Is Game Of Thrones On Netflix? (Yes or No)

Is NETFLIX one of the essential things in your life to escape from the stress and boredom? Is Game of Thrones On Netflix? You got to ask this question if you are a GOT fan. Well, both NETFLIX and GOT are quite familiar topics which we have been hearing for the past few years. Even the two super popular entertainment solutions are in buzz due to the hot topic – ‘Is  Got on NETFLIX’.

In a few years of time span only, Game of Thrones has raised its popularity stakes unbelievingly. It is one of the most liked and biggest television shows of the present time. HBO has managed to expand its audience base amazingly with the inception of the show. GOT is addictive and for all good reasons. But, in order to promote its ‘GO’ app, HBO is not allowing any live streaming providing service to showcase the popular show on their platform. That’s disappointing!

Well, Is Game Of Thrones On Netflix?

The answer is No. Netflix doesn’t have rights to stream GOT and there aren’t any news claiming to do so in future.

So, shall GOT fanatics leave the last hope of rejoicing the show on NETFLIX? Well, not exactly. There is certainly a ray of hope that can hit the window slits of NETFLIX users. George RR Martin’s awe-inspiring and intriguing book series has so much potential to grip the readers that it has inspired such a big Television giant like HBO to showcase the series for the international audience. How can one not expect such a popular and critically acclaimed show on NETFLIX?

Game Of Thrones on Netflix (DVDs)

NETFLIX never disappoints its subscribers and for the GOT fever, the entertainment service has a wonderful solution. GOT DVDs can be purchased or rented by the NETFLIX subscribers. NETFLIX subscribers can only buy the BluRay DVDs of the first four seasons of GOT.

This may be a bit disappointing as 6 sizzling seasons of the popular show has already wooed the international audience but to watch them again, a NETFLIX subscriber has the only option available to buy the DVDs of the first four seasons only. Either they can stay happy with the four season DVD availability or can go for the ‘GO’ App from HBO.

What’s Hot About NETFLIX and Game of Thrones?  

Game of Thrones Season 7 is trending all over the globe. In fact, it is one of the most awaited seasons of a television show. The incredible essence of winter is coming this summer to make it awesome. The season’s production is in the last phase.

Well, there’s no good news about NETFLIX and GOT merger but there’s definitely something delightful stored in the NETFLIX surprise box to make its subscribers excited.

NETFLIX is planning to introduce a new series based on the popular video game concept – ‘Castlevania’. The series is expected to be as excited and adventurous as GOT. The makers have already said a lot on this topic in several press releases and this is no joke at all.

Along with the other happening NETFLIX seasons like Orange is the New Black, Season of Love and The OA; The Castlevania based series is all set to start its production, though the confirmation is still to arrive from the makers’ end. The expectations from the show are pretty high and it is anticipated that the hot and happening series will create many milestones to compete with its monster peers like GOT. Fingers Crossed!

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