Crunchyroll: All About Anime & Manga

If you are an ardent follower of anime movies, Crunchyroll is just the perfect anime streaming site for you. The site is solely devoted to Asian movies and anime and offers a vast ocean of content for all the fans. The site started in the year 2006 and allowed users to upload content and also stream the data uploaded by other users.

Although during the initial phase of the site running, the users operated with an unofficially licensed material, the site gradually went on to be completely official owing to the booming viewership and went on acquiring licensing contracts.

As of today, Crunchyroll has about 340 anime and 280 drama series titles in the library.

The total number of episodes meter to about 25,000 and sum for providing about 15,000 hours of entertainment for the viewers. The translations are carried out at professional levels to provide hassle-free entertainment for the viewers all across the globe.

As of February 2017, Crunchyroll has achieved a total number of one million paid subscriptions.

Type of Content

The success of Crunchyroll owes to the massive collection of Anime and Asian series in its library. The major feature that has helped Crunchyrolls gather more subscription is the translation of about 100 odd shows making it viewable all around the world.

The translation of the shows are available just few moments after the original release or airing of the show and the best part is that it is completely legal. Apart from the anime series, Crunchyroll house numerous pop videos. A section of the site also allows the viewers to read Manga online although the reading experience is not that good. The site houses all the popular anime series and is a must for all the anime buffs.

Categories To Explore


On the left drop down panel of the site, one can select the shows option to get a drop down menu of the categories available. All the shows are broadly divided into anime and drama categories. Further in the Anime section, one can find categories like Popular, Simulcasts, Updated, Alphabetical, Genres and Seasons.

Under the genres option, there are 15 different categories including fantasy, science fiction, comedy, romance, sports etc. under which all the shows are sorted. Under the drama section as well, one can find similar categories into which the content is divided.

All these episodes are available in a variety of resolutions including SD, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

However, the resolution is subjected to availability. The viewers who are subscribed get to watch the shows in better resolution as compared to the free viewers. Other traditional features like scrubbing, autoplay etc run pretty smoothly on the video player used on the site.

Crunchyroll Interface

The site comes with a complex interface that one would definitely not expect from an online platform. There is a lot of text to be read and getting to that video player playing your anime episode is a tricky task after all.

For free users, the site adds to the woes by about infinite number of ad pop ups. As has been complained by a number of users, the front page of the site is really a mess. As soon as one gets into the category section, things ease out. The search option is a mess as well.

Apart from the shows that are housed in the content library of the site, the search shows results for those shows not present in the library and leads the user to a mere Wikipedia page.

How Much Crunchyroll Cost

There are two types of premium membership plans for the viewers, one which grants access to drama and anime shows and costs about 6.95$ a month and the other being an all-in-one membership costing about 11.95$ a month.

The perks enjoyed by the subscribers include early access to the shows, HD resolution viewing, nil in-video advertisements, discounts on DVDs (from the store), VIP email support.

Supported Devices | App | Site

The site features a wide hardware support. Users can enjoy the services of Crunchyroll through the web, Roku, iOS, Android, smart TVs, PS3, Xbox 360, Google TV etc without any hassle.

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The site uses a dice to play a random series episode for the viewer. Fans claim that the feature is an inspiration from the Russian roulette. Yet this is a very innovative approach that the site has been using for recommending shows to viewers.

Ending With

Most of the users suggest of using a SmartDNS or VPN to enjoy the services without any troubles outside the US. Although the site is a mine for all the anime lovers for the vast amount of content that it has to offer, there is still room for modifications and upgradations. Also, there is no option to download anime series as there is no offline mode. Until then quench your anime hunger and start hunting for your next watch in the site library.

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