Viewster Review: All You Need To Know

With the huge trend of online streaming worldwide, Viewster was launched for all the movie and Anime lovers in the year 2007.  The Video On Demand was a thought of Kai Henniges and Jorg Boksberger. The main corporate office/ Headquarter of Viewster is located at the beautiful city of Zurich in Switzerland.

With lots of Anime content, Viewster has been able to garner huge market in Video on demand services. At present Viewster has several other offices situated in London, Adelaide, New York City and Berlin. With accessibility to over 120 countries, Viewster has more than 39 Million visitors each month.

Owing to its popularity, we would discuss each and every detail about the Viewster VOD service and finally come to a conclusion.

Content Variety

Viewster has a bundle of the collection comprising of over 12000 titles. The collection has widely popular Anime, Movies, many popular shows & Series, Documentaries, Independent Feature films etc.  All these content are from around the world.

Yes, the content does vary from country to country as there are contracts based on the particular nation and the content owners.

In TV shows, Viewster has anime series and some of the Korean shows like Shameless, Peep show to name a few. Another Interesting content Viewster provides to its users is the online Film Festival held quarterly. It is said that it is one of its kind and largest available on any streaming site.

Categories To Browse

Viewster has close to 25 genres such as Sci-Fi, Bollywood, Classic, Romance, Western, Horror, Drama etc. Sorting the videos is quite easy with most recently added, the popular ones and best-rated movies available to choose from. Also, the language of the movies can be chosen such as German, Spanish, French or English.

There is a Hotscore for every movie listed on Viewster meaning a rating/score based on the views, date, social media sharing representing how popular the particular title is.

Interface and Design


Effective and simple to use interface is what Viewster is known for. All the titles are arranged horizontally over the home page in the movies and show section. This lets you easily find any particular movie by title, genre or artist.

The good part is there is parenting control feature in the interface letting parents control what their kids watch.


Even though there are lots of titles available on Viewster, the best part is all of them is accessible free of cost. Yes, there are no charges to view any of the curated content on Viewster. You simply have to install the app and without needing to create an account, you can watch whatever you want to on Viewster.

Devices | App Download | Visit Site

Viewster is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. All the content can be streamed from its official website as well. Devices Viewster support is Google Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox360, Apple TV etc.

Visit Site | Android App | iOS App


Although Viewster has a lot to offer, there are several glitches which viewers have faced on Viewster. The Video quality of the app is not high and offers only DVD quality for the users. Also, the streaming freezes sometimes irritating to the core.

Watching Anime is great on Viewster but apart from that TV shows have old series from past decade and not new shows are regularly updated.  There are no subtitles to almost all foreign language shows making it most difficult to watch them. Due to these issues pertaining, Viewster is rated 3.4 on Google Play Store.

Interesting Trivia

Not many know but Viewster was launched as “Diva” in the year 2007 and it was later in 2011 it was renamed as Viewster and launched again.

Viewster was ranked among the Top 10 Video Property in the United States in the year 2014.

There is no need for any software or registration to watch movies free at Viewster.

Final Thoughts

Video on demand, Viewster is great for watching Anime content and classic movies. Ranging from cult classics to latest, users can get hold to a wide array of movie collection. Also, movie trailers, actors bio and behind the scenes make the viewing experience more fun and enjoyable.

But what it lacks behind is the video quality which is never High Definition and is below par. There are not many options for Video Player as well.

Yes, there are some discrepancies but still, Viewster serves the purpose for all cinephiles in terms of movie content.

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