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Today as I was watching highlight of EPL, a thought of writing about football seeded in mind. So, here is an article on top Live Football Score Apps. Now finding the football match scores will be super easy and interesting. Find news from your favourite club and team at a single place.

But before that, let me clear a doubt between Football and Soccer. In some countries, such as in the United States, Philippines, and Korea, the world’s most popular sport is referred to as soccer. Americans, however, have their popular sport called American football, which goes by the plain name of football. And so they have to use the word soccer to avoid confusion. Funny isn’t it.

In both American and European football, no more than 11 players are allowed on the field at any one time from each team. In American football, teams can substitute players at will, while European soccer restricts substitutions to either three per match.

If you love to cover live football scores then finding the perfect App for your android and iOS is not an easy task guys. Just a few days back, we came up with live sports score apps. Now for specification, let’s move towards best live football (Soccer) score apps.

Upcoming sport with the tremendous fan following in India is Futsal

In Futsal, five players play at a time. One of them plays goalkeeper, just like in outdoor soccer. A team may have up to seven substitute players. The number of substitutes allowed during a game of futsal is unlimited. Futsal, a variant of soccer which is very similar and also has five players per side.

List of Best Football (Scoccer) Score Apps

GOOD NEWS FOR FOOTBALL FANS:  Football fans will be able to watch more Premier League games after the probe into TV rights. According to the latest news, this is what has been decided that you can watch 22 more Premier League games a season from 2019. The Premier League will increase the number of games available to broadcasters from 168 currently to 190 for 2019 season. This is going to be fun.

1. Soccer scores- fotMob

One of the top rated Live Football scores apps with an Avg. rating of 4.6. Over 10 million downloads till date and that’s no joke. Follow Championship, Premier league, la Liga, European League, Champions League. No other app that I have tried allows you to follow EPL, Champions League, AND J-League all in the same app. Lots of other, major leagues and tournament around the world in your pocket.

If I can sum up all the leagues then over 150 leagues I should say just a click apart. The App is updated on the weekly basis for the setting updates and to establish more and more security.

Download FotMob

2. Forza Football

FORZA Football

Another highly 4.5+ rated Football score app that is loved and used very often (20 million Downloads). It will keep you updated with the league you follow from more than 450 worldwide leagues and cups. If you are passionate football fan then this football score app is for you. You are free to express your opinion, thoughts because it matters here. Here for fans they said and I quote “Our vision is to change the way football fans are listened to”.

Download Forza

3. Live Score

Live score

I heard this a lot; “old is gold”. I totally agree with old saying after using this app. The 1st live score service on the Internet powered by since 1998. This app does not only keep you updated with football, they do provide major details regarding Football but tennis, basketball, Cricket are other few sports which they cover. They have updated their latest version with a bang.

They have solved network connection problem that some users were experiencing when loading data for selected in tennis menu. This Live Football App is well optimized for slow internet connection.

Download LiveScore


We all know about ESPN, an authoritive sport site. Getting scores from any sports is just a sec away, just log in to ESPN app and you are fully connected. One of the best sports Apps available in the market. No matter where you are, if you have the tablet or smartphone than latest live scores, stories, and news, videos are always with you. Do download this App. It’s always good to have these sorts of apps in you mobile devices.

Download ESPN

5. 365scores


This app is for every domain, be it Android, iOS or windows. Here you get the feature to select your favorite team and leagues to create your own stuff. This app allows you to follow several sports. But it also features live football score on the majority basis. This app is latest updated with the new feature for Olympics 2016. Rated over 4.5+ in Google Play store with over 50 million downloads. Indeed a great football app to know live score.

Download 365Scores

6. Football Live scores

Football Live scores

Get full details regarding English leagues like the premier league to the European championship. For football fans, this app allows a push notification for your favorite team. Other than this, they also provide wide video collection of popular player and teams. Live football statistics (ball possession, shots on goal etc). They have recently added support for league history, improved speed of push notification. A great football Score App to try hands on.

Download Football Live Scores


Name looks like web address more than a football score app. If you have their official website then for sure you might know what a  is. They have their own app called Goal. Just as similar to that of the website they have global coverage from hundreds of leagues and competition around the world which includes full coverage from hundreds of leagues including the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League and much more.


8. FTB90


Newly created App, with lots of downloads, supports tablets, and mobile. The best part of the app is team-centric news. If you follow one certain team then never miss out any news about your favourite players and team. Do check this if you are searching for free Football Live Score Apps mainly focuses on European football tournaments.

Download FBT

Wrapping it up

Choosing just 8 apps among so many apps was a challenge. We have come up with all those apps which are available on both android and iOS platform and few of them are also available on windows platform. In this article about Best Football Score Apps or call it best soccer apps, we have included Real-time scores, updates, and news across only football. Download these apps to get thrilling excitement from football. If you think we have to promote any football app up the line, do comment and share it.

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