How To Find If Streaming Service Is Legal or illegal

Are streaming websites cheating its customers by stealing the credit card details? Such thoughts must have ringed the bell in your head but you might not have sources to investigate the truth behind this. After you have signed in the greed of getting free movies, free sports, these platforms demand your credit card details. If they are providing service for free, then what is the need of your credit card details? This is what has given a rise to the doubt that many companies are stealing the details of your credit card.

So, make sure that you have signed up on the genuine platform and stay away from the platform that is fake and has been targeted you to give your credit card and bank account details. The joy of watching movies and TV Series & Shows online have given rise to a new level of scam.

In this post, we are going to tell you four ways in which you can recognize the reality of any streaming platform. You can check if the site is just trying to steal your credit card details or it is going to give a movie streaming service without interfering with your credit card and bank account.

Streaming Service Legal or Illegal

“Though there are many websites that let you watch movies without even registering or asking credit or bank details.”

How To Tell If A Streaming Platform is Legal or Illegal?

We strictly discourage signing in any fake or illegal site that asks for credit card details in return for streaming of sports or movies. Many people have been scammed. Unless and until you are not sure about the streaming platform, never disclose your credentials.

1. A Legit Platform Will Have App For Android & iOS

A legal App For Android
Example: Crackle App On Play Store

If you are downloading an app from the Android platform or iOS, then there is no chance of piracy toleration. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS is very strict about their policies regarding piracy. Any app published on Play Store or iOS, then be sure that it is a legit application.

To provide you with a double assurance, they (Android and iOS quality check teams) make sure that the apps published on their platforms are checked manually. Hence, there is no chance of tricking the system at all by anyone who tries to publish an illegal app on Android or iOS.

2. A Page On Wikipedia

A wiki page
Example: TubiTV Wiki Page

Having a Wikipedia page is really very important if you want to check (or double check) the legitimacy of any service. There are many apps that have a description page on Wikipedia. By clicking on their Wikipedia page, you can know about their entrepreneurs, stocks, nature, and revenue. There are many free platforms which are genuine. TubiTV, Crackle, and Hotstar are 100% legal.

These apps have their well built and well-written description page on Wikipedia. You can know when the platform was developed and launched on the various platforms. You can go and check on Wikipedia if you really want to know if the website or movie streaming app is legit or not.

Pro Tip: Never disclose your credit card details without evaluating a website. Be smart, be safe.

3. Website Displaying Google Advertisement.

If you are disturbed with the constant pestering of the Google ads while surfing a website or app then be sure that platform you are using is genuine. Google ads have a very strict policy and only legit services can display advertisements from Google. If you have seen a website not showing Google ads, then there may be a chance that the website is a fake one.

Fake websites and streaming apps are those apps that are targeted t show you unwanted popup and banners that automatically get activated whenever you click anywhere on the screen. But, you should know the difference between an ad shown by Google and an ad put deliberately to lie that the app is genuine. The ads by Google have a written quote at the right bottom “Ads by Google.”

4. Legit Platforms Are Funded And Supported.

Genuine streaming platforms raise funds from different investors around the globe. If you see or know that a streaming platform has collaborated with some other company, or have raised funds with another corporation, then it is a good sign that the streaming service is a genuine one. It is so because, before the collaboration with any company, other companies do a background check on their to be partner company.

This confirms that the company or the platform is legit and you are safe to use that service. No one rides their money on illegal stuff as there are many legal consequences a company may face for supporting piracy.


Now, you can judge on your own the reality of a streaming platform. You can even tell your friends by informing them about the points above that will aware them against being the victim of credit card fraud. But, be sure to check all the above points before you sign in and register your name with the movie streaming website. Only after you have checked above four points, only then you should share your credit card details.

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