DirectTV Now Channels List & Plan Reviewed

After reviewing Youtube Live TV and Hulu Network lineup, it’s time for another popular live TV service; DirectTV. The concept of watching television has evolved drastically through modern times. At present, you have a variety of options of what to watch and what not to watch on television according to your own personal preferences. This kind of facility is offered by Direct TV Now which gives you a number of promotional offers and you can also choose the receiver which is appropriate for your entertainment.

Direct TV Now also has the facility of delivering its services to your doorstep without any kind of additional cost. You just need to sign up with DirectTV Now rest of the work will be done by them! Another assuring fact about DirectTV Now is that it only uses the best quality of receivers which enables you to enjoy your viewing of television at top-notch quality. Let us unravel everything about Direct TV Now.

Though the service is quite popular and most of you are already familiar but for those who don’t know. The most outstanding service provided by Direct TV Now is the streaming of live TV which offers you a large number of channels. Direct TV Now actually enables you to watch live television online without being connected with cable TV. It also gives you the benefit of using its services for trial for a duration of one week.

The Packages & Prices of Direct TV Now

As per its recent packages, DirectTV Now has been offering just two packages. Its cheapest package costs a dollar fifty per month. Another benefit of DirectTV Now is that it allows its customers to watch two different streams at the same time. Recently, they had added a third stream too which you can easily add with an extra cost of dollar five per month.

Features Included With DirectTV Now

Direct TV Now has its own way of promoting itself and offers the channel HBO for both its packages, unlike other live streaming applications. One of the disadvantage of Direct TV Now is that on the whole, it is a bit expensive as it will be having a limited package with less number of channels too. It eliminates quite a few popular channels like AMC, IFC, Discovery, Food Network, and WeTV. It has also been found out that by April 2019 an increase of dollar 10 per month would be levied on the present customers viewing Direct TV Now.

How Much Does DirectTV Now Cost?

Direct TV plans and channels
Direct TV Now Plans

The two packages provided by Direct TV Now is ‘Plus’ and ‘Max’ package. The ‘Plus’ package is offered at a price of $50 per month which allows its customers to watch over forty channels. Whereas, the ‘Max’ package costs $70 which offers over fifty channels.

Recently, Direct TV Now had made the Cloud DVR feature available to all its customers. This feature is accessible for both ‘Plus’ and ‘Max’ users and has some fantastic services provided by it. Firstly, it skips commercials. Secondly, it streams your videos without much interruption. Thirdly, it offers its customers of a minimum of twenty hours of digital recording time and finally, it let you keep this recording for a period of one month.

Some of the premium channels offered by Direct TV Now at an additional cost of eleven dollars include Starz, Showtime, and Cinemax. HBO is available for both the packages mentioned above.

Direct TV Now Channels & Network List

Direct TV Now allows you to stream channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in any local platform. It can stream more than two hundred local channels. You would find that places where you cannot broadcast local channels in similar places a Direct TV Now user can watch their prime time shows which is on-demand presently. Even if you are outside the local zone you can watch the local networks provided by the city you are residing in presently. Some channels such as HGTV, AMC and Discovery under Direct TV Now comes as a paid service but is much better than any other television streaming devices.

What Devices Direct TV Now Supports?

A number of devices are supported by Direct TV Now starting from all the Roku models. Almost all its models whether it is the old Roku or the Roku Ultra model it successfully supports all the features of Direct TV Now. The 4th generation of Apple TV also supports the same. In the case of Amazon Fire TV, Direct TV Now is only supported by the 2nd generation which includes the Fire TV Cube too! The same is applicable for Fire TV Stick as well. Only the second or higher generation is supported in the case of Google’s Chromecast. In the case of iOS devices, only iPhone five or higher version can support this network. Coming back to Android devices, devices equipped with 4.4 version or higher can stream Direct TV Now easily which includes Amazon Kindle Fire tablets also!


DirectTV Now is the best that provide multiple streams, DVR and HBO as standard without asking for an additional amount. if you are tired of the old system of television satellite and want to stream your favorite channels and shows according to your own personal preferences. In fact, Direct TV Now streams your local channels in a much finer manner than others who are in the competition in the local market, especially if you are not residing in a metropolitan city.

One of the major competitors of DirectTV Now is PlayStation Vue, but it has beaten that too as presently Direct TV Now offers many more channels than that service provider too. Though the launching of Direct TV Now was on a rocky base it has drastically improved its services over the time period so for many, this is one of the best options of viewing their favorite channels and shows. If you still have any doubt you can post your queries in the comment section below!

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