7 Best Free Anime Apps For Watching Anime

Having written many posts on anime series & best anime sites, today I’ll be sharing a list of free anime apps that will let you watch anime for free. As the majority of the tasks are being done on mobile, it’s the need of an hour to get them loaded with useful applications. If you travel a lot and miss out your favorite anime shows,  these anime apps can do wonders to your boring life.

Anime is a Japanese legacy that was introduced to world couple of decades back. As people admire the Anime art for its strong storyline, more and more people love to enjoy the masterpiece. The apps we are featuring here are available for both Android & iOS. Get your mobile and swipe through these apps to pick the best one for you.

Being selected, the apps listed here are based on user’s rating and positive feedback from existing users. Here we will let you know about the best 7 Anime Apps which let you have myriad of Anime Content and that too for free. Let us dig deeper in this.

7 Best Anime Apps For All Anime Lovers

1. KSAnime

Kissanime App

Language can be a barrier while watching your favorite Anime. To tackle the situation, KSAnime anime app came up with the Dubs option without letting you pay anything. The speed of the videos is quite good and are available to watch in High Definition. Users have said to have connected to their devices especially Chrome cast quite easily. The interface is simple, easy to use and fast.

The only problem is that the app does not have download all episodes option of all seasons which is a bit annoying thing but overall it provides what it claims to do.

KsAnime | Android App

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Anime watching app

Considered to be the most used Anime app among the fans is Crunchyroll. The reason is the Anime collection offered by Crunchyroll is quite large and it can be streamed for free. There are lots of ads display on each episode or video which can be quite annoying but with an ad free membership plan you can skip that and have access to unlimited media content on Crunchyroll.

The subtitles selection is pretty well in the app but there is hope for improvement when it comes to dubbing. It is compatible with various platforms and devices and serves the best Anime watching purpose. Crunchyroll also lets users read free manga online, which is an amazing combo for anime seekers.

3. Anime TV

Anime Lovers would simply love this anime app called Anime TV. It has best of the Anime Content like Macross Plus and other Japanese Animes. With huge Anime Collection, users can watch what they like from the alphabetical list synchronized on the homepage. But the only problem is every time you have to scroll down the list to go on a particular Anime. There

There have been issues in downloading certain Anime Episodes and not many have English Subtitles as well. Ads are bit annoying too but with certain fixation of bugs, the app would prove great for all the Anime overs.

AnimeTV | Android App

4. AnimeLab


AnimeLab is yet another fascinating anime app for all Anime Fans. It has a direct simulcast of Anime from Japan in HD quality. Every week new episodes and shows are updated on the app making you view thousands of Anime Videos all for free. AnimeLab is said to be made by fans for the Anime fans. You can view popular Anime shows like Gangsta, Tokyo Ghoul, Dragon Ball Super, Black Butler etc. 

You can also choose the subtitles in Japanese or go for English Dubbing. It is compatible with all your platforms and devices such as Chromecast, Apple TV, other Smart TVs etc.  Ads do are little annoying but that can be avoided with some great Anime content on the app.

5. View ster

Watch Anime With Viewster App

While on the go, you can now enjoy all your favorite Anime with Viewster app. It has a huge library of Anime shows, Sci Fi movies, documentaries and web originals. The best part is there is no need for any sign-up or account creation for the app and you can directly watch after installing it. You can choose from recently added, must watch and featured categories making your search flow smooth.

The only complaint from the users is not enough of Anime content. There are not many ads and apart from Anime, it let you watch TV shows, movies, documentaries which are great. Just a few additions of Animes and option to read manga on App would make the app great.

6. Naruto Shippuden

The Simulcast licensor for the Anime app Naruto Shippuden is Crunchyroll. The Anime app has a lot to offer to its users. It is a free app with ads and paid membership as well wherein there would be no interference of any ads. The best thing about the app is that it airs latest episodes of all popular Anime shows immediately.

You can view content in High Definition quality on most of the devices namely Apple TV, Xbox, Roku etc. The app is very convenient for users as it has an amazing interface and all categories are listed on the homepage itself.

Shippuden | Android App

7. Anime Crave – Watch Anime on the Go

Getting High-Quality Anime Content and that too absolutely free is what Anime Lovers look for. Anime Crave lets you do the same. You have the option to watch Anime in HD quality as well. The best feature of the anime app is the gaining of points, as and when you use the app. With the free membership, you can have access to limited content but Anime Crave also offer paid subscription to its members called AC Live.

The membership plan starts from $4.99 monthly, $14.99 for 3 months, $29.9 for 6 months and $59.99 for a yearly plan. There have been complaints regarding the loading of videos by some users but the app has fixed the bugs recently.

Anime Crave | iOS App

Concluding Thoughts

Well, there has been an increase in Anime watchers and a new trend of Anime has been started all over the world. Be it a kid or an adult, Anime has been attracting all of them. With the above-listed Anime apps, you can simply download and watch the Anime content for free.

Few of the apps do have paid subscription as well but that depends from user to user. Overall, Anime watching experience has been proved pleasant in all of them. Do download one if you have still not watched Anime.

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