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HGTV is the abbreviated form of Home and Garden Television. It is one of the most popular American cable and satellite-based channels. Scripps Networks Interactive owns this channel. As the name suggests, this channel is primarily concerned with home modification, renovation, home buying, and some reality shows. Every year HGTV invests around $400 million on unique programming.

Not just in the United States of America, HGTV is also very popular in many other countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  In 2016, HGTV beat CNN to obtain the third position in the most viewed channel of all time in America. Now, the question that many people in America are asking is whether HGTV is available on Hulu or not?

Is HGTV Available on Hulu or Not?

Yes, finally HGTV has made its way to Hulu channels catalogue.  Now the question is on which plan you get HGTV with Hulu. As we all know, Hulu and Hulu Live are different packages introduced by Hulu to cater to the needs of a wide array of customers.

The best thing is that the user gets hands-on HGTV channels with Hulu Plus and Hulu Live. Both of these plans are streaming shows from the HGTV network. With just $5.99 you get on-demand HGTV while with $53.99 you get the LIVE HGTV.

It’s been more than five months since Netflix let go of all HGTV shows. But, much to the relief of the American people, Hulu TV announced that they’d be telecasting the HGTV and 50 other channels, according to “The Hollywood Reporter”.

Watching HGTV Live on HULU

With the highly impressive and the service of new Hulu live streaming, allows one to watch HGTV and many other live channels on Hulu. The new and live television service launched by Hulu allows the users in watching all of the most popular television shows almost in real-time. With the live shows of HGTV on Hulu, one can keep up with their favourite stories.

It will now allow all the weekends to be well spent with the different shows available on HGTV. With the lapse of the contract with Netflix in the first half of 2017, HGTV has moved on to the more fertile spaces with the streaming services of Hulu. The HGTV fans are sure going to get the binge-watch almost anytime and anywhere.

HGTV Shows Available on Hulu

  • Flip or Flop.
  • Fixer Upper.
  • House Hunters International.
  • Flea Market Flip.
  • Caribbean Life.
  • Container Homes.
  • Extreme Homes.
  • House Hunters Renovation.
  • Good Bones.
  • Home Town.
  • House Hunters.
  • Love it or List it.
  • Love it or List it Too.
  • Property Brothers.
  • Property Brothers: Buying & Selling.
  • Fixer Upper: Behind the Design.
  • Property Virgins.
  • Desert Flippers.

Disclaimer: Shows, seasons and episodes keep on changing with time. Though we make our effort to keep our content updated, do check the latest content on Hulu’s official page.

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