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It is rare to find all of the world’s best documentaries at a single place and that too free of cost. Hang on and relax because you just found one. is one such place where the user gets access to the mine of the best documentaries across the world and can stream them free of cost.

Documentaries have served as one of the best mediums to convey a great amount of knowledge to the viewers and this site does a noble task by providing the users with free access to the vast ocean of knowledge in form of documentaries.

The site is active since January 2007 and has been the most frequented hub for all the ardent lovers of documentary films. The site that initially started as a single user blog has been creating fans all around the globe through the vast variety of content it caters for the users worldwide and is now managed by three moderators along with some support staff.

The site gets about 1.5 million visitors every month which testifies the immense fan following of the site.

Hub of Documentaries

As of now, Topdocumentaryfims houses about 3000 full-length documentaries films in different languages. There is a rating system on the site which helps to locate some of the best documentaries. All these documentary movies are sorted under several categories and are of different tastes as suited by different viewers from nation to nation.

May it be science and technology or may it be a crime or may it be history, one can find documentaries of every single genre on the All these documentary films on the site are free to be accessed by anyone.

So Many Categories

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All the documentaries are sorted into 25 different categories including 9/11, mystery, art and artists, nature, biography, performing arts, comedy, philosophy, conspiracy, politics, crime, psychology and many more. All these categories are listed in the right-hand side pane on the website and contain all the documentaries of similar genre or theme.

The documentaries under the given categories can be searched using simple keywords and the search results are displayed pretty fast as well.

Every documentary film is provided with a star rating which can be helpful for the users to decide on a film to watch. The star ratings are modified as per the feedbacks of the viewers and are thus 100 percent genuine and helpful.

Simplicity At Best: Interface

The site has adopted a simple and user-friendly interface for delivering the huge amount of content to the users.  Some key features make using the site a charm. The search bar helps the users to locate the documentaries by entering exact or related keywords. The front page displays some of the featured documentary movies.

 At sidebar one can find movie sorted under Recently Added, Most Voted, Most Shared and Highest rated sections.

This feature has been appreciated by most of the users and has helped most of them to choose their next watch.

It’s Completely Free

All the content on is available free of cost to the users. However, the viewers can subscribe to the official news letter of the site and can get necessary information like new documentary releases etc. The user needs to have certain features on the device which he/she is using to stream & movies through the site.

Supported Device

The device should have a flash player installed along with a web browser. The site can run smoothly on all operating systems with a stable internet connection, of course. Currently, Topdocumentaryfilms doesn’t  have any application for the Android and iOS platform.

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Interesting Trivia

The site was started as a single user blog and is currently run by three individuals only. The site does not host its own content.

It streams content from Youtube or any similar channels. So the documentaries are available in a variety of resolutions.


If you admire documentary films a lot, then is just the place you have been looking for. An endless world of free documentary films is just a click away from you. The video player that is used on the site has also advanced features.

The new updates on the site are also informed to the viewers through RSS Feed and social media websites. So just stop thinking and be ready to lose yourselves in a world full of documentary movies through

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