Is The Walking Dead on Hulu? (Yes or NO)

Is The Walking Dead On Hulu? We encounter this query too frequently. We all know, “The Walking Dead” is an exciting scripted TV series aired on AMC(also available on Hulu Network) that has made millions of people keep their eyes glued to the television set for years. The Zombie theme can’t go out of fashion no matter what era it is and The Walking Dead series justifies this fact. It’s been seven long years of drama and horror associated with the legendary series but every time one plays an episode from any season of the popular series, it gives a fresh essence every single time.

The plot of the series that suddenly the world changes to a zombie-filled one with rarely human being existing in it and the strategy to survive in that horrific scenario is damn gripping and that only added to the popularity of the series globally.

So, Walking Dead On Hulu?

Hulu is undoubtedly a treat for the entertainment lovers as it offers fresh episodes of various popular Television series from major TV networks the very next day of it being aired on the television. But, not all the major TV networks. Yeah, that’s the fact and a very disappointing one. The Walking Dead is Not On Hulu.

Shows Like The Walking Dead.


Whoa! As Hulu cares for its audience, it has a great solution for the Walking Dead enthusiasts who can’t watch the series on Hulu. Enter the ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ world where you can experience almost the same thrill, horror and excitement as the original series – The Walking Dead.

It’s basically a companion series by AMC available on Hulu which shows a similar story as TWD where two families struggle to survive the apocalypse caused by the zombies or the walkers. The spin-off series is also gripping but if the number of real-time audiences is considered, the father series is way ahead and there are a plethora of milestones to reach at that level for FTWD.

Scope Of Having Walking Dead  On Hulu

Hulu has successfully managed to get the rights of AMC’s and other premium channels’ trending shows, but not all the shows. AMC is a giant television channel offering many high-quality and intriguing shows and online streaming but it’s not free. Giving up on The Walking Dead episodes is very hard if one has already watched one of its episodes. The series beautifully portrays the extraordinary lives of ordinary people who go on pushing their limits to survive the apocalypse.

TWD fans can, however, have an access to the episodes of the scripted series on AMC’s website but the big entertainment giant doesn’t upload its latest or all the episodes of many premium scripted series like The Walking Dead.

Movie streaming platforms like Amazon and iTunes offer the latest episodes of TWD seamlessly but so far Hulu is not in the race. Hulu subscribers may have to stay calm and delighted with the spin-off series of TWD only and if the urge to watch the trending TWD episodes gets uncontrolled, they can go for the other platforms like Sling TV, Amazon and iTunes – it’s that easy.

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