HBO: All You Need To About HBO Service

HBO is a child venture of the Time Warner company. In the past few months, Time Warner’s quarterly revenue has seen a surge due to the inception of quality original shows on HBO. The entertainment service has been a special part of everyone’s home for decades. It’s trying hard to ensure its superior existence in this competitive scenario when giants like NETFLIX, Versatile Amazon and HULU are coming up with unique contents and increasing their international territory every month.

HBO is way older than NETFLIX and other streaming services available nowadays and it has a huge amount of international audience and subscribers. HBO has its own legacy, be it the quality of shows it streams or the fan following it has created. With the ever changing scenario of modern television, HBO has come a long way to serve the real taste of video-on-demand. Let’s have a check about HBO new services, plan, pricing and features.


Cable is old-school now and people want instant entertainment of their interest. Unlike Hulu which has many networks under one package, HBO is a single network with a package of all HBO channels. HBO video-on-demand service is still a classy option for quality entertainment enthusiasts. HBO as a Video-On-Demand is available in two forms at present – HBO GO and HBO NOW. Though the content is same but the major difference lies in accessibility and functionality of these forms.


A person having HBO TV subscription technically has HBO GO subscription as well. HBO Go is a free service that comes included with HBO Cable/ Satellite TV. All you need is HBO Go login details from your TV provider. If you have subscribed for HBO package through TV provider then HBO GO is free for you. There is no difference between content available. Both the subscriptions have access to all movies and TV series in HBO library.

HBO Provider


HBO Now is a standalone service that requires a separate subscription. Unlike HBO subscription which differs in price from provider to provider, HBO Now comes with the flat pricing of $14.99. The subscription could be purchased through Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Roku or Samsung.

Also, HBO Now comes with free one month trial with no commitment. You can always cancel if not impressed by service.

When To Choose HBO Now or Go?

If you are using Cable/Satellite TV and want to bundle up your channel list with  HBO then GO is suitable as all you need is to add HBO package from your provider. HBO GO price may vary as different providers have different plans. If cable TV is not your choice then subscribing to standalone package makes more sense. It is standalone and without needing any cable subscription, you can seamlessly watch HBO shows paying a $15 monthly subscription charge.

If cable TV is not your choice then subscribing to standalone package makes more sense. HBO Now is standalone and without needing any cable subscription, you can seamlessly watch HBO shows paying a $15 monthly subscription charge.

Amazon also offers HBO and CINEMAX shows to its subscribers. At just $14.99, you can rejoice your HBO package on Amazon. It’s the same price as HBO Now. However, with Amazon subscription, you can enjoy HBO and other packages at a single place seamlessly.

Pro and Cons of HBO Go & Now  Service

HBO plan is a blessing which lets you access the classic and trending HBO contents instantly on your device anywhere without any hassle


  • You can watch shows anytime and anywhere.
  • Rare Hollywood hits available.
  • Popular HBO Original shows.
  • Support for all major platforms.
  • Shows can be watched soon after airing on television.


  • HBO demands HBO or HBO Now subscription to access the top HBO shows and Originals.
  • A hefty fee of $14.99 is needed to paid for a single network. Might be expensive for many.
  • Can’t watch live shows as content is updated after few hours of airing. This might take up to 24 hours.


The competitive race occurring in all over the world is leaving no spare time to relish the entertaining stuff in the traditional manner, with family, holding popcorn buckets and forgetting all the other concerns. The internet is the saviour and escapes from the protracted entertainment experience nowadays.

It’s easy to take a short break from the work and dive into the world of exciting shows on various channels. We have researched and started using HBO subscription, that mean more article on HBO are coming for you. Keep visiting.

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