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Spuul : A Place To Watch & Download Bollywood Movies

Spuul App & Review
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Are you getting bored in the home? Are you abandoning hope to be entertained while commuting? In such circumstances, Spuul is your destination. Spuul is a web portal and a mobile app to stream and even download Bollywood Hindi movies.

If you are obsessed with Indian entertainment, then Spuul is a way to go. Now, you won’t be bored while commuting. All you need to have an active internet connection and Spuul installed on your smartphone. Portability let you launch this movie app and entertain yourself anywhere you want. You can watch movies on Spuul with your friends and family as well.

Spuul has changed the way we watch movies and enjoy Indian entertainment content. It has everything for all its users. After you visit or download spuul app on your smartphone, you won’t ever regret it. Rather, you will be addicted by its accessibility, portability, and reliability. Reliability is a frosting on the cake if you are getting an excellent accessibility and reliability. You can watch Indian entertainment content on the go.

What Spuul Is All About ?

Spuul Review

Spuul is an on-demand video streaming platform, moreover movie streaming platformThe video platform boasts of having  10000 hours of Bollywood movies. Technology has made it easy to run these kinds of services on a smartphone with the help of a mobile application.

To ease out and get the personalised experience, one can always download the mobile application. Recently we featured Spuul App in our App To watch Hindi Movies list.

Type Of Movies You Can Expect

At present company is totally dedicated to bringing out Bollywood flicks and we didn’t find Hollywood movies at all. The only language shifts you can make while watching Punjabi and Malayalam Movies.

The area where spuul shows excellence are categories to organise movies. Top rated, Action, Romance, Drama, Thriller and much more, a user can choose movies to play from more than 12 categories. With respect, they have movies from late 90’s too. This is something we don’t find so easily.

Though there are the plethora of movies, but frankly don’t expect latest movies that are out in multiplexes. Movies take a time to come in the catalogue and this is something we can’t do much.

Spuul lets you browse movies to explore many of hidden treasure that you might have missed out in hustle. New of spuul is a perfect place to know about new movies.

Spuul Plan and Pricing

Spuul is free to watch and download movies, but there is certain stuff that could only be unleashed after you are a premium user. Not to worry, the premium is just a word, it comes with a real cheap price tag.

spuul Plans

Spuul Free Plan

when it comes to plan and pricing, we must say, spuul has played really well. With a monthly charge of 150 INR, 2.50 USD, or 6 INR/day, a user can opt for the premium plan.

Rental Movies : Spuul lets you rent out movies on the rental basis. Select the movie you are planning to watch, and pay the rent for that particular flick only.

Download Spuul App For Android & iOS

You can watch Indian entertainment content on the go. Just take your smartphone from your pocket and there you are. You can now watch your favourite show on their web platform too. Visit Spuul. Find the download links for Android & iOS smartphones.

  • Download Spuul App For Android 

Download For Android

  • Download Spuul AppFor iOS

Download For iOS

Appreciable Features

  • Downloading Movies

Have you ever wondered that a simply designed app such as Spuul will allow you to download movies on your smartphone? When Spuul allows you to download movies under 60 MB, you will have the perfect balance between the storage and entertainment on your smartphone.

Apart from this, you can still stream the movie content at no extra cost. Spuul has made downloading and watching movies so simple that it can come up as an alternate to theatres and satellite TVs. We are so impressed by it’s under 60 MB movie download ability. Not everyone has unlimited data. So, this feature is a blessing to users with limited data.

  • Video Quality & Speed

Spuul finds the best quality according to the internet speed your network provider is providing. By finding the right speed of the internet connection, you can watch the movies and other programs seamlessly. If your internet connection is quite slow, you can adjust the video resolution to quite low. If the speed of your internet is fast enough, the resolution won’t be compromised and you will get the satisfactory entertainment anyway.

  • Multiple Device Accessibilities

All you need to sign up with the same account. You can not only watch movies on Spuul on your smartphone but your tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung’s Smart TV and other devices can easily play movies through Spuul app. Your history will be the same in all the account. It won’t matter which device are you using now.

You will have the best entertainment as per your needs. You can watch the movies on a larger screen when available. Otherwise, your smartphone screen is portable enough to let you travel anywhere you want while watching movies on the Spuul app.

  • Instant play

This feature might be sound so banal as it is available in almost all the similar apps but this feature is an added advantage for this streaming portal. Spuul remembers where you left the movie. If you have left the movie in the middle of it, Spuul asks you whether you want to watch it from the start or you want to resume the movie.

  • Easy payment

When you have no hassles in paying for the movies, you might think of giving it a shot at least once. Payment for Spuul subscription has been made very easy. You can pay via your credit and debit card. But what impresses us the most that we can pay through our mobile operator and PayPal account.

Features To Work On

  • Content Diversity

With furious competition, sooner or later spuul is going to be outranked bt contenders like Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. With price equal to Spuul, Hotstar lets the user watch movies, Tv Shows, Sports. Why would anyone prefer spuul premium when better options are available.

Spuul should add TV shows and Movies other than Bollywood. If they are keen on focusing Bollywood then the content must have latest released movies.

  • Unattractive User Interface

Although, the user interface is not too much attractive but since it is very simple and light on your smartphone, we might ignore this one. Spuul has introduced the new user interface for the introduction screens and movies categories listing but it has not much improved yet.

Despite its unattractive design, more than 10k users have given the 5-star rating on Google Play Store. Although, the overall rating has come down to 3.9. We know that user interface might depend on the personal taste. So, this can not be a major con for Spuul.

Our Verdict

With streaming portal like Hotstar and Netflix, it’s very tough to lure customers. In India where people are not very familiar and used to online streaming, spuul will have a hard time to retain and attract the customers.

With all our experince we had with spuul, we gives it a thumbs up. The amount of movies one gets with a free account is an amazing experience. I’m going to gift one premium account to my father, as he’s classic Hindi movies lover.

If Spuul is going to focus on Bollywood movies, then epxanding movie catalogue with new and latest movies would be highly appreciable.

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