All About Hulu & Hulu Live. What’s The Difference

If amusement is something that detaches you from your hectic and boring life then you must have some kind of control over it. In simple language, you must get the desired dose of entertainment at the end of every day to live it up to the fullest. While fiddling on the net, did you ever come up with a question; What is Hulu? Well, if yes then here is your answer. HULU is one of the leading video streaming services in the USA. It is basically a ‘video-on-demand’ service that caters to your customized entertainment cravings. HULU service requires a stable internet connection and a device like a television, a console or a smart mobile to run seamlessly.

The streaming service has definitely brought a sensation in the entertainment arena with its stupendous features and easy accessibility but alas, it can only be accessed within the USA and nearby military vicinity.

Hulu and Hulu plus

What’s Hulu? How It Works

Undoubtedly there are few tough peers of HULU right now standing tall in USA’s market like NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME, HULU excels these in many ways. If you are new to the HULU world then get set to witness some astonishing and hot HULU features. Here is the complete HULU service review for you to help you choose a great video streaming service that meets your expectations. Let’s get started with different Hulu Plan.

1. Hulu (On Demand)

With the industrious improvement in the quality of streaming, Hulu has certainly proven itself to be good value. It has been successful in providing the complete seasons of exclusive series, Hulu Originals, super hit movies. Shows for kids are also included. If you’re looking for a subscription without LIVE TV, then you can simply sign up and register for ‘Hulu without LIVE TV’ on the official website.

Hulu without LIVE TV is available on numerous devices which include Apple products, XBOX consoles, Android phones, and tablets, etc. It has 2 basic plans.

Hulu Plan & Price

1.1 Hulu No-Commercial

The first one is referred to as the ‘No commercial’ plan which costs 11.99 USD per month. This subscription provides a free first-month viewing. The most important feature of this scheme is the complete elimination of all the commercials or any type of interruptions while viewing the shows. In certain shows, a commercial ad plays before and after the TV show, but never in between.

1.2 Hulu With Commercial

Then we have the second plan. It is referred to as the ‘Limited Time Offer’. It costs 5.99 USD and also involves a free first-month trial. In this scheme, there exist minimal interruptions of commercials during the show. Moreover, the pricing also varies after one year (which also includes the trial). Post one year, the cost rises up to 7.99 USD per month.

2. Hulu Live

Hulu Live TV Price

With the extent of ease users find in the interface and also the combination of idiosyncratic features, HULU surely has become very convenient and enjoyable.

The Hulu LIVE TV is available online and also on additional devices such as Apple iOS, various Android phones and tablets, Roku, Fire TV, Xbox One and Xbox360 and selected Samsung models with also more devices lining up soon. This service costs a user 39.99 USD per month that includes a week of free trial. One can stream around 50+ popular live Hulu Channels and On-demand TV channels.

This basically includes sports, news, and entertainment. This scheme offers unlimited access to the streaming library of HULU with complete seasons of top TV series, movies, kids shows and many more, though this a limited commercial plan. Another quality feature of HULU LIVE is that a user can watch on multi-screen at the same time. There’s also scope for LIVE TV recording with around 50 hours of storage system available. The library is constantly updated with the recent episodes of all the top TV series.

As HULU service runs on the internet, you need a subscription account to enjoy the streaming service. Registering for HULU services is pretty hassle-free. All you need to do is provide your email address by visiting HULU’s official signup page and choose a plan. Now you will definitely want to know what plans HULU offers in the first place.

The Devices

HULU supports a wide spectrum of devices like ROKU streaming player, Xbox One, Apple TV, Nexus Player, Chromecast, Nook, Android devices, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Amazon Fire TV, Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone and many more devices. At the official HULU page, you can get the detailed subscription information for every device.

HULU support many devices. It does show connectivity with iOS, Android, smart TV and many other devices. Hulu Live, On the other hand, is limited to a few devices. can be connected with a plethora of devices that are generally used to watch movies, videos, and shows in the USA.

An Ocean of Entertainment

HULU brings you a substantial amount of entertaining TV shows to give you a high. Now you can watch trending and hottest Hulu shows like DC’s sensational series – The FLASH, Vikings, The Wrong Mans, Leverage, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and much more shows of various genres.

Wait! How can I forget the adventure of the classic Star Trek show and the redefinition of adventure with Star Trek – The New Generation? You basically get the complete entertainment solution at your place with an affordable HULU subscription to make you every mood happening.

Be it a romcom, thrilling, comedy or sensuous adult show, you got everything to jazz up your day. Apart from various interesting adult shows, HULU offers several TV shows for kids as well among which Steven Universe, Cowboy Bebop, Family Guy, Star Trek and American Dad tops the list. [mks_highlight color=”#ff6b6b”]HULU doesn’t test your patience. It makes the latest shows or movies available to its users within a day only[/mks_highlight].

Hulu vs Hulu live | What’s The Difference

Many people mistake Hulu for Hulu Live, but the fact is both are slightly different video streaming services from a single provider.

Hulu Live is the advanced version of Hulu with Live TV Streaming services and slightly better video streaming experience. If you want to ditch your cable TV then Hulu Live is for you. It is more expensive and you must go for this only if you need live TV experience with your family, a group of buddies or BAE.  You can learn more about Hulu Live here.

Hulu & Hulu Live Special features

This is an important part that every potential Hulu or Hulu Live user may want to know. Talking about TV shows and movies; both Hulu and Hulu Live avail you with this amenity but when it comes to the features of accessing Live channels and sports or episodes; Hulu Live role comes into play. Hulu just lets you access shows and movies and it is sort of Netflix like service to an extent.

Popular channel on Hulu
Popular Channels

The Customer Support

Hulu keeps its customers updated and entertained round the clock. You can read Hulu’s latest blogs and articles on its official portal to get the latest information and to be upgraded. Hulu offers a long list of FAQs on its portal that almost answers all of your possible queries.

There is also an email query option where you can write your concern and send it to HULU’s customer support team. The support from the streaming services is not out of the world but it is pretty good in many ways.

Our Verdict

Overall, Hulu is the video streaming service that the smart generation demands and deserves. It comes to your place at affordable subscription charges and takes care of your complete entertainment needs. You don’t have to pay for the whole year. Just pay monthly bill according to your need. Lots of more exciting features lined up to be mounted. Just stay tuned with Hulu and keep rocking your world.

Unlike Netflix which is known for its giant movie and TV shows catalog, Hulu is best for the users seeking an alternative to cable or satellite TV. If watching Live Indian Channels is your concern the Yupp tv is a great place to watch Indian channels. Soon, we’ll be featuring the in-depth difference between Hulu and Netflix. Stay Tuned.

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