What is Kodi? 10 Best Kodi Addons To Try In 2018

Search the world wide web for “Kodi” and “best Kodi Addons“, you’ll find a whole slew of articles and videos on the topic. It is perhaps one of the most widely discussed software in the media streaming sphere. You might know of it as “XBMC”, its former name. Whether you’ve been wondering why everyone raves about this service or need to know about the updated add-ons, you’ve come to the right place. 

Simplifying Kodi

Think of Kodi as a hub for all your digital media. A hub which stores music, photos, TV series, movies, podcasts, and other videos. All of this content can be pulled from various sources, thanks to its open-source nature and a “10-foot-UI”.

You could either browse through best Kodi addons or click on any category and upload an existing media file from your device to Kodi’s library. It’s the best system to keep all your media in a single place.

Kodi also offers a great deal of customizing tools namely plug-ins and add-ons. The plug-ins allow users to stream content from online services like Spotify, Rhapsody, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. The add-ons enhance the overall Kodi experience by enabling third-party developers to personalize the software, from skins to weather forecasts, to widget scripts to web scrapers; it is beyond amazing!

What’s more? You can also record videos to watch them later by using Kodi’s DVR system. To boot, it also allows for Live TV streaming so long as your TV server is connected to a PVR backend supported on Kodi. The software is supported on an array of devices including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, media players such as Chromecast, and select TV sets.

10 Best Kodi Addons Which Are Currently Up & Running

Kodi Addon Running

Lately, some of the biggest Kodi contributors have closed down as a result of stricter laws and an overactive bunch of authorities. Some of the best Kodi addons which are no longer available for installation include Triton, 123Movies, Colossus, Smash, Yes Movies, Myriad, and Bennu.

That said, there are still many of them which actually work and that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you about. If you’ve been missing Exodus or want to know the best/new add-ons out there, check this list out:

1. Elysium

Taken from the Noob and Nerds repository, Elysium is a great addon for watching movies and TV shows. It’s definitely one of the easiest Kodi addons to use that really deserves a place on your add-ons list. Elysium (erstwhile Zen) is quite similar to Exodus and in fact, had gotten in trouble as well. However, it is now functioning again like it was never taken down. Unfortunately, its popularity could lead to the add-on rubbing the authorities the wrong way in the future too so check back for an update.

2. BOB Unleashed

BOB Unleashed is again obtained from the Noob and Nerds team but aside from movies and TV series, it also enables people to stream sports events, music, and anime. It may not sport the most optimized interface but when it comes to the content spread, BOB Unleashed shines for sure. It flaunts some of the unique sub-categories like “Her place” for female users, “Walk of Fame” to watch award shows and “Shepo” for boxing fans.

3. The Pyramid

The Pyramid has been around for a long time and is functioning like a charm at present, despite its sudden exile in the past. It contains a wide range of sections such as Radio, Music, Sports, TV, Kids, Documentary zone, Holiday, and movies. if you don’t have it installed yet, now is the time do it. In case you’re wondering, Pyramid can be downloaded from the Zero Tolerance repository.

4. Oculus

Oculus belongs to the “Trademark” team and works as a great add-on for movies and TV show bingers. What we loved about this add-on is how incredibly easy and smooth it is to browse or navigate through all of its pages or categories. Oculus uses some amazing lists from TMDB that superior in terms of both, quality and presentation. Compared to other add-ons, this is comparatively quite new, and hence, refreshing.

If you’re concerned about the legal aspect of Kodi & its addons, don’t worry. Kodi does not host any of the content. Though it does not shy away from showing legal as well as illegal streaming sources, one needs to be careful as to what they’re consuming because the responsibility will ultimately be your own.

5. Boom

If sports get you all excited, this is an add-on worth installing. It features a myriad of sections including Football, Motor Sports, Boxing, MMA, Golf, and Ace Stream sports. You’ll also find plenty of sports TV channels like Sky Sports, Euro Sports, AFN TV, etc. These broadcast big games like NFL, EPL, MLS, and La Liga. In case you’ve ever used Fixtures, Boom is merely the new name for the same add-on. If you have used SportsDevil and loved it, you must give this new add-on a try.

6. Plex

Plex was once a direct rival of Kodi. The good news is that they’ve now introduced an add-on specifically for Kodi using the mighty Plex server software which boasts of an eye-catching interface and plenty of other features like parental controls. This add-on mainly provides advanced customization settings for Kodi home theater. It’ll also help you to sort your media in the most sophisticated way. Whether you’re a big screen/home theater user or have always followed the plex vs Kodi debate, this add-on is a must-have.

7. Spotimc

Though Spotify hasn’t developed an official app for Kodi, many 3rd party developers have taken huge strides to offer the same experience on the Kodi platform, for free. Basically, you can access the entire database of Spotify including playlists by installing an add-on such as Spotimc. If the lack of good music or well-curated playlist was missing at your party, that problem will now be solved. This is one of the best Kodi addons for music purpose.

8. Neptune Rising

From the house of Blamo repository is Neptune Rising, a new fork of the ever-so-popular add-ons, Exodus and Covenant. At its core, this service is a multi-source add-on which facilitates streaming of the latest movies as well as TV shows. It utilizes NaNscrapers as opposed to URLResolver along with a few alterations in its code with regards to playlists, for a much-improved experience. The add-on is updated on a regular basis and works perfectly fine as of today.

9. Project X

So far, entertainment buffs adore this add-on for its vast selection of popular movies and TV shows. You can find this add-on in the Streetwise repository and install it right away if you too share our love for the aforementioned. Fun fact: it’s been around for only a few days so you have something new to explore. Project X uses the Noob and Nerd scraper, thereby offering games, YouTube videos, and select Sports content; aside from the usual media.

10. Midian

Midian is a fairly new all-in-one add-on which in many users’ opinion, is of really good quality. It lets people watch pretty much everything from movies to TV shows to documentaries to music. Additionally, it also offers video streams on educational topics and fitness. The content can be viewed in extremely high resolution (up to 1080p). Plus, you’ll also find a lot of links to 3D and 4K content. There’s also a whole section dedicated to 24/7 webcam streams. So if you’re looking for the one add-on that has it all, this one is worth looking into

A Word of Caution

We guarantee that you would absolutely enjoy using Kodi upon installing the above-mentioned best Kodi addons. Moreover, you don’t have to waste time scouring out the ones which work from a never-ending list because we’ve already done that for you. That said, don’t forget to use a reliable VPN service such as IPVanish in order to protect your identity, internet browsing habits, and IP address.

If you use Kodi without being subscribed to a VPN service, you’re running a huge risk of being tracked down for copyright infringement. Also, it’ll increase the chances of your personal data to be exposed to the internet or cause harm to your device.

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