiful thing by most of the people. It is a form of Japanese animation or fiction culture which creates creative and compelling storylines which can be enjoyed by people of every age group. That’s why anime download is one of the hottest topics till now.

Anime shows can be divided into different categories like comedy, action, horror, romantic, slice of life and much more. All anime shows have one or more than protagonist (i.e. the leading character). The protagonists of most anime shows go on to have quite a fan following. For ex- almost every kid you meet these days will know about Goku of Dragonball Z, or Ash Ketchum of Pokemon. So, for all those who always wanted to watch and download the anime masterpiece. Here, I’m writing about best Anime download sites of 2016. Now you can download HD anime for free and that too without any registration.


As the download is always a copyrighted issue and works countries to countries. So, it’s a request to read out the laws and check the service, if it is working in your region or not. Let’s move towards the saga of Anime download websites.

Websites To Download Anime For Free



Animeout is a website for downloading anime which displays all the Series which have finished airing or in other words, completed its ongoing season. It displays every Anime series which fits the website description on its home page. From there you can select whichever Anime series you want and you will be redirected to a page displaying the genre, rating, duration, and the number of episodes in that series. Here you will also get a number of direct download links for downloading that series.



It is a website where you can download the latest episodes of your favorite Anime series. Here the latest updates are posted on the homepage, but you can still search for your favorite shows in the search bar. By clicking on your selected episode, you will be taken to a page where you can find the full description of your selected episode along with the synopsis and the download links. The episodes can be downloaded in either 480p or 720p.


This anime downloading site is quite user-friendly and convenient as it allows an anime lover to go through all the ongoing or new series as well as helps them to discover new shows which they might like. This website allows the user to stream the episodes or download them in 720p. This website also serves as a platform to watch anime movies or even famous cartoon shows. Now, download link could be pulled using the modern download manager like IDM.


This website is a user-friendly website which allows the viewers to easily find their favorite anime shows in the ongoing or completed or about to start, as seen in the different sections of the website. The website also has a separate section for news where they notify the users about technical difficulties or delays or even updates. The episodes can either be downloaded directly or through torrent links provided by this website.



Kissanime is another top website to download anime shows or anime movies in any quality you want, be it 360p or 480p or even 1080p. This website also allows the users to check out the latest anime shows which are in demand and all the upcoming episodes as well. This website also requires you to create an account using which you can find links and download any anime series displayed in the site.



Tokyoinsider is the website which I would suggest to someone who has just started watching anime as this website has separate sections for new releases, most popular shows ever, what’s hot and in trend and even for recent reviews. It even acknowledges the people who post episodes the most by posting them on the top contributors list. The only negative point about this website is that you need to create an account to be able to download the episodes. No need to worry though as it is free.



Chia-anime is by far the best anime download related website that I’ve ever come across. It boasts almost every Anime series in its dictionary and the episodes can be streamed or downloaded in any quality the user wants including 1080p HD. It also runs on mobile, in case the viewer is unable to use his PC or laptop yet still wants to watch anime. This is one of the best free anime sites, I’ve ever seen in my life.

One can’t download the whole series at once . Real patience is the key to download anime from this site.

8. Torrents

Well, there is nothing that is not  in the golden treasure of torrents. Be it music, movies, software, or anime. You can literally have the taste of anything present in the digital world. Soon, a comprehensive list will introduce users to the best torrenting sites of all time. Till then piratebay, or kickass is the best place for downloading anime for free.


Dragonball, Spiderman, Voltron and much more. Animeflavor is a heavenly place for anime lovers. This site features the largest database of anime I’ve ever seen. Tons of anime to choose from and that’s too without any registration. You can simply series or can easily download for offline purpose.

The only drawback that annoyed me is the number of ads that pops up after every refresh you make on the website page.


An Anime download website with no ads is certainly a magic. This a place for real and it exists. is a simple and user-friendly platform to download anime without any hassle. Though they are not uploading any new anime now but surely they have managed to lure the target audience with their previous collection.


This amazing website not only allows you to download your favorite anime episodes but it also allows you to post your requests on the website for the anime series which you would want to watch but is not available at the time of your posting. This website also lets you subscribe them so that they can send you notifications via Email for the latest episodes or updates.

Anime Download  Conclusion

Anime is an art, a passion and a journey which we live with the protagonist in every episode of every series that we watch. All these websites have helped anime lovers to satisfy their anxious minds to watch the episodes of their favorite anime series on the very day it was originally aired. All of these websites to download anime  have a right to claim that they are the best, but you can’t really judge them as all of them are equally good when it comes to providing the best quality episodes.

But personally, my favorite is chia-anime because of the variety of anime series available on that website as well as the different quality formats in which I can download my favorite shows.

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