SlingTV: All You Need To Know

With the introduction of Sling TV, one gets to enjoy the services of watching Live TV according to one’s choice and simultaneously, one also gets to enjoy watching and controlling a customized TV service. Sling TV was launched with the aim of providing the viewers with a choice at an affordable rate. Besides, they also focused on the issue that the viewers should have the right to control all that he watches on TV.

Although Sling TV provides the viewers with 150 channels, an average user probably watches less than 20 of the provided channels.

Hence, it becomes both affordable and easy for the viewers to customize the set of channels that they would like to watch and the popular genres provided by Sling TV are a comedy, sports, kids, lifestyle, news, movies and other regional programs from South America, Mexico, Spain, and the Caribbean.



The old traditional cable TVs are not only expensive but also have many channels that are useless. On the other hand, A LA CARTE TV is the leading in the industry offering the viewers with extremely low prices.

It provides the users with their freedom of choice which helps them in customizing their channel lineup along with getting one’s personalized services for TV. With Channels like AMC, Food Channel, Cartoon Network, Bravo, etc, Slingtv has very rich Channel list than Hulu live channels.

Pricing of Sling TV

SlingTV has highly customizable plans which one can customize according to his/her own need and taste. The base plan comes in 3 packages. let’s see how much it cost.

1. Sling Orange (25+ channels)

Sling Orange will help in streaming the most favorite shows, news, and sports channel instantly. Its pricing is $20/month. With the Extras, one can also personalize their channel set.

2. Sling Blue (40+ channels)

With Sling Blue, one can get to view the regional sports, local favorites and much more. This costs $25/month. Along with this comes the NBC Regional Sports and FOX Regional Sports wherever available.

3. Sling Blue + Sling Orange (45+Channels)

Both of the plans of Sling Orange and Sling Blue can be also be availed for $40/month.

The main difference between both of them is that Sling Orange has Disney Channels along with ESPN while Sling Blue has the NBC and FOX channels.

What Are The Extras And Their Prices?

1. Sports Extra allows one to view more live matches of baseball, hockey, basketball along with the sports news and different analysis of sports. One can enjoy such by paying a nominal fee of $5.

2. Comedy Extra helps one in enjoying the loud and live reality favorites like action, laughs, home favorites and much more. It costs $5.

3. News Extra provides one with in-depth breaking news from all around the world including the US. By paying an ostensible amount of $5, one can enjoy this service.

4. Kids Extra provides the little ones with all that they need to stay happy. One needs to pay additional $5 to enjoy the particular.

5. Lifestyle Extra provides the users with the best tips on food, home, and better living. It costs $5.

6. Hollywood Extra provides the users with all the recent and the old movies to the timeless favorites. It costs $10-$15 according to the channels opted for.

7. Spanish TV Extra helps one to enjoy the best of novellas, soccer, kids shows along with movies

On-Demand Content

One can enjoy much more through the Sling TV than just viewing the Live Channels. One can enjoy a lot of on-demand content with an additional fee that starts from $3 to $5.

The on-demand content includes different TV shows, movies, and documentaries.

Interface of Sling TV

The great UI design of Sling TV not only makes it user-friendly but navigation is also made equally easier. The main screen displays the last viewed channel. The “look back” feature of Sling TV allows the user to watch the content of the past three days. One can also browse through the rented movies along with their expiry date.

Device Offers

1. One can get a Roku Express for free when he pays an advance for two months of the Sling TV.

2. One can get a Roku Premiere +for $50 if he pays an advance for three months of Sling TV.

3. One also gets AirTV Player along with Adapter Bundle for $50 after he pre pays the amount of three months for Sling TV.

Streaming Sling TV on Different Devices

supported device on slingtv

One can enjoy the Sling TV relaxing on one’s couch and enjoying his favorite shows either from the computer, smartphone or tablet. The platforms that support Sling TV are:

  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Roku
  • Amazon fire tv
  • Chromecast
  • AirTV Player
  • LG
  • Windows
  • Android tv

Commercial of Sling TV

Sling TV does have the commercial breaks along with the national advertisements like the standard channels of the TV those are delivered either through cable or satellite service.

Presently, Sling TV is only available for the ones residing in the United States and possibly this will remain the same in future. But it is much cheaper than what one had paid previously for enjoying the TV shows through cable or satellite service. For convenience, one can also download the Sling TV app for enjoying their favorite shows.

A compatible device and good internet connection are the two things that are needed for enjoying the Sling TV sitting back at home on different devices like, smartphones, Tablets to PC.

The best part of Sling TV is unlike the satellite or cable services, there are no such contracts which are to be dealt with and one can easily add or resume their services anytime without giving any sort of penalties.

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