5 Best VPN To Unblock Netflix In Your Country

VPN services are getting increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to guess why. With the whole entertainment scene migrating to the digital space, more and more people are cutting the cord and subscribing to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more. While these services offer great content and boast of a sophisticated interface, they all lack in one aspect; i.e. a discord in offerings from one location to another.

In other words, the content available in one region may be different from what’s available in another; or, the service may be entirely inaccessible in a particular country. Netflix is one such service that people love to use and access at any cost. So, here is a way out to unblock Netflix in your country using VPN services and Best VPN for Netflix that work well in any country. Let me first introduce, what VPN is?

What Exactly is a VPN?

In case you’re unfamiliar, a VPN (Virtual Private Network), allows you to unblock geo-restricted websites by connecting to another network securely, using the www. Additionally, it keeps your IP address, identity, and browsing activity hidden and secure.

So if Netflix isn’t available in your country or you want access to all the extra content that the U.S. audience gets, all you have to do is subscribe to a VPN service. There are plenty of them out there, both, free and paid. However, not all of them actually work, especially now that Netflix is more alert than ever before.

Therefore, we’ve eked out the 5 best VPN services to unblock Netflix which still do the job exceptionally well. Have a look:

Unblock Netflix WIth These Best VPN For Netflix

1. NordVPN

Screenshot of NordVPN
Image Source: NordVPN

A well-renowned VPN service, NordVPN lets you switch your location between 60 different countries in 5 different continents. It offers a bunch of useful features such as access to over 3059 servers worldwide, no user-logs policy, high-speed bandwidth (unlimited), ability to connect six devices simultaneously. Using this VPN service is a breeze as it comes without any complexities and you’re good to begin streaming right upon subscription. NordVPN offers several plans to suit every budget.

You could either pay $99 at once for three years, or opt for the two-year plan priced at $79, get the annual plan at $69, or simply pay $11.95 on a monthly basis. This service surely offers a lot of value for money. Our only problem? Its speed is slightly slower than other options. Note that NordVPN is currently available in France, India, Netherlands, and the UK.

2. ExpressVPN 

Screenshot of ExpressVpn
Image Source: Expressvpn.com

The best VPN to unblock Netflix, I’ve personally using Express VPN for Netflix. ExpressVPN would have been right at the top had their plans not been slightly more expensive than NordVPN. However, one can’t deny how unbelievably reliable and fast this service is as far as streaming in HD is concerned.

ExpressVPN has access to more than 1500 servers worldwide and you can change your location between 148 locations, certainly more than NordVPN. What’s more? One of the most impressive features of ExpressVPN is MediaStreamer DNS which basically unblocks Netflix even on platforms that cannot be circumvented by VPNs (example: Apple TV, PS3, PS4, etc.).

The service, however, does not let you connect more than 3 devices at a time; perhaps the only drawback aside from its costliness. You could either pay $12.95/month, or opt for a half-yearly plan priced at $59.95, or go for the 15-month plan which costs $99.

3. VyprVPN

Screenshot of Vyprvpn.com
Image Source: GoldenFrog.com

If security is one of your topmost concerns, VyprVPN can be worth giving a shot. That’s because this service has extremely secure connections by virtue of well-built encryptions. VyprVPN has access to fewer servers, probably around 700, in about 70 locations. Moreover, you can unblock only the U.S. and UK Netflix. That said, you’ll never face issues in doing so because even though the server locations are fewer, VyprVPN has way more servers in those two countries than the other two services mentioned above.

It offers mainly two plans – a regular plan priced at $60/year or $9.95/mo (includes only 3 simultaneous connections), and a premium plan priced at $80 per year or $12.95/mo (includes 5 simultaneous connections, VyprVPN Cloud, and Chameleon protocol). In case you’re wondering, the Chameleon protocol is a unique feature that prohibits people from even seeing you as a VPN. The only downside is that VyprVPN stores connection logs (connection time and IP addresses) for one month.

4. CyberGhost

Cyberghost screenshot
Image Source: Gyberghost.com

CyberGhost’s server count is tallied out to be over 1300, in about 52 countries. This number is expected to rise in the future as the company’s major aim is to expand its range of servers. You might have heard negative remarks about CyberGhost in the past as far as Netflix goes. Yes, they did have a few hitches. However, it is all sorted for good and the service is back with a bang. CyberGhost is one of the few VPNs to have a profile dedicated to unblocking Netflix. However, the sad part is that you can only access the U.S. Netflix.

On the upside, CyberGhost does have good speeds, awesome security, and works equally well for torrenting. What’s more? CyberGhost is very affordable. You can get a monthly plan for $11.99, or a two-year plan priced at $84, or an annual plan for $72 (includes no logs policy and up to 5 simultaneous connections).

5. PrivateVPN

Screenshot of PrivateVPN
Image Source: Privateinterentaccess

PrivateVPN’s number of servers sits at only 100, in 56 countries around the globe. However, it’s worth noting that this service is specially created Netflix needs and boasts of aiding users to unblock Netflix in at least 16 different locations; in our experience, most of them worked. Furthermore, it has excellent speeds for HD streaming so buffering will not be an issue. Few of the most salient features of PrivateVPN are Zero data logging policy, IPv6 leak protection, an iOS app, and kill switch.

You can get it for as little as $8.21/month, or get a 13-month plan for $54, or just opt for the 3-months plan priced at $17 (includes unlimited bandwidth and 6 simultaneous connections). The only problem is that its DNS requires to be set manually. However, they do provide a fairly easy-to-follow guide so that shouldn’t’ be a deal-breaker.


You now have 5 VPN for Netflix to choose from; the top ones to unblock Netflix at that. If you’re looking for a good all-around VPN for Netflix, do check out ExpressVPN. However, if budget is a constraint, you can take a look at PrivateVPN or other services such as NordVPN. That said, Netflix is becoming stricter by the day so these services may quit working in the future. But don’t worry, you’re good for now. Watch out this space for more updates.

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