HBO Go Vs HBO Now : The Difference You Should Know

HBO Now Vs HBO Go – The Two Shades of a colorful world. Well, speaking of entertainment and streaming services can’t let the HBO world go unnoticed. HBO is the most popular channel around the globe and it serves everyone’s taste equally. The list of classy programs on HBO is too long and one can never feel low when HBO is on.

HBO is well aware of the competition in the entertainment industry. People are opting streaming services over a cable connection. HBO also offers streaming services that help you access your favorite shows anytime and from anywhere. As you may already know HBO offers two different streaming services to its audience and subscribers – HBO Go and HBO Now. Many folks who haven’t experienced both the services individually, often get confused. Here is the comprehensive comparison between the two HBO services, i.e HBO Go Vs HBO Now.

What’s Similar On HBO Now & HBO Go

Both the HBO Now and HBO Go offers you the same HBO contents. Both the services offer unlimited access to the premium HBO shows. Apart from the popular shows, you can access top sports, comedy and entertainment channels along with the trending movies on both the streaming platforms. Both the services have a similar interface and each of them transfers a user to the another while navigation.

If you got multiple HBO fans at your place, don’t yell; [mks_highlight color=”#ff6666″]HBO Now and HBO Go both offers simultaneous streaming of the HBO Shows and movies on various devices seamlessly[/mks_highlight]. Both the services can rejoice within the US territories.

What’s Different On HBO Go & HBO Now?


HBO has increased the flexibility in accessing entertainment solutions. Now place and time is not at all a barrier to accessing the top HBO shows and the latest flicks.

Be it a metro, a bus, an office or a theatre – HBO shows and movies can be watched anywhere and that too with live streaming using the two user-friendly services – HBO Go and HBO Now. So, what exactly makes the difference between the two? Let’s check it out:


HBO Now is a stand-alone entertainment streaming service. [mks_highlight color=”#ff6666″]You don’t need a cable connection to access the HBO shows and flicks. All you need is a $15 subscription and watch anything on HBO anytime from your desired location[/mks_highlight].

HBO Go may not be a cup of tea of every HBO fan. It doesn’t cost you anything but wait, there’s a catch. You need a cable subscription to rejoice this service. Just add HBO on your cable subscription and yes you have HBO Go. You can ask for HBO Go login credentials from your cable TV provider.


HBO Go is around 5 years older than HBO Now. HBO Go was always friendly with multiple devices. With time, it gradually increased its supported device list and today, it supports almost all the devices available in the market that are compatible for streaming. The list of HBO Go supported devices include:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV First Gen +
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick First Gen +
  • Android 4.1+ tablets and phones
  • Android TV
  • iPad second Gen+ and iPad mini first Gen+
  • iPhone 4S and the successor versions
  • Chromecast
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple TV
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mac OS
  • Xbox One and 360 versions
  • PlayStation 3 and 4 versions
  • Roku
  • Safari
  • Windows
  • TiVo
  • Samsung Smart TVs

HBO Now is not that old as HBO Go. It was launched in 2015 only and it hardly supported any device other than Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. Now, it has the supported device list almost like HBO Go. It supports all the devices that HBO Go supports except

  • Android 4.1 (it supports above 4.1 versions)
  • Android TV below Android 5.0 versions

The HBO Now supports many older versions of many devices as well that HBO Go doesn’t support like iPhone 4, Goggle Chrome version 37 and above (HBO Go supports 46+ versions) and IE 10.

  • Accessibility

As HBO Now comes as a stand-alone package with a flat price tag of $14.99. You just need email id and password which you have used while buying the package from digital stores.

As per HBO GO, you may ask login credentials from you cable TV provider. You may check the list of providers through HBO Go App or by signing in on their website.


Well, these are some basic difference that may help many while opting for HBO service. If you are a fan of HBO content and don’t want to get in the hassle of buying cable TV then HBO Now is more of a treat. Both services are same but differ in the way one can opt in. Hope this helps.

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