Is The Walking Dead On Netflix? 

Looking For The Walking Dead On Netflix? Well, AMC is ruling the television industry for a decade or so. The gripping shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead has taken the popularity of the television network to the preeminent heights. The Walking Dead is an addictive series that serves the audience with gripping suspense, brilliant drama and an amazing zombie apocalypse plot.

NETFLIX is the most loved and popular movie on demand service and it would be pretty surprising to not have TWD on its content list. NETFLIX is a great relief for the people living in the US, UK or any other region paying big bucks for the old-school cable connection to watch the premium AMC shows.

Yes, The Walking Dead Is on Netflix

NETFLIX is offering 6 seasons of TWD to its subscribers at present at a cost starting from $7.99 per month. The seventh season of TWD is so far the most intense and intriguing season and AMC has already aired many episodes of the series on television. NETFLIX has managed to hold its audience incredibly by offering them all the interesting episodes of The Walking Dead till season 6. The video on demand service had a contract with AMC a few years back.

NETFLIX can be accessed anytime and anywhere with ease on multiple devices. NETFLIX also offers high-quality DVDs of all the six seasons of TWD at an affordable rental price of $4.99 a month.

Walking Dead Netflix Season 7

The availability of the 7th TWD season on NETFLIX is expected after mid-2017. Other platforms like Hulu and AMC’s own streaming platform is offering AMC’s all the trending series’ latest episodes.

The Walking Dead has constantly been improving its content quality, plot and suspense since 2010. The latest episodes of the series are focusing more on the survival and people have started loving this transition. TWD was the highest rated TV series in December 2016, in line with the survey conducted. The popularity of the show hasn’t dropped a bit till now and its seventh season is the most awaited thing for the NETFLIX subscribers this year.

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