Crackle App and Website: All You Need To Know

Say hello to the streaming platform which is making waves – Crackle!  Long are those days are gone when you had to run to the video parlors for a glimpse of the most cherished movie cassettes, and there was a long wait for an episode of the most desired TV show. With the help of mobile application and movie websites like Crackle, it has become too much easy to watch any movie without even moving your body and view the latest episodes of your favorite TV serials.

You might have used streaming service like Netflix or Hulu but in recent days a new breed of the website as well as the mobile app has emerged that offers free entertainment; Crackle is a powerful participant in this domain. Though it possesses much fame owing to its plethora of services and a vast library of contents, is it worth to try out? Here is a comprehensive review of the Crackle app and website.

One of The Best Places For Streamers

Owing to the fact that it has an extensive library if you know what you are looking for, then finding the content will take merely few seconds. However, if you don’t know the name, then you can sort the list of content according to length, genre and alphabetical order. The best part is, you don’t have to pay any subscription for viewing all of these contents, and this makes the Crackle  much ahead of its peers

Great and Friendly User Interface

Compared to its competitors Crackle has the best user interface that provides much pleasure while using. Crackle interface is pretty robust, yet simple and intuitive in nature. This makes it enjoyable to use and pretty eye soothing. When it comes to Crackle website, then IE 7.0 or above, Chrome, Firefox 3 and any other JavaScript enabled browser can load the page smoothly. Coming to the mobile app, Crackle is a free downloadable app, which is available both in apple and android app store.

Video Quality

One of the main issues with any free streaming platform and apps is their quality of the video.Video quality was a disappointment when streaming content on crackle. When many free services are streaming content in HD, you can watch 480p or 360p video on crackle. Moreover, depending upon your internet speed Crackle can change the quality to SD quality too.

No Subscription Is Required

Where service like Hulu & Netflix have a price, yes it is true that you don’t have to pay any subscription fees for watching movies, TV shows using Crackle website and mobile app. Crackle is famous for this feature, and the creators of this product have committed to provide this free service in future too. Here you can watch & enjoy your favorite TV shows online and the latest movies too.

Moreover, Crackle homepage contains a dedicated section, where you can watch latest trailers of upcoming films. Besides this, in TV Shows section you can enjoy watching the recap of the most recent episode of your desired TV serial.

Supported Device

suppoted devices on crackle

Crackle is available on all modern mode of entertainment. The list goes with Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Tablet, Roku, and so on. The list is vast that we want you to explore more on your part. Be ready with your device and all content is free to access.

Find Supported device

Crackle App & Website

While describing any of service on our platform, we let you explore and test the service by yourself. So, take the opportunity to test out Crackle website or Application that has been made available on all major platforms like Android & iOS.

Visit Site | Android App | iOS App

Moving to the next section, let’s know what you will get in return upon registering on Crackle.

Benefits of Registering With Crackle

Both the Crackle website and mobile app possess plenty of features that you can access upon registering. Some of the most intuitive facilities are mentioned below.

  • The brand has a tie-up with Sony Entertainment Pictures that enables the Crackle to stream latest movies and shows.
  • Be it movie, TV show or anime; everything is available here.
  • Crackle mobile app is available free of cost in the android and apple app store.
  • Managing your own watch list wasn’t this much easy before.
  • Data usage in case of Crackle mobile app is pretty little that will help you to save a lot of data.
  • If you are a Netflix or HBO user, then the robust app and website of Crackle will certainly give you a fresh and revamped user interface.


Added with these amenities, Crackle is certainly going to make your movie and TV show experience more exuberant. In order to cover the running cost, there may be occasional ads, but it is worth to handle because it ends your day on a happy note offering free TV shows, movies, and anime.

When it comes to the best streaming app and website, one of the most potent players in this field is Crackle. You may not explore HD quality contents in the library but the size of the library is definitely fascinating.

Crackle a free and legit streaming app that lets you watch movies, TV shows, and other contents without any monthly subscription. It is an ad-supported service which is winning hearts of the movie and TV show junkies. Well, happiness does come without money and Crackle is the best example. So, what are you waiting for! Start crackling now.

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