How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online

And it’s a GOAL! Scared of missing out on the FIFA World Cup action? Do not worry we have you covered. FIFA World Cup is the world’s most sought-after and the most enigmatic event which almost everyone looks forward to. This time in Russia the teams are kicking their way towards winning the title for their country. So ‘live it up’ and do not miss on the action and regret reading about it in the next day’s headlines. Many are not able to watch the live matches because of many reasons including workload, mean bosses who make you work till late night, household chores.

Why should one worry when we have solutions for such meager problems? There are many ways you can enjoy Fifa World Cup matches online that too legally. Fifa has sold its right to multiple online platforms. This article gives you four ways in which you can watch the 2018 Fifa World Cup live for free.

Sites To Watch 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia

1. Sony Liv

Sony Liv belongs to the Sony entertainment, and it is one of the most popular and favored channels for streaming sports. One can stream many league matches as well including UEFA, La Liga and along with that there is also broadcasting of the football world cup 2018 live. The only drawback is it is televised after 5mins from the actual live match. But it is available only for the viewers of the subcontinent. This channel can be viewed for absolutely free of cost. The only disadvantage of this streaming is that it is just made available for the viewers of India. Even though this is a substantial barrier for people from other countries, but they can still overcome the restrictions and can use it with the help of VPN. By entering the VPN of India, viewers from all over the world can enjoy the match live.

Apart from the restriction of the geographical area this channel is an excellent way to catch up the live feed of the FIFA match. There are a lot of VPN servers which help the user to access the server of that country which lets the user enjoy games which are happening around the world.

2. BBC iPlayer

Talking about the world’s largest broadcasting channel is the BBC. This particular channel, unfortunately, is restricted by geographic yet it is most sought by people from all around the world. Due to some problem with copyrighting this restricts BBC from the broadcast of its channel in any other country except for the United Kingdom. Even if that is the case, it doesn’t stop you from watching the live telecast of the FIFA World cup 2018. There are sites which provide you descriptions of how to get a VPN and watch the live stream from anywhere around the world.

All one needs to do is to get a VPN and connect it to the servers of the United Kingdom. Once connected to the country’s server you can stream the matches’ live. VPN does the trick for you, and you can enjoy the matches outside of the United Kingdom in absolute luxury.

3. Kodi

Kodi is said to be one of the most preferred amongst people who are into something called ‘cord cutting.’ It is known to be amongst the best way of streaming any of your favorite sports online. There are specific add-ons on Kodi that help the FIFA lovers to access this on their smartphones, PC or even fire stick. iPlayer WWW, one of the add-ons of Kodi and BBC, is the one that broadcast live Fifa world cup 2018. This is one such add-on that lets the viewer’s stream varied sports such as rugby, F1, football and many more. If one wants to stream the live match on the internet for absolutely no charge, then this is the place.

It is few of the best methods, and it is one such add-on which is entirely legal. Sometimes it might be restricted in a particular geographical location, but that does not stop the Kodi users. The one simple remedy for this barrier is the Kodi VPN.

4. Jio TV

Jio users are in for a surprise because Jio recently announced free live streaming for its users in India. The sports content in the premium category will be made available for free for the users of Jio. Because of the telecom competitors, Jio is putting their best game forward and making such offers available to the people. Users can watch Live Fifa World cup on the Jio TV App and enjoy the matches anywhere. There are more than Hundred of HD channels you can watch live soccer matches

Jio has come up with an offer called Double Dhamaka which will give the Jio users 1.5gb of data extra every day on prepaid packs. Users can recharge with this offer and use 1.5gb extra data every day without any additional charges. This will ensure that people can watch and enjoy FIFA Live matches much more without worrying about excess data usage and be shelling extra money.

There are many more ways in which world cup can be streamed live. The above mentioned are some of how the Live Fifa world cup can be enjoyed in a legal way as well as for free. So, hurry up and grab the most of this World Cup.

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