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What is Voot ? Find All About Voot App

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Well, Colours and MTV are the popular channels that Indians audience has known for long. Daily soaps, MTV Music and glamor, we Indians have so much to cheer about. With the ramping trend toward Internet, content on demand service is flourishing quite nicely. A user can watch all channels and movies just with the flick of fingertips or more likely on PC. So, similar to Hotstar, today we are featuring Voot App another streaming portal.

When many of us were having trouble to get  TV channels right on our smartphone, Voot came out to our rescue. Voot is a video content on-demand service. It is the part of Viacom 18, which is one of the India’s largest media network. It has not become the largest for the sake of it but it has been the largest due to the trust of its users on Viacom 18.

Voot has come out another venture on which users can bank on. Indian entertainment contents are available for free. It covers channels such as Colors, MTV, Nick at no cost at all. Also, you can watch blockbuster movies, TV shows and Voot original, similar to Netflix.

When such a splendid service is being provided, Voot has become a name of its own. Whether you should give Voot a try or not, you can decide with this article.


Voot Alluring Features

  • Vast Library for entertainment

Apart from channels that we have told you, you can watch online movies, blockbuster movies with all the required details of the cast, duration, genre side by side. You can even watch your favourite cartoons on Voot and there are more cartoon channels being added day by day.

You won’t be bored if you have installed Voot on your smartphone. You have something always to keep you entertained. Now watch drama shows such as BalikaVadhu, SasuralSimarKa and much more. Reality and romance shows are also available in the vast library of Voot. Reality shows include Roadies, Big Boss, KhatronKeKhiladi and whatnot. Voot can be your single stop for the full entertainment.

  • Voot Originals

Originals have changed the way we get entertained. Before the onset of Voot, we used to watch TV serials on TV but spoofs, entertainment shows for social media etc. on our laptop. But on using Voot app or platform, we can watch both in one app. On account of Voot originals, its users are able to watch spoofs and shows from Indian TV at a single stop.

  • Voot Kids And PIN

Voot Kids

There might be some adult content or inappropriate content that you do not want your child to see and learn something from them. But at the same time, you do not want to be deprived of such entertainment.

Voot has come with a solution in its app. You can set the pin that makes sure that your child watches only those shows that you want him or her to watch. Moreover, there is no hassle in changing the Voot to Voot Kids or vice versa as all of this is governed by just a PIN.

  • Shake to Change

This shaking feature is quite different and it is not available in most of the similar apps. We think that this feature is what sets Voot apart. By shaking your mobile phone, you can change the program you are watching on the app. This shake feature is available only in Voot Kids mode.

  • Engaging on Social Media

It has become a trend to share on social media what we watch. With this feature readily available on Voot, you can easily share and shout about the program you are watching. You can share your favourite program with a single touch on the share button and your Facebook friends or wherever they are will find out what are you watching.

  • Video Quality Toggle

In the recent update, this feature has saved a lot of the Voot users. With this feature, you can choose the resolution of the program you are watching to save your data. You can set video quality according to your data plan. You can set low quality if you are on a low data plan. This feature has made the users keep the balance between the cost of the data and the entertainment on the Voot app.

  • Personalized Space

Voot creates a personalized space based on your entertainment taste. It tracks down your history and recommends you a show in a vertical column. We really like the way they arrange the recommended shows in a vertical column on your screen.

This screen has been specially designed for you to keep you entertained on the basis of your own taste. This personalized space is very easily accessible and you can watch the show being recommended on it without any hassles.

Download Voot App

Voot Apps comes with a multi-platform support. Be it popular Android or amazing iOS, you can download Voot application for both.

  • Download Voot For Android

For Android users, we’ve provided the latest and safe direct download link. Hit on the download button and download Voot App for Android easily.

Download Voot For Android

  • Download Voot For iOS

iOS is becoming quite popular in India. So, keeping that in mind here is a download option for Voot iOS App.

Download Voot For iOS

Features To Work On

  • Slow performance

Many users have complained that this app is quite slow. This Voot app is heavy and it consumes data not only on programs you are watching but on the app to proceed as well. Although, Voot has a user interface to attract the audience but it has become heavy due to this. Many bugs have been fixed but there are still some bugs left that are yet to be fixed with future updates.

  • No shake to change feature in Voot (Not a big deal)

Shake to change feature is available in Voot Kids but in the original Voot, this feature has not been made available. We liked this feature so much that we would recommend this feature to be included in Voot original as well. This simplifies and gives another option to the way we swap between different programs.

  • No option to download 

Voot does not have a download option. If you have poor internet connectivity at some place, you would not enjoy watching movies or serials on Voot. Moreover, if you do not have internet connection on your smartphone, you cannot watch any of the show on the go. Download option makes it possible for the commuters to watch the show they want even without an internet connection on their smartphone.

Although Voot has promised to include Download option in next updates but we are not sure of when it would actually happen. Moreover, Voot has not given us a deadline for it.
  • Ads (Nothing is Free)      

We are happy with its free channels but being ad-supported app does not allow ads for a long time. We have experienced that sometimes ads take too much time to stream that wastes the precious time of the users. More than 30 seconds of advertisement before the commencement of a program on it should be avoided so as to improve the entertainment experience of its users.

Apart from slow performance, there is nothing serious need to care about. All other cons are negligible for a sake of free content.

Our Verdict

Unlike advanced countries, India audience is bind to daily soaps and serials. A shift could be sensed and Voot has made a right move with the Voot originals. The web series more targeted to the young generation. With the huge popularity of Colors and MTV, voot could be a good place to watch all the TV shows online.

An addition of Kids category is the another reason to choose over other streaming services. Pokemon, Dexter, Ben 10, and more, this is a pure gem for kids entertainment.

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